Tuesday, June 26, 2018


by John Grauerholz


You have been unfairly treated.  You have been unjustly treated.

Not your fault you were born that way.  Not your fault you look like that.  Not your fault that life dealt you a bad hand.  Not your fault you never had a chance.  Not your fault that you got fucked over.

You have been wronged.  Life didn’t turn out the way you wanted.  You don’t have the money you were supposed to have.   Businesses won’t hire you.  Women won’t have sex with you.  People don’t even want to be your friend.

If you experienced only one of these misfortunes in your existence, perhaps you could say that it is, somehow, your fault.  But when you are forced to endure every mishap at once, all these misadventures cannot be the result of sheer chance.  When the entire system is against you – well … in that case, you need to get back at society.  And since you were mistreated by the multitude, it is only logical that the herd must be held accountable.

Other people were birthed with all the advantages that were denied you – and those born fortunate need to be dealt with.   Somebody stole your birthright.  Somebody needs to pay for all that you have lost in life. Somebody needs to suffer for what was done to you.  Others are responsible for your pain.

The collective is liable when the system failed you.   If you were harmed by the masses, you won’t heal until you attack the entire mass.  If it is not expedient to seek out a particular person who might have done you wrong, then you must focus your bitterness upon the entire horde of people in which the perpetrator found refuge.  After all, the crowd gave your opponent sanctuary – and that clique did nothing to help you.  Your antagonist was applauded by all his buddies, but the mob only laughed at your humiliation – so, then, the entire band deserves the blame.  Even if a single enemy might have assaulted you, that assailant always had a support group.  You need to be prepared to go after the entire nest of rats.  Vengeance isn’t done right unless you go after all – the entire lot – of them.

Your resentment demonstrates that you understand the situation: you know what you have to do.  Revenge is entirely appropriate after all that they made you go through.   Getting even is just a way of balancing accounts; payback is merely getting what you are owed.

Do-gooders are scared shitless by the very idea that lone individuals would plot retaliation.  Because the ruling elite is entirely composed of the same sort of personalities as those who wronged in the past, your small act of vengeance causes fear to ripple into collective.  Deep down, all liberals are afraid that they might be getting a visit from an individualist with revenge on his mind.  Personal vendettas are not something that the system can ever defend itself against.

Once you decide to take-on the entire community, you need to remain a couple steps ahead of the collective.  There is no more creative activity than scheming against all society.  There is nothing that will heighten your cunning and cleverness as much as the act of plotting revenge.

Taking your frustrations out on the system will obviously not erase all the wrongs you endured in the past, but I guarantee that getting revenge will make you feel better.  Making others suffer will not change what has happened, but payback will take a burden from your soul.  If you get even, maybe you won’t be a coward any longer.

Don’t worry about any possible by-standers who might accidentally get in the way.   Who can say that they were not, in some way, involved in this plot against you?  Might as well add them to the list just to be sure.  No stranger is every truly innocent.  Just like any bar fright, some random customer is always ready to join the side of your adversary – you need to be prepared to take out the whole lot of them.

Many an act of revenge failed because it was focused too narrowly.  A limited target will only have limited success. You need to see the whole picture in order to determine the grand strategy.

You can’t afford to let any get away.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


by John Grauerholz

Equality is the most detestable and despicable doctrine ever foisted upon the ignorant masses.  Equality does not ever raise you up – instead, egalitarianism kicks you down to your knees so that you do not tower over lesser human beings.  Equality is designed to break your spirit and to prevent you from attaining self-realization.

Equality only exists to make inferior human beings feel better about themselves.  Equality exists to make worthless human rubbish feel like they have some value.  Equality exists to make useless human scum feel like they have a purpose.

The idea that “we’re all human beings” is a dangerous assumption – it promotes the idea that all individuals are just interchangeable parts.   If you go so far as to assume that strangers should have the same rights as you yourself, then that assertion just ends-up making all people interchangeable cogs.  Egalitarians want you to give-up your uniqueness so as not to offend the retards in society.  Taking other people as your equal will only diminish you.

Liberals would have you believe that a man can become a woman merely by wearing a dress and receiving some hormone injections.  Do-gooders would have you suppose that female can do as just as well as male soldiers if they all wear the same uniform.  Altruists would have you trust that refugees from the other side of the world will have the same understanding of Western civilization as someone native born.  Humanitarians merely replace one human unit with another human entity.  You’re just another voter to the ruling class.

You can see the terror of existence – and that horror is a neighbor claiming to be your equal.  No matter how much the masses talk about quality, all those noble-sounding words won’t change the fact that common people are just worthless shit.