Thursday, October 6, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

There are many bad things that you might possibly do in life, but there are few things as downright evil as adoption.

Adoption is an attempt to contravene fate. Horrible things happen in life. Not all children are meant to survive. If the parents of a brat should die, perhaps that is God’s way of showing that the entire genetic line should be eradicated.

Not all children deserve to be loved. Not all kids should be happy. Not all youngsters are going to get hugged. Sometimes the little bastard is just fated to suffer. And you shouldn’t interfere in that destiny. Just as there ought to be a non-interference principle between cultures at the larger level, so there needs to be a non-interference policy between human beings at the local level.

Question: What would Jesus do if He saw a tearful child alone in the world? Answer: Nothing. Nothing at all. Not His concern.

So what if some juvenile goes hungry? No skin off my back. So what if some bastard has no father? No foreskin off my dick.

Back when I was in elementary school, the greatest insult that you could hurl at another child was not that he is a fag, but that he was adopted. Being adopted is a character flaw. Even at an early age, a kid can sense that adoption goes against the natural order of things.

The adoption industry has a vested interested in making you feel guilty about parentless children. The more you feel a social obligation, the more money that these professional altruists are able to extract in adoption fees. Whenever a third-world government wants money from gullible Westerners, one of the easiest sources of funding is from liberals who feel bad when they see news reports about starving children. Adoption is just another scam. All that I am suggesting is that you have no obligation to do anything whatsoever for someone else’s kids. Whenever you hear it said that you have a social obligation to help the less fortunate, you know that those unfortunates are going to help themselves to your wallet.

Adoption causes psychological damage not just to the child – but adoption is equally destructive to the host parents as well. Bringing a strange child into your home distorts your normal family tradition. Like some horrific parasite, the adopted child consumes the biological family. And that adolescent adoptee is likely to steal your collection of transsexual porn, if he thinks those slimy DVDs will bring him enough cash to buy drugs. Save your personality and pornography – and do not ever succumb to the vice of adoption.

An adopted child is an out-of-place child. A rootless child is a retarded child. Adopted children not only have lower IQs on average, but they also bring down the intelligence level of the host family they infest.

Children belong in the culture in which they were created – not passed around like a bad penny. You do not, for instance, take an American Indian child and raise him in an Anglo family – that would be an assault upon thousands of years of Native tradition. Adoption is an attack upon your familial culture.

An adopted child is a genetic insult to the family line. An orphan child is something that does not involve you – and any attempt to better this alien creature will only impoverish your own biological offspring. An adopted child is an affront to thousands of years of familial DNA.

A parentless child is not your responsibility. In life, you do what you have to do – but when you take on someone else’s burden, you become a nuisance to everyone around you. Someone else’s misfortune is a perfect chance for you to mind your own business. A wise man accepts bad luck, while a fool always tries to make everything better.

Children are disposable creatures. Children belong where and with whom they were conceived – and not in alien environment. Back during the Old West, only a quarter of all offspring ever managed to survive childhood. That is the way things should be – existence is a traumatic thing. Some children are just meant to be orphans, so get over it.

A civilization cannot afford to be squeamish about children. A crying child is like an injured animal beside the road. You feel bad about the dumb creature, but the carnage simply isn’t your problem. Just as you would not stop for an orphaned fawn, you should not bother trying to help an orphaned kid. Whenever you see a suffering child, just keep going.

One more hungry kid in the world means you – yes, you – can have that second helping – and eat that extra food in peace and quiet. A child in need is a golden opportunity to do nothing. And by doing nothing, you ensure that only the fittest survive.


  1. "Fit" means that which reproduces and survives. The black teenage girl I saw yesterday with two kids in her buggy is fit by raw biological standards. Of course, being an AN I oppose all reproduction. Thoughts?

    1. From an evolutionary aspect, what you say is obviously true (a fit creature passes on its OWN particular genetic sequence). But none of this matters in Hillary’s America.

      The more teenage mothers that shit out subnormal children mean the more new strippers at the gentlemen's club. My chronic alcoholism is going to dispose of me long before her simpleton offspring join their first gang.

  2. My .38 Special Retirement Plan gives me great comfort. ;)

  3. "And that adolescent adoptee is likely to steal your collection of transsexual porn, if he thinks those slimy DVDs will bring him enough cash to buy drugs."
    You're a master of black humor!!