Friday, October 14, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I am an old fuck. I have lived so damn long that I can still remember when the American economy was actually thriving. I can remember when it was still possible for a citizen to walk around a major city without being raped or robbed. I can remember when you left a car running and unlocked when you bought staples in a grocery store. I can remember when you almost never glimpsed any foreigners on the street. And what happened? The liberals decided to make things better – and, like everything else the humanitarians try to improve, the do-gooders just ended-up destroying the United States forever. If you ever try to reform anything, you only end-up ruining things.

Just as your mother always told that you are what you eat – the same is true of the body politic. If you allow Third World nationals into the country, then you become a Third-World nation. How has welcoming all these immigrants into America made life better for me? You will say that this is a selfish question. And so it is. Yet, an immigrant coming to this country for a better life is acting just as selfish. Logically, a foreigner coming to the United States is behaving just as self-centered as the citizen who doesn’t want him here. Altruists might see suffering in different places in the world, but they are invariably blind to one thing: a double standard.

If it is reasonable not to allow an alien species like Zika virus into the country, then it must be equally rational not to want the human hosts here either. That is just basic ecology. If you don’t want an invasive species of insect life, you don’t want an invasive species of human life either.

You can defeat a country by an invasion from a foreign army, but you destroy it all that more thoroughly by making the citizens start to feel sorry for outsiders. A civilization goes down when the people start to feel pity for someone they have never met. A culture can only remain strong when it maintains a healthy suspicion of strangers.

Just the other day, I observed a “refugee family” buying junk food at a convenience store with a state EBT card. The immigrant males had already acclimatized themselves to Western garb, but the women still retained their native garments. And they were pushing around a deformed adolescent – with flippers for hands and flippers for feet. More like some exotic sea creature than a human being. The juvenile was half-covered by a dank raincoat, and a foamy substance was dribbling from its lips. They were pulling him around in – I kid you not – a red wagon. Back when I was a child I had a vintage Radio Flyer too, but I didn’t tote around hideous monstrosities in the wagon. The American taxpayers will be stuck paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain that creature. Money that could have been spent to on your own old-age care, money that could have been spent on national infrastructure. Now you will have a more shitty life because some liberals felt all compassionate about that … that thing in a wagon.

Those fucking liberals should have been focused more on their own retirement care, not on bringing in worthless creatures from the other side of the world.


  1. This entry would have made Lovecraft proud.

  2. Still better than the deformed baby that writes this blog

  3. I'm 56, so I'm no youngster either... I remember talking to a man, a doctor, who graduated high school in 1959. He said that at his fortieth high school reunion the female classmate in charge of arranging it gave a short talk to the group. She said they should all be grateful they grew up in the 50's. The entire group rose to their feet and applauded. So many, many things unspoken things contained in her short words.

    Some people tried to warn where it would all lead when the rot first started. Of course they were either ignored or denounced as crackpots, extremists, etc.

  4. yeah good post mms. its aaallll fucked up. at least u are getting out soon you sweet old bastard

  5. "I can remember when it was still possible for a citizen to walk around a major city without being raped or robbed."

    I'm guessing that the readers of this blog skew older, like one of the commentors above. So I'm guessing this generally 'safer time' you were referring to was somewhere between the fifties and the eighties. The Problem with that is that crime overall has been going down for decades.

    Even the murder rate is roughly equal to or lower than what it was in the fifties.

    Be misanthropic all you want but avoid bullshit nostalgia when you write your anti-immigrant screeds.

    1. I have seen plenty of similar statistics that attempt to prove just how super and stupendous American urban centers have become under Democratic control. I don’t believe any of these figures. Those numbers are cooked; they are contrived; they are counterfeit. Rather than taking bureaucrats at their word, I suggest that you simply take a stroll around the inner city and evaluate things for yourself

    2. "Facts are lies when I disagree with what they might mean."

      Fair enough. Can't argue with that.

    3. I would not be credulous enough to label any statistic coming from the Obama Administration as a "fact." American citizens do not ever need to fake any evidence of societal decay and decline – but merely gather such information from direct ethnographic observation, not from governmental press releases.

      (Nice fabricated quotation you got there.)

  6. Same as in the UK, as it's turning into a shithole. What can one do?