Saturday, November 28, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Have I got a metaphor for you, asshole.

We all know that Western civilization is going down. America is a sinking ship. Let me say that again: America is a sinking ship. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that same figure of speech for years and years. You keep hearing the comparison because – deep down – you know that the country is just about to be submerged.

When the ship of state is taking on water, there is only one course of action. You cannot repair anything. You need to abandon ship, not try to save the vessel. The worst thing that you can do is to try and patch a sinking ship. Fixes won’t work, mends will only create more holes and make things worse – and, most dangerous of all, renovation work will only delay your own escape.

The sooner you decide to get off the ship, the more likely you find fully-provisioned life boat. The sooner you abscond, the better your chances of getting a life raft all to yourself. The sooner you get away from the vessel, the faster you will make your way to dry land.

You are not to blame for any of this. You did not cause the ship to go under – you did not bring about this disaster. Just as was beyond your control stop the collision, so it is not your responsibility to save anyone else in this calamity.

You don’t ever want to warn the rest of the passengers. The more people rushing toward the lifeboats will only reduce your own chances of getting away. The populace is doomed no matter what; there won’t be enough life rafts for all of them anyway. Their survival is not your concern. Their demise is their own business. Your only objective is to get the hell away. Saving yourself is all that matters.

You want to be off that doomed vessel before anyone else realizes what is happening. Don’t raise an alarm; just slip over the side before anyone notices.

Monday, November 16, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


French President Fran├žois Hollande vowed that the “fight will be merciless” against the Muslim terrorists. President Hollande pledged that the retaliation would be “pitiless.” Fair enough. I know how that promise can be kept in full; I’ve even seen the successful results when it was used against Marxist insurgents in Latin America.  

The institutions of the state are what caused the problem of Islamic immigration in the first place. No matter how many murders the refugees might commit, you are never going to hear politicians admit that they made a mistake. Only an entity completely outside the system will be ruthless enough to correct things. Government cannot fix things; only armed vigilantes can put an end to this. The legal establishment is absolutely ineffective; only an extrajudicial movement will be able to alter the social dynamics.

Only individual citizens acting independently can put a stop against Islamic terrorism. Only a civilian militia can act with enough flexibility to destroy these Muslim invaders. The only means of striking against the Islamists will be through paramilitary death squads. The only manner that Islamic infiltration can be stopped is with right-wing death squads.

These Islamic attacks are going to continue. Whenever you hear of another Muslim massacre anywhere in the world, there is one thing that you must always do. Buy guns. If you don’t own a handgun, buy a weapon immediately. If you already own a firearm, purchase another. If you are fortunately enough to own an arsenal, then buy more ammunition. You can never have enough ammo. You will need to defend yourself soon enough.

If the Muslims are going to execute hostages one-by-one, then you need to carry a weapon everywhere. You never know when immigrants might try to assault you. If there are Muslims in the neighborhood, then you are going to want to carry a gun with you whenever you leave home.

The humanitarians are always going to tell you that Muslims are peaceful, no matter how many atrocities they commit in the name of Mohammad. You are going to need a death squad to protect yourself against the “religion of peace.”

Sunday, November 8, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Sometimes my thinking takes a darker turn. I keep hearing government officials describe Lone Wolf attacks as the growing threat to the system in the next few years – but, to me, that sounds like a damn good thing. I have come to believe that Lone Wolf retaliation may well be the only way out of this mess. Because the solitary resister always alarms and agitates the ruling class, perhaps the only means of defeating bureaucratic injustice is through non-bureaucratic attacks. 

Let me define just what the do-gooders find so threatening: the Lone Wolf is exactly what you might expect, a solitary figure bent on destroying the existing order, but the twist comes out of the fact that that both the precise manner and also the particular target of all that destruction are going to be completely idiosyncratic. Nothing terrifies the hierarchal establishment as much as leaderless resistance.  

Lone Wolf attacks begin as an act of retribution. The Lone Wolf might well destroy the liberal elite exactly because he never intended any such thing. The Lone Wolf just wanted to get even. Period. An act of solitary revenge against a definite commercial enterprise often has a way of weakening the entire industry. Personal vengeance against a specific member of the ruling class often results in eradicating high society altogether. Leaderless resistance is private matter – that somehow gets out-of-hand.

Lone Wolf attacks are a matter of self-worth. An individual becomes a Lone Wolf out of disgust with the world A man goes it alone when he just can’t put-up with things any longer. The most essential aspect of the Lone Wolf incident is not what actually might be done against the governing elite, but how becoming a Lone Wolf benefits the assailant himself. Becoming a complete Loner is really a matter of self-respect.   

An embittered man does not join a collective army and accept orders on the remote chance of overturning a totalitarian system. Quite the reverse, only an individual citizen taking independent action might have the possibility of overturning a repressive institution.

Lone Wolf attacks penetrate to the source. The Lone Wolf is far more than just a violent avenger – although he is certainly that – but his actions cut deeper: leaderless resistance ultimately pierces the worldview that created the society in the first place. Although the Lone Wolf might first strike against the actual foundation of the headquarters of the secret police, his assault ends-up damaging the ideological underpinnings of state security. Although the Lone Wolf might initially target a country’s communication infrastructure, his devastation ultimately challenges the cultural norms for all social interaction. Although the Lone Wolf might initially scheme against a particular banking institution, his assault results in endangering the entire economic system.

Lone Wolf attacks are always unpredictable. Lone Wolf attacks cannot ever be prevented by government surveillance. The Lone Wolf doesn’t even know what the fuck he is going to do next, so there is no way that law-enforcement monitoring is going to provide any useful information. Such solitary attacks will never endanger the established order because of the relative damage that such an individual attacker could perpetrate – no, the Lone Wolf will prove victorious as a result of the fact that the carnage is completely impulsive. It is not the actual bloodshed that can defeat the established order, but the erratic nature of the mayhem.  

The nation state cannot prepare for innumerable solitary assailants. No matter how many scenarios the authorities might simulate, the establishment cannot have devised countermeasures for every conceivable assault. The more the government officials try to prevent Lone Wolf attacks, the easier the bureaucrats make it for something novel to be successful.

Lone Wolf attacks are psychological warfare. Ultimately, leaderless resistance is not just a demoralizing attack upon the ruling class, but an assault against the average citizen’s assumption of social stability. Leaderless resistance creates a sense of dread and dismay in the populace.

A single destructive event is not going to overthrow the system, but the cumulative number of attacks upon the social order will eventually destroy the existing system. Again, leaderless resistance ultimately succeeds not because of the specific mayhem of the act itself, but because the public will come to fear that there is no end to the terror.

Lone Wolf attacks are a harbinger of what is to come. A single attacker is not going to overthrow anything, but the Lone Wolf is a forerunner of continued onslaughts in the near future. The solitary avenger is not a prophet, but a precursor. There is always something menacing about a messenger. The Lone Wolf is a sort of outrider of an approaching cultural cataclysm. If you ever feel a prompting to put things right, then the very harmony of the universe awaits your act of vengeance.

If society doesn’t find you a threat, then you haven’t done anything with your life. You don’t necessarily have to take up violence, but a genuine individualist will find a way to intimidate your liberal overlords. Resistance is something that ought to mark your existence.

The bureaucrats will never understand what motivates the Lone Wolf. It is not the animalistic destruction, but the “lone” element that will ultimately destroy the existing order. An ancient philosopher once advised his student to “know thyself” – only the Lone Wolf truly has that knowledge.