Thursday, April 29, 2021


by John Grauerholz

Your medical record is something that will always be used against you. Your medical history only exists to record your physical humiliations.

A doctor is not there to cure you, but to cause you as much consternation as possible. A physician’s role is not to heal a patient of your ilk, but to get a hearty laugh about your pathetic maladies.

Insurance companies use whatever you have told your doctor as a justification to deny you coverage. Contact tracers use a diagnosis of a communicable disease as a pretext to put you under house-arrest. Ex-girlfriends use any treatment for sexually transmitted ailment as an opportunity to sue you for damages. Government bureaucrats will scan your online records for any embarrassing incident that might be used to blackmail you into social compliance. And medical office staff use your disgusting lifestyle as an excuse to demean & disrespect you in front of the M.D.

If you don’t believe me, then just try asking the receptionist to let you see what the staff has written in your file. Try getting your side of the story added to your formal medical record – and see what happens.

Just as a police office can and will use everything that you say against you, so will your physician. Just as you ought to consult a lawyer before answering any question from a law-enforcement officer, you need to have the same wariness before saying anything to an official from the medical industry. If you aren’t careful about what you disclose in front of a doctor, then you might end up like Robin Williams: having your medical records subpoenaed by an ex-lover who claims that you gave her a dose of herpes. Your medical history is an interminable rap sheet of moral failings. A gentleman keeps that stuff private.