Saturday, December 31, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


Few creatures are as disgusting as someone who tries to alter fate.  Few beings are as despicable as a person who tries to change his allotted destiny.  Think of it like this: if you have a bald spot, then a toupee is only going to make you look more ridiculous.

If you were born into wealth, you would not dream of changing anything.  Logically, you must also display the same acceptance of unalterable destiny even if you might happen to have born into abject poverty.   If you were blessed with good fortune at one point in your life, then you must extend that same acquiescence in times of misfortune.  If you endure good health, then you must also enjoy the moments of sickness.

Nothing is more pathetic than a woman who will not accept her age and tries to adjust her destiny with some illicit Botox.   If a lady is fated to have wrinkles, then she must accept those crinkles.  If a dumb broad ties to improve her tiny tits with silicon enhancements, then the end result of attempting to change her fortune will be advanced breast cancer.

When you try to alter your destiny, you cause an even worse disaster.  When you try to modify your nature, you will only become something monstrous.

If you are in an unhappy relationship, then you need to remain in that hapless affair.  Things may well be hopeless, but some lovers are simply destined to be star-crossed.  If you make a stab at finding happiness, you might well end up dissected and dismembered by that new spouse.

If it is your fate to end up as a paraplegic in an automobile accident, then you need to accept that existence.  If you try to change that destiny as a double amputee, then you might well end-up as something even worse – like a quadriplegic.  Should you try to make things better, you will only suffer more.   If you try to avoid your appointment with an easy death, then you will only end up dying in greater agony.  When it is time to die, it is time to die.

When I was a child, everyone knew that the world was going to be destroyed in a nuclear war.   If it is the fate of all America cities to be demolished in a thermonuclear apocalypse, then that is exactly what must happen.  If human beings are supposed to be nuked, let’s get to it.  If you are scheduled for obliteration, then circle that date on the calendar and set out your Sunday best for the appointment.

Love your fate. The alternative is far worse.

Monday, December 26, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I’ll be honest with my readers – sometimes I get a little paranoid.  However, my mistrust always turns out for the best.

Although I diligently try to avoid other people, sometimes I have no choice but to venture into the city.   I can assure you that I always carry a weapon when I am around strangers - but no matter how well-armed I am in the metropolis, I keep glancing around me.   About a week ago, I first noticed a vehicle slowing as it approached me – I say
a vehicle” because any sort of corporate logo was removed from the sedan.  The automobile was not quite green, nor quite blue – but an indeterminate shade.  The passenger turned toward me and held up a cell phone as he passed.

I was not initially alarmed; I thought it was one of these odd things that often happen in a city.   A couple days later, I drove a couple hundred miles away to a somewhat smaller city.  What do you think I see?  The same sort of indistinctly-colored vehicle passing me on the opposite side of the street – with, this time, the driver pointing his cellphone at me.  What am I to make of all this?

There are evil forces menacing the individual, and this wickedness is always most apparent when you venture into an urban area.  This is not reality distortion – but a glimpse of genuine realism behind appearances.  No one else on the sidewalk was paying any attention to oddly-colored autos; paranoia allows a character to recognize patterns of surveillance that are not immediately apparent to the more conforming citizens.

Now, I would be the first to admit that there isn’t a damn thing special about me.  If any of my readers were ever to pay sufficient attention to their own societal environment, they might notice the same malign entities watching them.   You never see the world as clearly as when you are afraid.

Paranoia is a heightened awareness.  There is something wrong with a human being who is not suspicious of strangers.   Only a distrustful person is experiencing reality clearly.  If you do not take each social interaction “the wrong way,” then you will never understand what is truly going on.

A paranoid individual views the underlying motivations of other people as malevolent.  What if that perception of hidden maliciousness is a correct reading of the true nature of the world?  The totalitarian rulers of the world may well label the paranoid personality as “antisocial” – I would prefer to call the paranoid person as “accurate.”

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You’ve heard it said that “man is a social animal” – all you need do is to stay around other people if you want to continue being a beast.  I would prefer to become more fucking divine, so I am going to try to remain alone in this world.  Becoming a loner is the only means of understanding the true nature of the cosmos.  But the more you come to an awareness of the genuine nature of existence, the more you are going to feel isolated.  The closer you are to ultimate reality, the lonelier you will feel.

If there is such a thing as enlightenment, it will only be attained by enhancing and expanding and enlarging and extending the ego.  If there is wisdom to be found on this planet, the only way that you are ever going to reach illumination is to become a complete and compulsive individualist.  A deity is one selfish motherfucker indeed.

But individualism, like anything holy, is not going to be worshiped by the horde – anything sacred is going to be feared.  The well-behaved, well-indoctrinated members of society are going to think you are damn weird for not enjoying their wonderful company and companionship.  Should you be foolish to admit that you just want to be left alone, they are going to insist that you need psychological treatment.

Getting away from the herd is more than a means of self-understanding; staying away from the human hive is a matter of self-defense.  Other people are out destroy you.  The more you discover about the real nature of existence, the more that the rest of society is going to try to extinguish that awareness – even if that means exterminating loners like you.

There is absolutely nothing to be gained from your neighbors.  You catch things from other people: like fecal bacteria, like liberalism, like compassion.  If you want to maintain your sanity and sanitation you don’t want other human beings to get close to you.  You don’t want some smelly stranger to touch or to talk to you.

Individualism comes at a cost.  The altruist will assume that there must be something wrong with you should you want to remain alone.  The strange paradox is that the more you try to evade the masses, the more the multitude will be coming around to torment you.  And these meddlers will imagine that their intrusion is actually for your own good.  Their well-intentioned interference will force you even further away from multitude.  The greater your need for personal solitude, the more the good people are going to treat you as if you have psychological issues.

