Monday, June 29, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You can be certain of one thing about security badges – they have nothing to do with security. Identification badges are the way a corporation demonstrates ownership of its employees.

Any company that wants its workers to be numbered like animals in a stockyard is doing some pretty appalling shit in the backrooms. You don’t want to be associated with any institution that wants you to display a barcode like a tag in the ear of a piece of livestock.

If the bosses really trusted you, then they would make an effort to learn your name. If you need to wear a chip-embedded card to gain access to your workplace, it is certain that the higher-ups already have their suspicions about you. An access badge is a symbol that you are distrusted, and you need to return the mistrust. If your activities in the office are tracked by a microchip, you can be sure that the authorities aren’t surveilling your movements for your benefit – no, your owners like to know exactly where their possessions are each moment of the day. 

If you observe the corporation carefully, you will notice that badges are most prominently displayed by the lower-paid employees. The further you ascend up the hierarchy, the less the identification cards will be worn – and the head honchos will not be displaying any insignia whatsoever. The only thing a lanyard around your next demonstrates is your lowliness. An identification badge doesn’t prove your identity, just your inferiority.

Any company that makes you wear an ID badge is not a place where you want to be working. If the business is not small enough for you to know everyone personally, then you aren’t going to want to be spending your time there. An honorable man looks you in the eye – not at your name tag. 

We don’t know exactly what constitutes the Mark of the Beast in the Book of Revelation, but you can be damn certain that it’s going to display your surname. An individualist doesn’t need an official card to certify his identity. A free man knows who he is.

Monday, June 22, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You should never feel guilty about anything. Never. Not once.

If you have more goodies than your unfortunate neighbor, you should be content. You certainly ought not to be feeling abashed about something that materially benefits you. Don’t ever start feeling guilty about something that turns out right for you.

You obviously made mistakes in your life, but you need to accept those blunders. You should no more feel guilty about something you have done, than to feel guilty for making a typographical error in a paragraph. Correct your typo when it comes to your attention, but don’t waste any emotions on the slip-up. Faults must not become a source of guilt.

It just ain’t natural to feel guilt. You have to be taught to feel culpable. You are programmed exactly where to feel guilt in a given social situation. Guilt is an artificial emotion. Guilt is a socially engineered feeling. Guilt is culturally constructed sentiment. Guilt occurs when your actions does not match how the authorities tell you to behave. Guilt is what a slave feels when he does not properly obey.

Guilt is a feeling of weakness. More than anything else, guilt marks your position in the social hierarchy. Guilt is only felt by the subservient population. When a man feels guilt, the male is feeling submissive. When you feel culpable, you are being compliant. Guilt is what the establishment want you to feel.

Guilt is a product of low self-esteem. You are concerned about others when you do not have a fully developed sense of self. When your ego has not fully matured, you are susceptible to being guilt-tripped. Guilt is, ultimately, an attempt to win social approval.

An independent mind just doesn’t give a damn. The less an individual cares about other people, the freer his spirit. As long as you act in your own interest, you are never in the wrong. You should not be the least bit concerned about your neighbors; the only important thing is that you alone remain content. You are not to blame for anyone else’s suffering no matter what. Their pain is their problem. Guilt never even enters into it.

If you ever catch yourself feeling guilty, it is not whatever you might have done that should concern you – what should be of worry is that the system has done a number on you.

Monday, June 15, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Ok, ok, life is unjust. We get that. We all know that there is something wrong with the world.  

But your ancestors experienced the exact same unfairness. Previous generations faced the same injustices, and tried and tried to patch things – but failed miserably. You aren’t smarter than your great-grandparents; trying to make things better will be just as disastrous for you as it was for your ancestors. You aren’t more caring than your predecessors; you’re just another asshole like everyone else in human history. You aren’t finer than your forebears; your efforts to fix things will be just as futile. What makes you better than thousands of forerunners and their inevitable fiascos?

Stop trying to change the social order. You can’t improve the world; you can only make things worse. The most evil person is someone who wants to improve society – not because his inclinations are bad, but because his intentions are distorted. A deluded mind is a danger to everyone. A mass murder has his faults, but at least the reprobate sees things as they are. A do-gooder is far worse – a creature who wants to inflict his mental defects on the entire planet.

Poverty cannot ever be eradicated, so it is much more sensible just to accept that social inequality. Jesus Himself said that the poor will always be with us. If the Son of God couldn’t eliminate wealth disparities, then you sure as hell won’t be able to eliminate destitution. Imagine the self-deception of those communitarians who fancy that they are smarter than Christ. Privation is a private matter that doesn’t involve you.

If all human beings are inherently racist as the media tells us over and over and over again, then it makes more sense to accept that innate prejudice. You cannot change human nature, but you can acknowledge it. Why try to get along with outsiders when it is so much simpler and so much more satisfying just to keep your distance? Just admit your bigotry and you won’t have to bother with lectures from self-righteous broadcasters ever again.

If society is unequal, then that’s just the way life is. It takes more understanding to accept bad conditions, than it does to attempt to change circumstances. Living in harmony with the cultural environment requires that you leave social situations just as they are. An enlightened man steps over beggars starving on the sidewalk; giving a meal to a starving mammal merely delays the natural course of events. A wise man never tries to feed the local wildlife – only a fool offers food to feral beasts (be those creatures animal or human). If you try to make friends with wild animals, you will only get bitten.

Whenever an individualist sees another human being in pain, the wise man always minds his own business. A good citizen never gets involved.

Monday, June 8, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Even properly sedated, other humans are irritating enough – but their cheerfulness is absolutely infuriating. Surely there is nothing more annoying than other people enjoying themselves. There is nothing more aggravating than the happiness of someone else. There is nothing more exasperating than the laughter of others.

The trouble with merriment is that they just want to spread it all over you. When those beings smile wide enough to expose their gums, it is not their joy that is contagious, but their gingivitis. You don’t want to be around if their exuberance should start to bubble up. When their glee spills over, you better hope that it is not catching. You aren’t going to be wanting their “good on you”.

When someone approaches you with a smile, you better step back if you don’t want to come down with something. There is a reason that they call happiness infectious – because it makes you sick.