Thursday, December 31, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Other human beings will always be a disappointment; the closer they are to you, the greater will be their disloyalty.

The stronger you love another person, the more certain that you will end-up betrayed by your beloved. Devotion to another human being will always turn into an act of deception against you.

The harm done to you by a lover’s treachery is greater than any pleasure from transitory affection. You will barely remember any caresses and copulations – but you will recall your partner’s infidelity forever. You may forget your spouse’s face – but you will recollect the unfaithfulness on your deathbed.

Even on the rare occasion when friends might not deliberately try to hurt you, their inevitable ineptitude will do you even greater harm. The human proclivity for incompetence is even greater than their propensity to injure. Being around strangers will leave you vulnerable to their stupidity.

Trusting another human being is just setting yourself up to be tricked. The kinder you are to other people, the more that they will take advantage of you. Being around people just isn’t worth the risk.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You were warned, weren’t you? You were told something like this would happen. You knew the risk. You just didn’t listen. You thought you knew better.

Just because you have the latest electronic gadget didn’t mean shit, did it? Just because everyone said you were a “nice person” didn’t make any difference. Just because you’ve had a “good job” didn’t delay a damn thing. Being all progressive didn’t help you one bit.

Admit it – you thought you were too smart for this to happen, right? You thought you were so frigging clever. You thought nothing like that would ever happen to such a “free spirit”. You were so fucking happy about your life. Now you certainly got shown otherwise.

You just couldn’t believe it was finally happening to you, could you? What happened to you has happened throughout history – you just turned out to be less “special” than you were always told. Welcome to the real world, cocksucker.

Don’t you think you brought this upon yourself? What happened to you is your own damn fault. You deserve everything you got. Truth is – you needed something like that to happen to you.

If you didn’t take any precautions, then you really are to blame – aren’t you? If you didn’t pay attention, then everything that happened is your own fault – isn’t it? Only a fool would not have tried to prevent it. You just couldn’t be bothered.

You don’t expect me to feel sorry for what happened, do you? Don’t you think that everyone is happy that you finally got what was coming to you? Tough luck, asshole.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Doctors get paid whether you live or die. As long as your insurance policy is current, a physician doesn’t care if the treatment kills you or merely prolongs your agony for a decade. However, once the medical industry has extracted all of your financial resources; you aren’t going to survive shit. You live only as long as you can afford to be alive.

Doctors treat patients like a damn nuisance. If it is more convenient for the health-care industry to have you pass away, then you aren’t going to survive the emergency room. A doctor is a busy guy, and his cell-phone deserves more attention than your disgusting ailment. A professional has people to see and places to go, so the physician has far better things to do than smear ointment on your revolting infection.

Doctors amuse themselves at your expense. If an M.D. could get a good laugh watching you parade around in a humiliating outfit, he’ll tell you that you must get undressed and put on a gown. There is a reason why hospital coverings always leave embarrassing parts of your anatomy exposed. All surgeons enjoy a good practical joke every now and then.

Doctors would not hesitate to infect you. If a physician could make an extra buck giving you some incurable disease in a spurious inoculation, he will give you that contaminated vaccine without hesitation. The health-care industry wants returning customers, not spontaneous cures. Once you starting taking official medical treatment, you will not be cured on a single office visit – instead, your treatment will continue for weeks. Never heal today what a patient can suffer until tomorrow.

Doctors subject you to unnecessary surgery. Every patient quickly realizes that the only explanation for all those unnecessary medical tests is to add to the doctor’s commission. If a physician can give you some unneeded drugs just to get on the good side of the pharmaceutical representatives, you will exit that office clutching a couple new prescriptions. If a surgeon could make some additional cash by selling your organs on the black market, you will wake up in the recovery room with some unexpected sutures on your abdomen. We have all heard stories about a chap who goes to a clinic in order to get a boil lanced and ends-up having a kidney removed – and we have seen the scars.   