If you want to maintain your own particular independence, you obviously have no choice but to separate yourself from the communal.  However, the more you sever connections with the community, the more the collective will try to attack you.  Nothing is more threatening to the commune than a loner; do-gooders aren’t just going to let you walk away without assaulting your character.

There is one thing that these humanitarians cannot stand: solitude.  The more solitary you spend your days, the more than you can purge yourself of socialist imprinting.  Thinking of a wilderness area as a sort of enema for the soul: it clears you out.  A week alone in the mountains is like a colon cleanse for the spirit.  When it is time to empty your bowels, you want your ass to be turned toward society.

If you are persecuted by the humanitarians, then you have done life right.  If you are hated by the do-gooders, then you have made wise choices in this existence.  And if you leave the conformists covered with shit, you have learned a thing or two in this world.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited 

You are a failure.  You were a failure the moment you were born, and there is not a fucking thing you can do about it now. A loser is not a victim of circumstances – a loser was born that way.  You are the dregs of your mother’s crotch – and don’t you ever forget it.

People have always said that you will never accomplish anything, and they say that for a reason: you have no fucking initiative.  All the pretending in the world is not going to change the fact that you have no gumption.  You can’t even sit on the toilet long enough to empty your anus completely – you cannot even shit adequately.  You can’t even blow your nose without leaving the largest nugget clinging to a hairy nostril – you cannot even pick your nose sufficiently.

If you haven’t been able to keep a job, then you are never going to find any better employment in the years to come.  Let’s face it: this is the most money you are ever going to make.  You came out of your mom’s cunt as a deadbeat, and nothing is ever going to change that destiny.  All the motivational seminars you can afford is not going to make you any less of a failure.

You have scarcely been able to support yourself since you left your parents’ house – and now you imagine that this pattern is going to change in the future.  Fuck no.  If you haven’t already made yourself wealthy, then you certainly aren’t going to attain any riches in the years to come.  This inability to face reality is what ensures that you will remain a loser for the rest of your life.  The mark of a worthless asshole is just this sort of unwillingness to accept things as they are.

It is damn obvious that you are completely hopeless with the opposite sex.  If you haven’t been able to find the woman of your dreams by this point in your life, you aren’t ever going to obtain a girlfriend in the future.  If you can’t even pick-up an adequate sexual partner for the night, then it is demonstrable that something just isn’t right about you.  There is a reason why you masturbate every night: no real woman could ever stand to fuck you. Desperation adheres to your personality the way that plaque is affixed to your teeth.   Your soul is as filthy as your right hand.

Only a fucking moron would imagine that you can actually improve your mind.  You can’t change stupid. All the self-help in the world is not going to raise your IQ one frigging point.  If everyone treats you like a retard, then there might be a damn good reason for their behavior.  If you own family acts like you are a frigging idiot, maybe there is an obvious explanation for their perception.  If strangers speak to you slowly and simply, maybe they see you for what you are.

You can't amount to anything if you were nothing to begin with.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Global warming would be a great thing – if only it were real. Human extinction would be wonderful – if only it would occur soon. Environmental collapse is what mankind truly deserves.

Even if global warming is a hoax, we need to make it happen. Even if the planet is not heating-up, then we need to do our damnedest to bring about an environmental apocalypse.

Don’t think of our unavoidable global annihilation as a tragedy, but as an opportunity. Logically, if the world is going to end, then it makes no difference whether human beings are cruel or kind to each other. However, being personally ruinous allows you to settle scores before mankind dies out in this inevitable environmental apocalypse. Better to die smug than to die a sissy.

You aren’t going to live forever, sweetheart. If human life becomes impossible a decade after your death, it makes no difference to you. However, you can still get plenty of enjoyment by making all the environmentalists feel uncomfortable right here and now. Even if all the forests are not completely logged in your lifetime, you can still have plenty of entertainment by getting the tree-huggers all worked-up in this day and age. You can always amuse yourself by provoking the do-gooders – like shoving a stick into an anthill.

Don’t get me wrong, the environment is already fucked. Nothing can be done to make the world better. I’ve already suffered once because the earlier generation didn’t give a shit about me and polluted the entire planet. Now I am expected to give up the few comforts I have left in order that some future progeny might have it better; fuck no – that would make it so that I suffer twice. Do you take me for some frigging masochist? I owe posterity exactly what my ancestors did for me: not a goddamn thing. I want my (metaphorical) offspring to experience just as much discomfort as I have endured. Consider global warming my revenge against the future. Those pampered assholes deserve it.

And if you and your repulsive kids actually drown when sea levels rise, so much the better. If you and your repellent family starve when crops won’t grow, that is an added benefit. If you and your revolting offspring die of heat exhaustion, that is an extra blessing. If you and your repugnant toddlers perish from some new tropical disease, that is an unexpected boon.

So what if cancerous lesions from sun exposure should increase, no skin of my back. So what if the world runs out of food, something had to be done about obesity rates anyway.

Let’s get this extermination over with. What difference does it make if the earth becomes uninhabitable for your grandchildren or great-great-great-grandchildren? Either way, it’s going to end. Might as well put a halt to things right now. Let’s stop all this procrastination, and finally get the human species eradicated once and for all.

You might as well fire-up that burn barrel in your backyard – and just let that rubbish smolder. You might as well purge that old Freon from your air conditioner – and buy more fluorocarbons on the black market. You’ve surely heard that eating beef will cause the rain forests to be consumed by expanding cattle ranches – so barbecued steaks ought to be a nightly meal. You might as well warm up that luxury car of yours in the morning – and just let that motor idle. You are doing the planet a favor.

Global warming ought to fill you with a sense of personal satisfaction. By allowing your muffler to pump out as much exhaust as possible – you, too, can change the planet. This is the way the world ends – not with a bang, but with a wisp of smoke.