Tuesday, May 31, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


All that I care about is myself – not because I am of any particular importance whatsoever, but because all that I know, all that I can know, all that I can ever know, all that I will ever know for certain is myself. I am an individualist because I don’t have any other choice. I am an individualist because that is all I can fully understand.

All that I can be sure about is what is happening in my own mind. I don’t know what anyone else is thinking – and, frankly, I don’t care. Now, it might be argued that a person could tell me his thoughts and desires, but how can I ever believe that he would be telling me the truth? Any fellow could say that he wishes me the best – but, in reality, the bastard might just want to stab me in the back.

While you might not be able to know what a particular person might be thinking, you can make a record of any activity directed toward you. And close examination of their actions will reveal an obvious pattern. The way that you have been treated will reveal an outline of the genuine nature of other human beings. You will see the true malevolence of other people if you keep an accounting of all the times you were mistreated. There is a reason why you are encouraged to keep a diary: so that you will not forget all the ways you have been wronged. You see the ledger and do not listen to what you are told.

Politicians are the perfect example that what a human being says cannot ever be accepted. Only a fool would ever trust a bureaucrat. You believe an elected official at your own peril. Just as it is obvious that any politician will only deceive you – it is imperative that you extend that same principle throughout the social order, and it is essential that you realize all citizens will be just as deceptive as their elected officials. If legislators are all liars, so are the people that voted for them in the first place. 

I have no choice but to look out for myself – and let everyone else be damned. I am not going to take someone else’s word for anything. Individualism is not so much a decision, but a kind of last resort for the personality.

Since it is impossible to ever truly know the hopes and dreams of other people, you should not ever bother trying. But even the attempt to know the mind of another person will only prevent you from doing what is truly important: understanding yourself. Other human beings are merely sources of disinformation – and whatever anyone might say about you will only distort your own awareness. Don’t waste time on strangers; you cannot take the risk of believing their lies. Society is an institution designed to prevent self-realization.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Think of the United States as a decaying town slowly being reclaimed by the jungle. You might have purchased an emergency flashlight when times were better, but the light of civilization is slowly going out no matter what. There are only a few remaining streetlights flickering in the distance – bulbs that are deliberately broken by the immigrant youth in a game of midnight basketball. You could add your light to the sum of light – and hope to keep the culture shining a little longer. Perhaps that added illumination might be enough for that generator to be repaired – perhaps, but not very likely. Chances are that that glow would be squandered in something as useless as a political campaign. Hell, with the kind of people in government, your flashlight would probably just be confiscated by the ruling elite and then damaged by some liberal who didn’t understand how the device worked. You can’t take the risk that other people might learn what you might have in your pocket.

You are better off keeping that Maglite all to yourself. If you are caught in the shadows with only a single flashlight to your name, the best thing you can do is to shut the damn thing off and hoard the battery. You never appreciate the darkness so fully as when you know you can flick the light back on when you get far away from the rest of society. When the lights are going out all over Western culture, the wisest thing to do is to gather up your belongings and proceed into the mountains. You might be on your own – but you never gave up your own light.

Friday, May 13, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Before you join the armed forces, you ought to ask yourself some questions first.  You need to determine if putting on a uniform would, somehow, benefit you personally and privately.  The issue is not whether you should serve your country, but whether enlisting in the military could serve you.

Do you really want to defend the government? If you don’t support the current
power structure, why would you enlist in an institution designed to safeguard the contemporary political system? In spite of what the media tells you, the military is not devised to protect the people, but only to preserve the ruling class. The armed forces are there to serve the interests of the bureaucrats in public office – so do you honestly want to defend that corrupt arrangement? If you are opposed to the existing elected officials, you should not enlist in an institution designed to preserve their power.

Do you want to give your life to protect someone else? Soldiers are trained to sacrifice their lives for the good of the social system – so if you believe that your own existence is more important than anything else in the world, then you will not want anything to do with military service. If you would rather not be maimed or killed, then you will not want to put your own body at risk. Stay alive by staying out of uniform.

Do you really want to defend this multicultural system? The military is intended to promote larger global alliances; while a militia is organized to promote the local security of particular citizens. Armed conflicts are always manipulated to expand multinational control, not to ensure the survival of unique ethic groups. The military exists to expand diversity.

Do you want to be part of some grotesque social experiment? Whenever some liberal wants to inflict some cultural change upon society, the humanitarian will try it upon the soldiers first. Whether it is gay marriage or transsexuals in the shower stalls, the altruists will force it upon the military first. The American army has become just some Marxist laboratory.

Do want to open yourself to brainwashing? The military will not give you strength and discipline, as much as ensure that you always remain politically correct. The army is there to instill uniformity, not increase the particular strengths of a single recruit. Basic training was concocted to break down your personality, not to cultivate your own personal uniqueness.

Do you want to obey orders for the next two years? While a supervisor might tell you what to do at a civilian job, you can always quit when you have had enough of being ordered around. You can’t just resign from the army. If you don’t like what you boss tells you, you can walk away in the free world. You won’t have that option, or any option, in the military. If you can’t simply give-up at some task in life, then you are really nothing more than a slave. The right to leave is fundamental to human freedom.

Heroism does not result from following commands. Any fool can do what he is told. Instead, bravery comes from thinking independently and, then, acting upon your own initiative. Obeying orders is just a form of mindless cowardice.

A genuine individualist would have nothing to do with the army. You don’t want to register for the draft no matter what. You don’t ever want to enlist in the armed forces. And you sure as hell don’t want to support the troops. Real courage comes avoiding and evading military service.