Tuesday, March 31, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If no one ever helped you in life, then you don’t ever need to help anyone else.

If humanity never assisted you, then you don’t owe anyone squat. If no human being ever took pity on you, then you don’t need to be compassionate toward anyone.

If your neighbors never gave you food when your stomach was empty, then you don’t ever need to feed to the hungry. If no acquaintance ever offered you a dollar, you don’t need to hand four quarters to an impoverished stranger.

If no woman ever once cared about your feelings, you do not have to worry about hurting any other female. If no other human ever tried to make you happy, you don’t need to concern yourself with other beings.

Humanity should have reached out first. Society should have given you something first. There is only one of you, but there are over seven fucking billion of those other people on the planet; at least one of those entities should have extended a hand at some point. But if you were rejected seven billion times by these creatures, you ought to send back the rebuke.

This same population has been around a lot longer than you have been alive, ample time for them to have done something for you as far back as your early childhood. But ever since you were a young kid, this community treated you with utter condescension – so it is only right and just for you to treat any future generation with equal contempt.  

This mass of living creatures has resources that would crush you; yet even though mankind never offered you a penny, society has the gall to expect you to contribute. If you never even got a hand-me-down, don’t be giving other people a handout.

The Bible tells us to live by the maxim “an eye for an eye” – so if everybody has not exactly been kind to you, then you damn well ought to be callous toward everyone. If humanity responded to you with a continual slight, you should give back the spite. If other people react toward you with disrespect, you must return the disdain. It’s only fair.

It is all about balance. If humanity always left you a rebuffed, then society deserves to be repulsed. If society never gave you anything, there is nothing to give back. If you never tasted tit, you don’t owe tat.



Sunday, March 22, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You have really fucked up this time. And there is no way you can fix things now. Let’s face it, there are no do-overs in the natural world – and there should never be any do-agains in human society either. 

You took a chance, and you lost; you lost big – and you need to feel that loss. You took a thrashing, and now you need to feel that thrashing.

Society is not there to protect you from risk. No one should ever save your ass. A social safety net turns something genuine into a staged performance. The greater the risk, the more something is real.

You tripped-up, and if you fracture a bone – well, them’s the breaks. Missteps have consequences, and you should feel the busted ankle. You took a tumble, and your head really needs to smack that boulder. You slipped-up, and if you break your neck – well, tough luck.

Whenever some hunter gets himself lost in the mountains, he deserves to face the elements alone. Whenever some backpacker runs out of water in the desert – the rest of society should not have to pay for his rescue; the hiker truly ought to die for his bad decisions. 

The only way to prevent such foolhardiness in the future is for the fool to perish for his failings right now.

It is only right that you should suffer for your mistakes. You deserve to be penalized for such errors. Bungling has consequences, and you ultimately need to feel them. Feel them bad. You screwed up something fierce, and you need to twist in agony for your failings.

You get no sympathy from me.

Monday, March 16, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

A nice guy is always a mind-controlled guy.

Becoming a disagreeable bastard liberates you from a lifetime of well-intentioned socialization. Humanity will tolerate a homophobe with grudging admiration; people will endure a racist with begrudged respect; but what other human beings cannot abide is someone unfriendly. You can say many things about an unkind and unpleasant individual, but a cruel and callous man will never be called a conformist. An unsociable human being might be obnoxious, but he is never obedient.

A friendly chap will do whatever society tells him that is necessary to be nice. A kind man will do exactly what he is told, just to remain a good sport. A good-hearted fellow will believe whatever the media tells him, just so long as those sentiments make him well-liked.

Becoming unfriendly detaches and disconnects you from decent society more effectively than anything else. If you want to free yourself from liberal brainwashing, the first step is to stop being so fucking nice. If you want to stop being mind-controlled by the humanitarian elite, then you should start by cultivating a reputation for being malicious and malevolent. 

The only way that you can preserve your freedom is to stop being such a wimpy faggot. Only a bitter recluse can be absolutely sure to free himself from communitarian indoctrination. Most people, though, aren’t going to be willing to pay that price.

Individual freedom is going to carry quite a hefty societal cost. Only an outcast is going to be able to retain his individuality at this point in history. Personal freedom is going requite that a man remains consistently and constantly antisocial. Projecting an unpleasant character is going to keep the altruists away from you – a despicable personality is like a force field against do-gooders.

If you want people to like you, then you are being manipulated by others right this very minute. If you’re the life of the party, then you are just part of the herd. If you are the center of attention, then you are still part of collective. If you have charisma, then you are only playing a role in a performance that someone else is directing.

Remaining free in a society like ours is a matter of cultivating a mental attitude that makes other human beings keep their distance. At this moment of cultural decline, a foul reputation is simply the best armor against indoctrination. Sometimes the greatest defense against programming is social ostracism.

Remaining unfriendly in life always requires more courage than a physical altercation.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Envy reveals everything that should have been yours; jealousy shows what other people are keeping from you. Absolutely everything, the whole lot, every last thing that you might happen to envy should have been yours – all of it, no matter what. Jealousy shows just how much you have been cheated by society. Everything that you desire was supposed to be yours, but then interlopers managed to steal your birthright. Envy shows just what other people have taken away from you.  

Envy is like a search for your own stolen possessions in a seedy establishment; jealousy is that moment of recognition that this piece of property is truly yours. The sense of envy is exactly the same as that feeling when you identify one of your stolen belongings in a pawn shop. The stronger the jealously, the truer the realization that it should be returned to your ownership.

The establishment is certain to indoctrinate you that envy is wrong, but it is always these very same authorities who have already taken most everything that is yours. It is always the tax collector that is the first to tell you jealousy is prohibited. The do-gooder who mostly loudly insists that you should not be covetous always turns out to be the professional thief.

Envy is the most useful emotion. You are never more perceptive than that moment when you are jealous of another person. You are never more observant than when you are feeling envy. The greedier the human, the more acute his senses. The more covetous the man, the more cunning his mind. Love is blind, but loathing is always in perfect focus.

Envy is prudent. You keep begrudging until chance circumstances give you a chance to take things back. Resentment lets you bide your time until the right moment to strike back. Jealousy gives you ample time to premeditate things.

Envy demonstrates what is your true destiny. Jealously displays the hand of providence.

Envy opens you to emotions that society would rather suppress. Hatred is the most potent sensation that can be experienced by the human soul; resentment is the gateway to that honest rancor in the back of your mind. Jealousy frees you up to primordial passions like pure hate. Greed liberates the soul.

Envy is what makes you human. If you do not feel jealousy when you are deprived of what should have been yours, then you are not fully human. If you are not jealous of someone else’s better fortune, then you are not honest about your real feelings.

Envy shows everything that you were denied. All this was supposed to be yours. If you don’t feel jealousy, then you haven’t truly felt anything in life.