Friday, August 29, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Individualism doesn’t just mean that the self is more important than the state – but, more importantly, individualism also teaches that personal independence can only be attained through deliberate selfishness. Individualism doesn’t just mean standing on your own two feet, but also includes standing against other people. Individualism doesn’t just mean self-interest, but also involves an active disinterest in the community. Individualism doesn’t just mean being self-centered, but that an individual can only exist through a continual rejection of society.

Individualism is possibly the most misunderstood philosophical position. Individualism is not the least bit concerned with otherworldly truths as much as enhancing freedom in this life. Misconceived because self-reliance is not concerned with improving anything in a future social order that is yet to come – as much as individualism is concerned with maximizing freedom right now.

Individualism is not about being cutting edge – but being antisocial. Liberals strive to better the social order, but individualists are more interested in keeping their distance. A liberal wants to help others, and individualist just wants to help himself. A rugged individualist doesn’t give a shit about anything except himself.

The independent individual requires constant defense against encroachment by the humanitarians. An individualist is not just a loner, but a person who continually retreats from society. As the collective moves forward, the individualist steps back. In order to exist at all, individualism must always be taken to the extreme: what is good is anything that benefits yourself, what is bad is anything that gives an edge to other people.

Individualism is the complete contradiction of liberalism. Deep down, liberals just want to “fit in” and to be accepted within the collective; ultimately, liberalism is always based upon social conformity. Humanitarians want to be the center of attention within the group, while an individualist just wants to keep away from any social gathering. Remaining an individual is the polar opposite of becoming a do-gooder. The more the progressives progress, the more the individual becomes an individualist.

By sheer chance, I happened to be on a university campus the night Barack Obama was re-elected: all the students were wearing identical liberal t-shirts, supporting the identical liberal candidate, feeling identical liberal emotions, texting identical liberal congratulations to each other. Liberalism is all about dutiful sameness – and holding obedient opinions.

The true individualist has no use for democracy – the lone wolf is caged and tagged by such conformity to mass culture. Liberals are always lecturing about how people should “come together” – an individualist simply doesn’t want to be corralled. The true individual believes in nothing but himself – and this free spirit can only exist through constant hostility to social norms. The individualist becomes a hater of his fellow man out of self-defense.

Any person who does not hate others lacks intensity, and without this inner reserve of hatred, a human being cannot become a true individualist. It is the act of loathing humanity that transforms a man from a mere consumer into an individualist. Without hatred for his fellow beings, one personality is indistinguishable from the mass mind. Individualism is not about choosing one product over another at the convenience store, but about detesting the whole mass culture.

A genuine individualist always has two inevitable components: (1) an exaltation of his own distinct self and (2) an excoriation of everyone else. Without a hated for other people, and with just a high opinion of himself, the personality remains a mere consumer. And with just a loathing of others, and with a lack of love for himself, the loner merely becomes cannon fodder for the establishment. Individualism originates not only from an awareness of having a unique psyche to defend, but also out of the active defense against other persons. You can’t be a true individualist without a basic hostility toward the rest of humanity.

Individualism shows up as much in a wariness toward others as in a worship of yourself. Individualism is as much a reaction against other people as it is a recognition of your own true nature. Individualism is not a just a celebration of the uniqueness of your ego – as much it is a contention of that unique ego against everyone else. And the egoist is going to find himself most often in conflict with the liberal bureaucrats.

Liberals want things to change for the better; an individualist always minds his own business. Activists might orate about looking out for each other, but an individualist doesn’t want to be under observation. The more the altruists work to improve the system, the more the individualist just desires to be left alone. A liberal wants the establishment to be more fair and just, while the lone wolf merely wants to opt out. The more the humanitarians try to improve society – the more the individualist, out of sheer self-preservation, becomes increasingly misanthropic. In order to protect the ego from being destroyed by the do-gooders, the individualist must always appear mean-spirited to the conformist masses.

