Sunday, December 31, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited 

I want you to be miserable.   I want you to suffer.   I want your life to be ruined.

You deserve it.  You deserve to be in pain.

Every year that I have been alive, society has wronged me.  Every day upon this earth, other people have caused me harm.

It is only right and proper that others experience some of that hurt.  Making other people unhappy is not merely the duty of every individual – but spreading the hatred is a kind of reckoning.

Obviously, it is not possible to cause everyone on the planet actual physical damage – so the destruction must, then, be a sort of moral distress.  The greatest agony you can inflict upon another human being is to demolish his belief system.

You need a demonstration of sorts.  What you previously believed to be absolutely certain will be proved to be a measly preference.  You need to watch.  What you earlier thought to be true will be shown to be merely tentative.  You need to experience.  What you once felt to be love will be revealed to be a meager liking.

Consider it an infestation of the soul.  You’re welcome.