Saturday, August 20, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Go ahead and litter. Go ahead and toss that rubbish. You don’t really need my permission, but there is no reason why you should be carrying around your refuse in your hands like a homeless bum.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Has society made you such a pansy that you are afraid to toss that empty beer can on the sidewalk? Grow some balls – and litter proudly.

Littering demonstrates what this world is. If you fling your rubbish into the street, the very act of littering shows that this country is already trash. Are you going to say that a graffiti-covered building isn’t already refuse? Are you going to tell me that there is truly a substantive difference between the junk food and its wrapper? Why not just toss that Big Mac container on the sidewalk? You’ve already eaten the worst of the crap anyway.

What difference does it make if you leave your Styrofoam drink cup on a picnic table if the environment is already made out of plastic anyway? Your habit of littering proves that there is nothing in this world that is actually worth saving. The world has gone to shit anyway, so why not just add some filth to the mess?

You’re telling me that I should not litter when the city is already looking like a prison camp with metal bars and surveillance cameras? Why the hell didn’t you express those same sentiments when the ruling class was designing such oppressive architecture in the first place?

Littering shows that you are more important than the people behind you. Why would you give a shit if some stranger slips on your discarded banana peel? You are more important than the rest of society. Disposing of your waste “properly” merely displays how much you have been socialized. Look at the filth already on the sidewalk – no one cares about you, why you concern yourself with anyone else?

Surely the real garbage in this world is other people. Your empty liquor bottle might be useless, but at least it is not as worthless as the rest of humanity. Leaving that piss-filled trash on the sidewalk helps others recognize what they truly are.

Littering demonstrates that everything has its lifespan. Your cigarette butt is not going to harm the environment. Even if it did, why would you care? You are not going to live forever anyway. What difference does it make if the city becomes uninhabitable in the next decade? You aren’t going to be around anyway.

Littering is honest. Littering shows that you haven’t been indoctrinated by the do-gooders. The act of littering shows that you have accepted the world as it is.

Toss that beer bottle on the pavement.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If you sign the contract, then you deliver the product – whether you lose money or not. If you buy a ticket, then you take the ride – whether you want to go anywhere or not. If you order the meal, then you eat the food – whether you like what is on your plate or not. If you unwrap the condom, then you fuck the girl – whether the fat slut is attractive or not.

If you, foolish female, promise to love someone forever, then you keep your word – whether you are happy or not. If you, filthy human, have contracted some hideous disease, then you resign yourself to having your skin covered by pustules – whether you want to be oozing pus or not. If you, stupid reader, have committed some horrific sin on this planet, then you go to hell with a smirk on your lips – whether you repent with all your heart or not.

Life is something you withstand. If you are enjoying yourself, then you aren’t doing existence right. There is something flat-out undignified about being joyful.

Delight is only going to get in the way of daily survival. If you are looking for happiness in life, you aren’t ever going to find it anyway – so it is always best to content yourself with pulling your hat down and just making it through the storm. Ultimately, more genuine fulfillment is going to be discovered in withstanding the downpour. Honor is only going to be found in seeking adversity, not searching for ecstasy.

If your life is bleak, then sanctuary is only going to be had in the blackest part of the forest. It is always in the darkest spot that is best to hide. You can best safeguard your own personality by living the most austere existence possible.

Feeling uneasy demonstrates that you have truly understood something about the nature of this world. Anguish leaves your very presence marked by a sense of majesty. You only survive from one day to the next by an attitude of resignation.