Sunday, July 20, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You’ve got problems. You got to admit that you have quite a few defects. The more you try to hide your imperfections, the more obvious are your infirmities.

To be blunt, there is nothing whatsoever that you can do about your inadequacies. If you are shy, there is nothing at all you can do about your diffidence no matter how much you try to make things different. If you can’t pick-up women, you’re going to be just as lonely no matter how much money you spend on self-help seminars. If you are overweight, you can diet to your heart’s content—but you will gain the pounds back in just a few months. If you are an alcoholic, you can follow all the twelve-step programs you can handle, but you are still going to return to the bottle when no one is looking. If you stutter, you can do as much therapy as you can afford, but you will still stumble over your words.

Self-improvement is just a form of self-deception. Progress is just a way of pretending that things are different than they actually are. If you are a worthless piece of shit, positive thinking is only going to make you more of a turd. 

Self-improvement makes you're a more socially acceptable part of the herd. Making yourself a better person is just another form of conformity to social norms. There is a reason why liberals will usually be wearing a toupee; there is a reason why bureaucrats will cover their cubicle walls with motivational posters. Self-improvement is the way the humanitarian establishment runs its own re-education program. It is always cheaper for the ruling class to encourage self-service brainwashing.

An individualist deals with reality as it is—while a loser always wants to improve himself. A pussy-whipped boyfriend will always try to do better next time. The mark of a failure is not an occasional fumble—but trying to make yourself better. The measure of a coward is not being afraid—but pretending to be brave. A great man is doomed to be himself, while a pansy feels that he can change for the good.

The desire to make yourself a better person is the surest sign of a worthless failure. A man is not a weakling because of a mere lack of physical strength—but a fellow becomes a whip because he thinks he can gain that muscle mass by going to a gym. A gentleman is not stout merely because he carries a certain number of pounds, but a person becomes a fat slob because he thinks he can somehow lose that extra weight by going on a fashionable diet. A loser is not shy with woman, but a chap becomes a creep when he cannot accept his own true character. A genuine individualist accepts himself as he is.

If you are not physically attractive, tough luck—that is what you are: ugly. There is nothing you can do about it. If you don’t have any money, too fucking bad—that is what you are: a bum. Some things in life cannot be changed. If you were born with a limited IQ, then you can’t fix stupid.

We are all born with certain inherent limitations. All that we can do in life is to accept these primordial birth defects. A real man doesn’t try to cover-up his personality blemishes with pop-psychology make-up.

A person of honor should not change—could not change—would not change. A strong man recognizes his failings and does not try to alter his defects—a man of strength works around his limitations. Scars are something that defines a person of character. 

You do not truly understand your own personality until you realize your limitations. Every flaw teaches you something essential about yourself. You imperfections are exactly what propel you to become an individual. Your flaws are what make you distinctive. 

Know yourself—or the altruists will number you among them. You must be what you are—otherwise, idealists will make you into what they are. Be yourself—or become one of your betters. 


Monday, July 7, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited
When authority-figures pledge that things will get better, they are simply repeating the cruelest lie. When the establishment preaches that life will improve, they are only reciting a depraved falsehood.

I’ve got news for you. Things never better; they only get worse. If things do change, they just get more terrible. If you are hurting today, you will suffer even more tomorrow. If you are being brutalized right now, then you can only expect even more abuse in the days to come.

Your oppressors torture you because they enjoy it. A tyrant’s behavior is not miraculously going to alter just so you can feel better about yourself. Your tormentors get such a kick out of beating you down that they are only going to use more force on the next occasion. 

Don’t believe me. Just take all look at who is making all these empty promises – it is always the authorities claiming that things are progressing that are actually the same people committing all the persecution. It is usually the counselors themselves who perpetrate the worst of this harassment.

Think back to your own past: have circumstances ever once improved – or have conditions always worsened for you? So why the fuck would you expect the future to be any different?

Your existence is not going improve, but become even more dreadful. Suffering never ends; it just gets more severe. Once the anguish enters your flesh – the agony does not end, but only gets more horrible. Once the puncture starts, it only goes deeper. The pain just pushes further into you. Once the bruises begin, the battering never stops, but only increases.

Just when you imagine it can’t get any more awful, fate has a way of adding a little intensity. Some bodies are simply born to bleed. Some throats are only made for screams.