Wednesday, March 26, 2014


 by Mr. Mean-Spirited


Just about everything that you have been told about brainwashing is wrong; and I am going to set you straight. I realize that sounds rather egotistical, and it damn well should: it is precisely this self-centered perspective that allows an individual to observe the process of mind control at work.  

Conformists are more than a casual annoyance. Conformity to social norms is the sign of a successfully and sufficiently brainwashed personality – it is the psychological equivalent of an indicator light on a battery showing a full charge. Mind control is not exposed in grand events like some Manchurian Candidate shooting up a political candidate; instead, brainwashing is displayed by perfect social skills at a job interview. Mind control is not disclosed in some occult plot, as much as being a valued member of a social network.  

Brainwashing is not what you see in the movies: mind control does not create an assassin with superhuman powers – instead, you get a human specimen of utter sameness. Socialization into the community is all about uniformity – liberals want you to take part, to join in, to come together. A conformist actually believes there is something greater than himself, and the brainwashed person desperately wants to be part of it. 

The individual faces more of a threat not from governmental extermination, but from well-adjusted citizens who just want to make this world a better place. The community activist who just wants to help you is more of a danger to the individualist than the best efforts of the secret police. Mind control is not directed by some hidden conspirators, but indoctrination advances by do-gooders trying to make society more just. Make no mistake about it, the humanitarians want to destroy your very independence.

Conformists are your most dangerous enemy. Treacherous not because they are particularly intelligent, but menacing simply because there are so fucking many of them. Perilous not because they want to kill you, as much as make you one of their numbers. Rather than mind control being some rare event that is practiced by some sinister government agency, indoctrination is a perfectly normal result of daily interaction with friends and relatives.  

Mind control is an everyday occurrence practiced upon just about everyone. Brainwashing does not occur when a target citizen is abducted and taken to some underground base; instead, community indoctrination comes about through daily exposure to mass culture. Humanitarians have fashioned a societal order in which mind control is damn near inevitable.

A caring family does not make you more resistant to indoctrination; quite the contrary, a happy childhood leaves you more vulnerable to implantation. A contended upbringing leaves you unprotected against social conditioning. Brainwashing does not occur upon some maladjusted misfits, as much as focused upon all well-adjusted members of the community.

The very structure of a liberal nation-state has made mind control almost unavoidable. First, you were made vulnerable to conformity by your own family; next, you had this pattern of obedience set in place by the mass media; and, finally, this behavioral framework is continually reinforced by your peer group. Your own parents fashioned your personality into something weak; the mass media immediately took advantage of that weakness by telling you exactly how a productive member of society is supposed to behave – and, finally, your friends then came along and insured that you conformed to these norms.

Conformists do not want to benefit themselves, but to better others. Brainwashing changes your basic mental focus – alters your natural orientation from that of your own personal self-interest, to the betterment of the community as a whole. Mind control does not allow you to improve yourself, but to enrich the lot of strangers. Indoctrination does not prompt you to fill your pockets, but to extend a friendly hand to others.

You manipulate a human by making him self-sacrificing. The way that you brainwash a target is not with electronic implants, but you control a subject’s mind by getting him to become altruistic. You maintain indoctrination of a citizen not with psychotropic drugs, but by insisting that the commoner ought to help others. You enslave a person to the system by encouraging him to feel compassion for other people.  

You keep the brainwashing updated by keeping your target idealistic. Empathy is what ensures that the target remains tuned to the controllers. You get a victim to do what you want by making him feel caring. You make a sucker get in line by telling him it will help the entire community. A person obeys orders not because he thinks he will get something out of it, but because he is told that they will benefit society as a whole.

Conformity is not so much a matter of doing what you are told, but brainwashing occurs when you feel what you are told. An indoctrinated citizen doesn’t act a particular way; he feels a precise way. A conformist doesn’t follow orders; instead, he feels certain acceptable emotions. A communitarian feels the same meek and mild sentiments as everyone else in the room. Most of all, the follower wants to be appreciated as a “good person.” The conformist wants only to be recognized as “nice.” A brainwashed person will do anything in order that other people validate him as “friendly.” A follower desperately wants to be accepted as “kind” soul and to receive some social acknowledgment for being so “kindly.”