Liberals just want this world to be more equal – while an independent mind has no use for being equalized. Idealists just want there to be a “level playing field” in the country – a true individualist just isn’t going to tolerate being leveled. A humanitarian would like society to be more just – while an individualist simply has no use for the bureaucracy’s justice system. A do-gooder just wishes that there were more kindness in the world – an individualist has no need for the kindness of strangers. Liberals tend to get aroused by talking about community outreach, but an individualist really would prefer be out of the reach of an excited communitarian. Altruists only want to extend a helping hand – an individualist never likes to be touched.

Only a nonconformist is able to protect his soul from being consumed by the social order. Only a solitary person can preserve his spirit from being absorbed by the community. Individualism is not about doing the right thing – as much as being a lone wolf is about not participating at all. To be fully autonomous, the individual must also become completely antisocial.

To love yourself – to love yourself completely – to love yourself absolutely – to love yourself unconditionally requires that you actively hate the collective.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Some would say that I have a bit of a drinking problem. Put a bottle in front of me and I will empty it.

If you ever happen to visit the cheapest bar downtown, you would see me sitting with my back to the wall, coldly watching everything going on around me. Some might suggest that I am just a substance abuser – but, no, I drink to understand myself.

I think of it like this. If you ever really want to know who you are – you could spend decades meditating in weird postures, you might even expend years in psychoanalysis – but if you find the courage to investigate your true nature, you should try getting shit-faced drunk every night. Liquor brings out a person’s true nature. Intoxication demonstrates the way a personality actually works. If somebody is naturally quiet, alcohol will make them even quieter. If an individual is normally withdrawn, then drinking will cause them to become even less talkative. If a person is regularly aggressive, then liquor will leave them all the more assertive. Booze does not transform a human being; it just makes them even more so. Alcohol is not liquid courage – never has been; firewater is more like liquid confirmation. You might not like the kind of person you discover yourself to be – but liquor has a way of making you come to accept it.

Liquor takes all the sadness and sufferings of life and does not make anything better – not even for a couple hours – alcohol just puts things into perspective. Drinking helps you to come to terms with the sorrows of existence.

Booze has taught me one thing: I’m a God-damned asocial bastard. I don’t drink to accustom me to other people; I get drunk to bring out my innate unsociability. I do not drink to become gregarious with acquaintances; I imbibe in order to make me all the more antisocial. I am not a friendly drinker; I am one fucking silent drunk. I am not tolerant when I get tipsy; I am one unsympathetic drinker. I would prefer to meticulously peel the label off a beer bottle than hear about your problems. I’d rather blackout a couple hours – and come to my senses in unfamiliar locations – than spend time with the likes of you. Say what you like about me, I might hate everyone’s guts – but I can hold my liquor.

The higher my blood-alcohol level, the greater my contempt for humanity. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a friend beside me. I prefer booze to bosom buddies. I don’t need other souls near me; I just need spirits within reach. I don’t want laughter around me; I just want liquor inside me.

Damn right, I am an alcoholic – and if you had the liver for it, you should become a drunkard too.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


If you want your prayers to get results, you will need to display the same sort of ruthlessness as in any other human activity. Supplication is not for sissies. Prayer is not for pansies. Worship is not for Goddamn wimps. You must pray mightily if you want to attain divine mastery.

If a couple different individuals pray for the exact same target, obviously the two petitioners cannot both receive the same positive answer – so it is first necessary to vanquish your opponent’s prayers before your appeal can get results. If you are praying for the winning ticket in the lottery, there are thousands of other believers with that same supplication on their lips – but only one worshipper will ultimately end up with the grand prize. Just as counter-intelligence is designed to neutralize foreign spying, so there must be a system of counter-prayer designed to neutralize an opponent’s wishes.

It is not the whim of some supernatural being that impels a favorable response to a prayer – as much as it the internal configuration of the invocation itself that will bring fulfillment. It is not divine whimsy that grants success to a petition; instead, it is the accurate formation of a prayer that guarantees an advantageous response. When it comes to religion, proper design is more important than devotion. When it involves ritual, precise structure is more important than sincerity.

