Sunday, November 23, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Some might wish that an ex-lover goes on to enjoy a happy life. Some might hope that an ex-girlfriend might find joy in a new relationship. Some might desire the best for a former sexual partner. I am not one of those people. I always wish the worst.

We live in unpleasant times. Modern democracy asserts that divorce is a good thing. Mass media insists that break-ups are damn near unavoidable. Feminists say that a woman has no need for a man’s love. So be it. I need you to come to an understanding that you can’t change cultural fashions. I’ve got to shake some sense into you. You need to accept that any relationship is doomed from the start.

If you are unlucky enough to fall in love, then you need an edge. If you ever are unfortunate to feel affection, then you damn well better have an exit strategy.

The greater your sentiments for the female in question, the more you are going to need to settle scores when the romance comes to an end. Affection is all about avenging things.

The minute you first cast your gaze upon her, you need to expect that she will leave you. Since any possible love affair will never have any future no matter what, then it is only fair that you prepare for the inevitable. Got to anticipate a woman’s duplicity. Got to be preemptive about a lover’s betrayal. Since a wife is certain turn unfaithful on you, then you want to be in a position to hurt her as much as she will harm you.

Since it is dead certain that she will abandon you, then it is only fair that you insert enough subliminal commands into her psyche to fuck her up when she finally does leave. Might as well turn those whispered sweet nothings into hypnotic commands. Might as well transform all that pillow talk into subconscious directives. You don’t just need to insert part of your body into all her orifices, but you must embed a new pattern of belief in her unconscious. You need to implant the idea that she will be wretched without you. Consider it a kind of prenuptial psychology.

I’ve never understood how some weak characters might desire only the best for an ex-wife: after all, the best would have the female still living with you – so if she has fallen away from you, then you might as well help her descend to the bottom of the pit. You can’t change the social pressure that will cause her to desert you, but you can leave enough unconscious directives to cause the woman to forever regret her actions.

If you have made another person as miserable as you are, then you have truly accomplished something.

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