Tuesday, July 16, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The most subversive act that you can wage against the liberal agenda is simply NOT to be a nice person.  What do-gooders fear most is not street violence—but what frightens these busy-bodies the most is the nagging suspicion that they might not be liked.  The most certain means of destroying the humanitarians is to treat them like the scum that they truly are.  The quickest way to resist an idealist is merely to be unkind.  The only way of dealing with an altruist is to respond with utter and unconditional hate.

What distinguishes a liberal from a conservative is not an opinion about some transitory political issue—what differentiates a communitarian from a realist are basic psychological predispositions.  The liberal personality has an overwhelming need to be liked by others; the idealist's fundamental problem with self-esteem shows a vulnerability that can be exploited.  By responding to a do-gooder with complete and continuous hatred—you are able to defeat the idealistic meddler.

A liberal remains excessively concerned with emotion because he is always driven by a desire to belong—the humanitarian is so concerned with the feelings of others because he just wants to fit in.  Sometimes the only way of surviving the last days of Western civilization is to make everyone miserable—and you can be damn certain that liberals will suffer the worst.

Misanthropy is the most unashamedly subversive act that you can wage against the establishment.  Hating your fellow man is the most counterrevolutionary thing that you can do against society.

Give love a chance?  Fuck that shit; love had its day and it failed.  I'd tell you to give hate a chance, but hate doesn't need anything from the likes of you; hate isn't going to wait around for a pansy like you to offer it a chance—hate is going to be front and center no matter what.  And despite the wish of wimps like yourself, hate will always win out in the end.