Monday, October 31, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

In a multinational world, happiness is pretty much mandatory.  If your somber nature isn’t technically illegal, the good citizens will react as if it is totally immoral.  If being sullen isn’t actually a crime, then the altruists will attempt to make it one.

Communitarians have the attitude that there must be something wrong with you if you aren’t having fun.  Mainstream citizens will think that you must have some psychological issues if you aren’t enjoying yourself.  Decent folk will assume you have mental problems if you aren’t always happy.

In this multicultural community, you are required to be joyful.  In a country run by rampant humanitarians, you better be cheerful if you know what’s good for you.  If you want to stay out of trouble, then you better laugh at the awkward jokes of your superiors, pal.  In a liberal state, a model citizen is not expect to serve in the military, as much as be constantly friendly.  The bureaucrats might get offended if you don’t look content.  Humanitarians don’t care if your income taxes are current as much as they want you to be continually jolly.

In a democracy, you are expected to have an appropriate look of gratitude when you go to the polls.

The louder your laugh, the lower your IQ – it is as simple as that.   Something about the desire to remain happy causes the analytic portion of the cerebellum to atrophy, causes the neurons to wither away, causes the brain cells to pass into that good night.  Joy makes a human being to go stupid – and the authorities rather appreciate this limited mental capacity in the population.  Dumb and happy voters keep a democracy running smoothly and sleekly.  Mindless and mirth-filled assholes, like all of you reading these words, is exactly what the authorities want.  The happier you are, the less you will understand about what the communitarians are actually doing to you.

There is a reason why fascists sought to organize an official “Joy Division.”  Happiness is tyrannical.  Any focus of your life that depends on other people ends-up becoming totalitarian.

The longer your guffaw, the more you demonstrate your place in the herd.  Happiness is always a measure of your successful indoctrination.   The better that you are integrated into society, the bigger the smile on your face. If you aren’t perpetually happy, then you just aren’t fitting in.  If you aren’t chipper, then you just don’t care about other people.

Remember how your elementary-school teachers always thought you were odd for not enjoying physical education?  If you didn’t race around the playground with a constant grin on your face, you would have run the risk of being sent to the school psychologist.  And if you didn’t act suitably enthusiastic during the dodge ball episode, the school counselor would have taken you into his office for a closed-door session.  Just as when you are battered on the playing field, or when you are buggered in the vice principal's office – the administrators invariably expect your face to be gratefully beaming when you pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

If you don’t spend your free time waiting in line for rides at a theme park, the rest of society is going to get suspicious.  The security guards will be keeping an eye on you if you aren’t strenuously amusing yourself.  Your neighbors are going to think that you might be a psychopath if you don’t want to go to Disneyland on your vacation.  There is a reason why the authorities take drooling retards to Disney World on field trips.  Amusement parks exist to break down your uniqueness and make you one of the crowd.  Buy those Mickey Mouse ears – or else.

You better be perky or the normal folk just aren’t going to think you are a nice person.

Ever notice how all the actors in broadcast advertisements are always shown to be euphoric?  You see a woman scarfing down a tube of microwaved junk food – and the expression on her face makes it look as if the artificial ingredients are given her a massive orgasm.  The corporate interests are not just telling you what to buy – but how to behave.  Advertising teaches not so much what to acquire, but adverts train you how to act.  Corporate promotions are not just about what to consume, but how to conduct yourself.  A shopper is always supposed to be smiling.

Put on a happy face, cocksucker.


  1. Great post, as always. Why don't we laugh ourselves to death?

  2. Ah! So well put - I cracked a knowing smirk.

  3. I suppose enforced socialization is closely linked to compulsory fun. I dread those occasions when I am more or less obliged to attend extended family gatherings. The people are almost all shiny happy chatty extroverts with who I have absolutely nothing in common. I always leave feeling totally drained.

    1. So true. I even peek out the window prior to going out, so as to avoid this forced smalltalk (where I have nothing mundane to say; 'Oh hi Mrs Drycunt, any luck with conceiving a deformed baby despite being in your 50s?').

      Living alone, well away from others can't come soon enough!

  4. Felt the same thing myself. This constant pushing of "fun" and "happiness" as the ultimate peaks of aspiration. Like addicts panting after drugs, but without the honesty. Advertising is particularly insidious with this bullshit, and it is fucking everywhere, unavoidable. Agree completely that it's not so much selling stuff but overall propaganda for a state of mind.

    Mind you, I think you'd find it in any kind of society. Wouldn't want to know what happens to dissidents in North Korea who aren't out in full force cheering lustily when Dear/Beloved/You-Beaut Leader has yet another parade or public showing. Compulsory happiness, whether it's "fun" in western societies or "civic/religious/etc duty" in others is still compulsory happiness.