Counter-prayer might be defined as a strategy of demolishing and dismantling your opponent’s supplications. Before you pray for something, you must first prey upon someone. Consequently, it is necessary to get rid of the competition if you want your prayers to bring home the goods. You must first neutralize the prayers from your fellow believers before you will see any positive results.  

First, you must want and wish and will the utter destruction of all your rivals in supplication. If you aren’t pleading for someone’s death, then you aren’t really praying. You simply aren’t doing religion if you aren’t imploring the utter devastation of your enemies. Your prayers must slaughter hogs if you want to bring home the bacon.

Second, in order that your own destruction is not attained through someone else’s prayer, you must next damage the supplications of your religious rivals. Counter-invocation prevents your competitor’s prayers from making any difference. If your supplications have never been successful, now you know why – inference from fellow believers.

Just as a customer at a singles’ bar must first frustrate any rivals in order to bring home a date for the night, so the believer must first destroy his neighbor’s prayers. Counter-prayer will prevent your supplications from being cock-blocked by an interfering congregation. The most certain means of sabotaging a contender’s supplication is to encourage the adversary to employ the wrong supernatural format. Your brother’s prayers must be nullified by a sort of cybernetic virus— you must first corrupt your neighbor’s faith in order for your own orations to emerge triumphant. Just as in a computer program, you must insert a logic bomb into the supplications of your antagonist.

In order that your own prayers bring home the groceries, you must spoil your opponent’s chances. In order that your prayers attain the desired merchandise, you must be certain that your neighbor’s utterance will fail. Your prayers aren’t ever going answered if there is any competition for the prize. In order that your own prayer might emerge victorious, you need to ensure that your challenger’s supplication is completely destroyed. You must bring ruination upon your fellow believers and implant ruin in their very prayers.

Just as only the fittest creatures survive in biological evolution, the same sort of natural selection is always at work in prayer.  Think of it as a kind of spiritual Darwinism, where only the strongest supplications manage to receive answers. Mercy doesn’t enter into prayer any more than anything else in life. Triumphant orison is red in tooth and claw.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and nowhere is that more true than prayer. It’s a kill-or-be-killed sort of environment on earth as it is in heaven.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Every honest man has something to hide. If you want to live a life of honor, then you damn well should have something that you want to conceal. If you ever have a desire to become an individual of character, then you will need to start keeping stuff secret.

Conformists will always excuse governmental surveillance with the assertion that they have “nothing to hide.” Naturally, if you are comfortable being part of the herd, then sheep like you will never keep anything from the shepherd. The fact that you voluntarily give up your privacy is merely an act of submission to the bureaucrats. A citizen under observation will always remain politically correct. Having nothing to hide from the authorities means being forced to live an existence of complete subservience.

American democracy is designed to keep a closer watch on its citizens than even Stalin could have imagined. The KGB kept files on every citizen not to protect them from foreign infiltration, but to keep the natives obedient. Governmental scrutiny is never devised to keep citizens safe – but bureaucratic surveillance is always done to ensure compliance. The security agencies keep watch on you not to prevent harm, but to secure your conformity.  

If the special agents are going to keep you under constant surveillance like a dangerous criminal, then you damn well ought to become a dangerous criminal just to spite the authorities. What the government fears most is that you might actually be keeping some secrets from the bureaucrats. If the officials are terrified that you might actually be hiding something, then you need to start concealing information out of basic self-defense. Privacy is a matter of self-respect.

Keeping your mouth shut reduces governmental persecution. Make no mistake about it, cops have it in for you. The police will use anything that they can against you. The government will use its records and recordings in order to put you behind bars. Justifying yourself to the officials will only get you prosecuted. A guy who wants to tell his story to the police always ends up getting convicted. Explaining your side of events will only put you in prison. A free man somehow always manages to keep from saying anything to the authorities. 

