Sunday, January 31, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


Suppose you were really, really malicious. Suppose you wanted to cause the human race all misfortune that you possibly could. Suppose you wanted this mischief to persist as long as the human soul survived.

What, then, would you to do create the worst possible malady for the individual spirit? You would organize the Freemasons, of course.

Secret societies are not devised to obliterate traditional governments – instead, the Masons are designed solely to annihilate the personalities of the members.

There is a reason why occult orders always have an obsession with charity campaigns. You don’t really think a bunch of drunken Worshipful Masters really give a shit about crippled children, do you? The more good things that the hierarchy claims have done to some unsuspecting adolescent, the more that the leadership is able to get away with. And the way that the Freemasons take advantage of their low-level members is to make them think that they are “helping the underprivileged.” Nothing produces compliance like being generous toward strangers.

Plenty of organizations follow the Masonic model. It is crucial that you understand the example of the Scottish Rite so that you can observe how secret social institutions are arrayed against you. If you realize exactly how the Freemasons manage to remain in power, then you can recognize what the ruling elite is actually doing in society. Organizations always do the most damage by pretending to be so conspicuously benevolent. The best way to conceal blood stains on the altar is with an open bible. The more a corporation claims to be involved in charitable practices, the more certain that the collective is trying to contaminate you. You can get a man to commit any crime if you convince him that his carnage will benefit all humanity.

Here’s where things get devious. You don’t tell the new initiates what you are really doing. As an alternative, you inform the new recruits how they are going to change the world. But you say that the apprentice needs to go through certain rituals in order transmute himself into the kind of citizen that will populate this new society.

What the lodge-masters do not ever reveal is that these very rites are calculated to destroy the soul of the initiate. And that was the true intention all along. You see, there are certain occult ceremonies that render a soul eternally unfit for divine paradise. The objective is to have a believer so utterly damn himself that there is no recovery. Consider the act of joining the Freemasons as a ritualized infection. The goal of the Masons is to befoul all that belong.

That is the real reason for an occult order – to contaminate the practitioner. You might so hate this existence that you need to infect everyone you can. You want the entire world to be tainted. You want payback against humanity – and you get the revenge one degree at a time.

Enlightenment has a way of making everything grimy.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

God is one moody and morose entity, and that is precisely why you should be more like Him. God is one angry and annoyed being, and that is exactly why you should be more like Him. God is one malevolent and malicious deity, and that is particularly why you need to become more like Him.

The God of the Old Testament is one vicious and vindictive spirit – and, right now, right at this moment in time, that is just what you need to be.

God will curse your very existence sooner than cure you of an affliction. God will flood the whole globe sooner than feed a hungry guy. God will strike you dead sooner than lift your sorrow

There is one thing about a divine being that you really need to emulate – and that is a fierce selfishness. Jehovah is one self-absorbed entity. God is perfect and damn proud of it. God receives supplications; He doesn’t offer them. God receives praise; He doesn’t give it.

Ain’t nothing nice and cuddly about the Lord. God has burned alive as many believers as He has blessed. So you, then, need to act just as vengeful as your Maker. The creation must never show any more mercy than the Creator.

The world has suffered enough kindness. God does whatever the fuck He pleases, and it is about time that you, as well, stopped worrying about consequences. If smiting is good enough for the Heavenly, then it is good enough for the human. If a decent man is supposed to fear God, then you should live so fully that other people might actually start to fear you.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

A woman dying of cancer has a breath that smells like Satan’s nail polish remover.  

When an individual’s organs start to fail and the body slinks toward death, the flesh secretes a curious odor. Death has a particular scent. There is a smell to dying. 

You never forget the aroma of death. If you have ever been around a dying person, you will carry the smell of death around with you forever after – a stink of sauerkraut mixed with Jolly Rancher candy. The body emits a stench that contaminates the bystanders. You can smell it in your clothes no matter how many times you run the fabric through the washer; you can smell it in the folds of your skin no matter how many times you scrape at your flesh with a ragged bar of deodorant soap. That smell has now entered into you.

Anything you sniff will now carry that faint hint of rotting flesh. Even the whiff of a newly blossomed rose will now remind you of decaying tissue. Even the fragrance of warm devil's food cake will make you remember festering wounds.  

It may surprise you that an obnoxious misanthrope like me actually has family members, but I just watched my little sister take her last breath. The hospice nurse went home at the end of the evening shift, so I was given a morphine hypodermic and told to administer the syringe in her final hours; it is not her death rattle that I recall as much as the odor coming from her mouth. The vapors coming out of her were as thick as steam. The entire room took on the smell of someone’s innards. Sometimes it is better not to say "good-bye," just to push the plunger. In the end, her body was all curled and contorted like an old blanket in the dryer. No matter how much she squirmed in her hospital bed, she could not escape the fog of death – and neither can you, my dear reader. Fatality does not sneak up upon you – as much as you discover that it has been there with you all along.

But the next person to die is certain to be you, my online reader – you can smell your own death beginning to ooze out beneath your fingernails. There is nothing you can do. The stench of death is already upon you.