Thursday, May 24, 2018


by John Grauerholz

I have this urge to be malicious.   I have this desire to smear malignancy across the reader’s eyes.  I don’t want to change the planet – I just need to reveal the true menace of reality.   I got me some malevolent mojo.

A spiteful man doesn’t want to end the life of his enemy – as much as to make him see the truth of existence.  The greatest act of wickedness is to force someone to witness the world as it is.   If you truly want to harm your adversary, make him glimpse the real ugliness around him.

If you want to shatter a man’s spirit, then surely it is better to show that he is unloved than to smack him in the nose.  Better to provide evidence of his wife’s infidelity than to give him a black eye.  Deep down, he already senses the hideousness you are about to reveal.  You do evil when you tell your enemy what he already suspects.  Wickedness happens when you confirm your adversary’s deepest fears.

If you want to destroy a citizen’s hope, better to show the decay on the streets around him than to steal his money.  Better to demonstrate the cultural decline of his motherland than to lift his wallet.

If you want to destroy a believer’s faith, it is more effective to display the emptiness within his psyche than to get him to sell his soul.  A mirror can be a better defensive weapon than bullet-proof glass.

Evil in an act of comprehension – evil is an activity of recognition.  You ultimately get your revenge when your enemy feels apprehension.  In contrast to what the mass media is always preaching, evil is something that you damn well should be doing.  You do evil when your force your target to give up all hope and to face the real.  You do evil when you destroy a subject’s faith with basic scientific fact.  Every individualist cannot help but bring a little more evil into daily existence.