Secrecy separates you from the rest of society. Just as a gentleman does all his defecating behind closed doors, privacy keeps other people from laughing at your all-too-human weaknesses. Secrecy creates a boundary between the individual and society. Privacy distinguishes you from your neighbor. A man who keeps things private ends up keeping boundaries. Furtiveness creates a barrier between you and the in-group.

Privacy increases liberty. The difference between a free man and a slave is the ability to keep secrets. A captive has no privacy from the overseer. The master will always end up knowing everything about his chattel. Secrecy emancipates you from society. There more that you manage to keep hidden, the more liberty you manage to retain from totalitarian society. 

The act of concealment gives you depth. Deep, dark secrets will give you a certain nobility of character. A man who hides stuff knows something. An individual with secrets realizes that other people cannot be trusted with such information. A man of substance is comfortable with keeping things confidential. Remaining closed-mouth makes your thinking more vehement. A wise man always holds stuff back.

Secrecy adds meaning to life. Just as a handgun isn’t much of a weapon until you load it with ammunition, privacy does not exist until you have something to keep private. Furtiveness does not make you mysterious, but molds you into an individual of consequence. Keeping secrets will give your life a sense of purpose – your ultimate duty becomes the prevention of others from discovering just what you have hidden away. Secrets are the only thing that might allow you to face the entirety of daily existence.

Privacy enhances an individual’s personality. Secrets simply end up making your personality more intense. A man with secrets knows the value of things: other people are a liability. A man who keeps things hush-hush does not give in. A man with secrets has treasures that he will not share.  

Privacy helps you to isolate yourself from being contaminated by the social group. Once a nosy altruist starts to ask you questions about your past, you will never trust other people again. Possessing secrets will ultimately force you to keep to yourself. To confide in another human being is to give away part of your independence. The more secrets you have, the more solitary you become.  

Even if you actually have nothing of significance to keep secret, then you really should go commit something. If you have nothing to keep private, then you need to go out and engage in an act that you do not want to reveal to anyone. If you have nothing to conceal, then get out and perpetrate something. The more you come to realize your true desires, the more that you will want to keep hidden.

A citizen with nothing to hide is not worth knowing. A man whose life is an open book isn’t a complete human being. An outgoing person is spiritually empty. A gregarious fellow simply has no soul. Once the authorities have captured your entire life in a dossier, your inner spirit is dead.

Naturally, the most certain way to keep your secrets is to keep to yourself. If you aren’t a loner, then your life is, somehow, incomplete. If you don’t live a solitary existence, then you are missing-out on everything that this world has to offer. Only a lonely man can ultimately prevail against the establishment.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

When a missionary doctor went off to minister to the afflicted of Liberia and then got himself inevitably infected by the Ebola virus – his diseased body was airlifted back to Atlanta by bureaucratic bleeding hearts. It is important to realize that this meddling medic saved no African lives whatsoever with his hapless healing, and his hemorrhagic-fever souvenir puts the entire population of the United States in danger. The same principles of disease prevention that were followed and failed in the Tropics will now be tried in Georgia - with the same predicable result.  

What happens in Africa should stay in Africa.  Pretty clear that God intended for Third-World ailments to remain in the Third World. None of the expense, none of the danger to American medical personnel would have happened if the foreign interloper had left his charity at home. Exotic illnesses would never sweep across the world if human beings didn’t stick their noses into other people’s business.

This epidemic would never have spread to the American continent if this do-gooder wasn’t messing around in stuff that didn’t concern him. This infected intern is the perfect example of the menace that humanitarians pose to society – altruists themselves always present the greatest threat to the survival of Western civilization. This pestilential physician is the best illustration that helping others will, in the long run, only hurt yourself. The desire to heal others will ultimately harm yourself. Trying to relieve the sickness of others only puts your own safety at risk. Best to keep your distance from other people’s suffering.

Kindness to strangers will almost always end-up killing yourself. Minding your own business is not just a matter of common sense – but an essential element of public health. For the survival of American culture itself, there will come a time when idealists will have to be put down like rabid dogs.