The greatest conformist will be most extreme in their conformity. The loudest customer at the bar will invariably be the greatest conformist. If body mutilation is the fashion, then the most brainwashed woman will be the most cut-up of them all. The true believer always casts the first stone. The more successful the mind control, the more successful a person in society. The more prosperous a citizen’s lifestyle, the more triumphant the mental conditioning.

A conformist will never realize his conformity. It is not just that a mind-controlled citizen will be unable to recognize the extent of his control – but the more successful the indoctrination, the louder the brainwashed taxpayer will claim to be independent. The victim will never comprehend his manipulation no matter how much evidence you show him. A mind-controlled civilian will never come to apprehend the extent of his enslavement no matter how much proof you offer. The better the socialization, the more the subject believes himself to be a freethinker.

The establishment will always attempt to make certain primal passions forbidden in their utopias. There is a reason why legislators always want to criminalize hate; there is a reason why politicians denounce fear. But it is the resurgence of such antisocial emotions that frees a citizen from mind control. Negativity eradicates mental conditioning. These suppressed sentiments make an individual feel separated from his neighbors, and this social isolation frees a character from communitarian indoctrination. Expressing intense hatred short-circuits brainwashing. The only way to free yourself from socialization is to loathe society with all your heart.

I’m not going to sugar-coat things; it is always easier to go along with society. It is always going to be more acceptable to be part of the crowd. If you want to have an authentic life, it is going to cost you. The statists are always right about one thing: it is always enjoyable to do what you are told. The conformists are always the folks having fun; conformity is always in style. Let’s face it, socialization is hip. A mind-controlled person is not some basement-dwelling recluse awaiting orders, but the brainwashed citizen is invariably the partygoer going into the hottest bar. The indoctrinated target is not some outsider unable to function in the community, but a guy watching the big game with his noisy friends. The fact is that resisting conformity is not going to lead to a happy life – you will be alone. 

Conformity brings community; resisting brainwashing brings solitude. Thinking for yourself is never going to give you a joyous lifestyle, but you will be living fully. An individualist will not live happily, but the independent man will live fiercely. Mental liberation is going to be lonely, but I promise you that it will be intense. You might become somewhat paranoid at times, but –fuck it – your mind will be completely alive.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 by Mr. Mean-Spirited

This message is for you, my dear reader. You know who you are – yes, it is you, dirtying my words with your eyes. Soiling my prose with your gaze. Infecting the very page.

I might not exactly be inspired of God, but I am sometimes enough of a prognosticator to know what is going to occur in the days to come. I don’t have to be a seer to discern what is in your future. I don’t have to be a prophet to know what is going to happen to the likes of you.

My God, my God, you will die in agony. You are going to die a horrible, painful death. You are going to suffer something terrible.  

Right at this very moment as you read this paragraph, you have a slight pain you are neglecting – yes, the one that comes, but doesn’t quite go away – that condition that you never had a doctor evaluate, that one – well, things are going to turn real serious, real fast. Only, it is now too late, and there’s absolutely nothing a surgeon can do. Too far gone. There aren’t painkillers in the world that can deal with something like this.

Time to get your affairs in order. But, then, what do I know?

Thursday, March 20, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


 It is best to go through life with no ambition whatsoever. You really ought to spend your days by refusing to take any initiative at all. It is best to live without gumption and to be glad of it.

You never signed on for an existence of wage slavery, so you really shouldn’t lift a finger more than absolutely necessary. You will not prosper in this world no matter what, so you must not ever give the do-gooders the satisfaction by even trying. Unless you have the right bloodline, you would have never succeeded anyway – so don’t even bother. You might as well sit this one out.

In this humanitarian tyranny, where your labor ultimately enriches others, the only way of preserving your liberty is to only work the absolute minimum for survival. All that eagerness and earnestness will only benefit someone else anyway. All that busy and bustle is only going make another person prosperous. In a totalitarian democracy, the only way to survive is to do as little as possible – because you must never give the government one extra cent of tax revenue. You should remain completely lazy for no other reason than to keep a multinational corporation from making a profit off your efforts. When your efforts are going to be used to maintain the community, you must do the least in life – no matter the personal privations. Better to go through life deprived of possessions, than denied freedom.

