Sunday, April 30, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


There is nothing more worthless than human life.  When the planet is so grotesquely overpopulated, the usefulness of a given personality is not all that great.

Your own personal property is more important than other people. Household belongings are more valuable than human beings. You can always shit out another child, but a Franklin Mint figurine is damn near irreplaceable.

There is a reason why Satan is always willing to buy your soul. Because your spirit doesn’t have any value.  Satan doesn’t really want your useless psyche – the Devil just wants you to realize just how insignificant your life truly is.

Stuff is going to be of more use to you than offspring.   Possessions are better than posterity. Knickknacks are going to be of more comfort to you in old age than your own grandkids.  Brand-name luggage is going to get your further in life than brotherly love.

An action figure is never going to let you down.  A brass sculpture is never going to betray you.  People are flawed, but a Tiffany lamp is perfection.

I judge a man not on the content of his character, but on what he has accumulated on the shelf above the fireplace.  An unblemished Hummel porcelain on the mantle is worth more than the entire mass of humanity.