Saturday, October 10, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I don’t want to understand you. I am simply not interested. 

I really don’t care about your anguish. I don’t give a shit about your agony. Suffering is one of those unseemly acts that should be done in private. Sorrow is something that you need to keep to yourself.

Empathy involves a perception of someone else’s emotions – but there are always, always, always ulterior motives in trying to perceive another person’s most personal experiences. Trying to uncover the misfortunes and misery of others is an immoral thing. Busybodies and serial killers are always insufferably empathic.

Empathy is an invasion of emotional privacy. Only a true voyeur wants to know what someone else is feeling. Somebody else’s torment is actually none of your business. Another person’s hurt ought to be kept private.

Empathy is a means of controlling you. There is a reason why successful politicians can always manage to “feel your pain” – these bureaucrats use that knowledge of your weakness in order to control you. If you allow someone else to know your deepest fear, then that outsider has an advantage over you.

Empathy contaminates your own worldview. You need to perfect and purify your own unique take on the world. Somebody else’s perspective is just a form of mental pollution. Empathy is just a form of emotional toxic waste.

If you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, the only thing you’re going to get is a foot infection. The only way to see with someone else’s eyes is to purchase body parts on the black market. The only person who wants to get into someone else’s skin is a psychopath.

Only a torturer is concerned about what you are feeling. Only an interrogator has any regard for your pain. A normal human being does not bother about what some other person might be experiencing. Only a sociopath wants to know all about your suffering.


  1. Reminds me of one of my favourite movie scenes:

  2. I was less bored when reading your latest post but am I less stupid? Maybe. Btw I think you would agree that avoiding unnecessary contact with bipeds is a natural thing to do. But it is me that is labelled with the personality disorder of social anxiety or avoidant personality disorder. Your thoughts MMS?

    1. I do agree with your comment about an avoidant personality diagnosis; social anxiety is the only sensible response to a global population exceeding 7 billion human beings. At this point in history, the only way that an individual can survive the pressure to conform is with a schizoid personality disorder.

      Considering the number of human brain cells that naturally die every minute, you are undoubtedly a fraction of a fraction of a percent more stupid by the time you reached the end of my post. But whether that can be blamed upon my blog – well ….

  3. Señor Mean,
    I agree with that part of the politicians. These people are the saddest form of human life. Life is already miserable and the politicians make it more miserable. Be safe. Raul

  4. 'I feel your pain, man!' Er, no you dont! Now bugger off you fraud!