It would be better to live in absolute squalor than to allow your tax receipts to go toward the welfare of another citizen. It would be preferable to live in abject poverty than to permit a nickel of your taxes going to feed some hungry child. A superior man would rather remain absolutely destitute than tolerate his payroll withholding being used to provide another person with healthcare. A true individualist would rather remain completely impoverished than to consent to the revenuers taking of another penny for public schooling. An independent mind would prefer to end up as a lonesome hobo rather than become complicit in this forced altruism.

The more you are able to withdraw from society, the greater your personal sovereignty. Buy yourself a spot of land in the backwoods, build yourself a cabin, grow as much of your food as geography allows, barter for any necessities that you cannot produce yourself. But if you should ever find that you still have some pluck and grit, then kindly keep it in your pants.

Friday, March 14, 2014


 by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Come on, you don’t honestly believe that Social Security is going to be around when you retire. You know how career politicians operate. Any money would have long ago been pilfered by elected officials.

Even if you manage to conceal your assets from the tax collector and to hide away some savings in a personal bank account, you can only expect the funds to be embezzled by an ambitious speculator. By now, you have got to realize that any investment banker will steal everything you deposit. You might think that buying precious metals might leave you a little something for those terminal years of life – but only a fool would imagine that you are actually going to get genuine gold for your cash. Get real, there is not going to be anything for you when you retire.

Surely you might as well enjoy a life of leisure right now rather than wait until you have reached a future state of decrepitude. Why save money for a dream home on the golf course when Alzheimer’s will probably take you down before you can even sink the first put? Enjoy your free time right now rather than having to wait until you are drooling your days away in some hospice. You don’t need investments for your “golden years”; you only need a graceful exit strategy.

The only senior benefit that you should bank on is a working firearm. The only old-age plan that you should depend upon is a well-oiled revolver. The most certain retirement program is a loaded .357 magnum. The only pension package that you should trust is a box of cartridges.

Friday, March 7, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Genealogy is a sort mutually assured deception. Without any DNA evidence, your own supposed lineage cannot be trusted. Without any genetic testing, your family history is about as accurate as a fairy tale.  

A genealogy is just another fiction; the names of your ancestors are just imaginary. Surely you’ve had to wonder why every family tree begins with some figure from ancient royalty – because lineages are merely stories to make you feel better about yourself.

All those “begats” in the family Bible are only there to bestow a fancied legitimacy upon the established order. This whole social system exists only to bring new offspring into the world – and every family line is a lie that parents tell their children. Just as your actual existence is the product of a concocted story about some guy’s cock, just as your identity proceeds out of some distortions told by your mother, so the this selfsame totalitarian country is produced by lies told about nuclear families. 

The unlucky man that a pregnant woman claims to be the father of her brat has no more truthfulness today than it did a generation ago. The name on the birth certificate is no more the biological progenitor in modern times than the dupe would have been the procreator a century ago. Chances are, a girlfriend might have given you a scare about pregnancy not too long ago – do you honestly think that a wench would have hesitated to do the same back in the day? Just because some genealogy asserts that a particular male was your forebear doesn’t mean anything – especially given what you yourself have experienced about the feminine tendency to lie about anything having to do with reproduction.

Human nature never changes. Women whore around about as much as they always have. Women are as much strumpets today as they were a century ago. Just as hipster girls spread their legs for any guy who buys them a drink, so your great-grandmother copulated with anything that could flourish a buggy whip and flap a hard-on.

Throughout history, females will try to cover up their whoring by blaming their pregnancies on the most gullible gentlemen. The only reason a wife puts a husband’s name on the birth certificate is to cover-up her own infidelity.

If she thinks that she can get away with it, a lady will always blame some poor sap for another bloke’s lovechild. A woman pulls the wool over a man’s eyes because he didn’t pull a lamb’s-intestine condom cover over his willie – just as true in the modern bachelor condominium as in the medieval castle. Back in the days before blood tests, a damsel’s false accusations were even more likely to end-up in the genealogical record.

Your family tree is a complete fabrication; the whole idea of your family name is a preposterous falsification. Time to come to terms with it – you’re only deceiving yourself if you really believe that your actual father is the fellow your mom claims. Surely you’ve always suspected it – your mother is a worthless slut.