Medical treatment is not designed to cure you, but to get you to muddle through. After all, if you were entirely free of disease, you wouldn’t have any need for any professional services whatsoever. If you want to get restored to health, then you are going to need a different strategy – you will have to take your own well-being into your own hands. You can seize control of your own health by playing one physician against another: tell an osteopath that your ailment is a bone issue, while you convince an internal medicine specialist that the same affliction is a problem with soft tissue. You are going to have to do your own analysis if you want to survive a visit to the doctor. You are going to have to manipulate the medical system as much as you would any other area of modern life.  

You only trust a physician at your own peril. A doctor is more of a threat to your own health than an untreated disease.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If you aren’t happy about the way that things turned out in your own life, then you sure as hell don’t need to work at making things better for anyone else. If you don’t believe that your own lifespan progressed the way you really wanted, then you need to ensure that circumstances turn out just as dreadfully and defectively for everyone else. If you didn’t ever realize your own dreams, then you ought to make certain that no one else does either. If you are disappointed with your own existence, then others should be equally disheartened with their worthless span of years – and you ought to rub their noses in their own dissatisfaction. If you haven’t done shit with your life, then you better be sure that no one else does either. They deserve to be disabused – and then some.

Call it a do-unto-others-as-has-been-done-unto-you. A Golden Rule across the knuckles of all those who deserve it.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Have I got a metaphor for you, asshole.

We all know that Western civilization is going down. America is a sinking ship. Let me say that again: America is a sinking ship. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that same figure of speech for years and years. You keep hearing the comparison because – deep down – you know that the country is just about to be submerged.

When the ship of state is taking on water, there is only one course of action. You cannot repair anything. You need to abandon ship, not try to save the vessel. The worst thing that you can do is to try and patch a sinking ship. Fixes won’t work, mends will only create more holes and make things worse – and, most dangerous of all, renovation work will only delay your own escape.

The sooner you decide to get off the ship, the more likely you find fully-provisioned life boat. The sooner you abscond, the better your chances of getting a life raft all to yourself. The sooner you get away from the vessel, the faster you will make your way to dry land.

You are not to blame for any of this. You did not cause the ship to go under – you did not bring about this disaster. Just as was beyond your control stop the collision, so it is not your responsibility to save anyone else in this calamity.

You don’t ever want to warn the rest of the passengers. The more people rushing toward the lifeboats will only reduce your own chances of getting away. The populace is doomed no matter what; there won’t be enough life rafts for all of them anyway. Their survival is not your concern. Their demise is their own business. Your only objective is to get the hell away. Saving yourself is all that matters.

You want to be off that doomed vessel before anyone else realizes what is happening. Don’t raise an alarm; just slip over the side before anyone notices.

Monday, November 16, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


French President Fran├žois Hollande vowed that the “fight will be merciless” against the Muslim terrorists. President Hollande pledged that the retaliation would be “pitiless.” Fair enough. I know how that promise can be kept in full; I’ve even seen the successful results when it was used against Marxist insurgents in Latin America.  

The institutions of the state are what caused the problem of Islamic immigration in the first place. No matter how many murders the refugees might commit, you are never going to hear politicians admit that they made a mistake. Only an entity completely outside the system will be ruthless enough to correct things. Government cannot fix things; only armed vigilantes can put an end to this. The legal establishment is absolutely ineffective; only an extrajudicial movement will be able to alter the social dynamics.

Only individual citizens acting independently can put a stop against Islamic terrorism. Only a civilian militia can act with enough flexibility to destroy these Muslim invaders. The only means of striking against the Islamists will be through paramilitary death squads. The only manner that Islamic infiltration can be stopped is with right-wing death squads.

These Islamic attacks are going to continue. Whenever you hear of another Muslim massacre anywhere in the world, there is one thing that you must always do. Buy guns. If you don’t own a handgun, buy a weapon immediately. If you already own a firearm, purchase another. If you are fortunately enough to own an arsenal, then buy more ammunition. You can never have enough ammo. You will need to defend yourself soon enough.

If the Muslims are going to execute hostages one-by-one, then you need to carry a weapon everywhere. You never know when immigrants might try to assault you. If there are Muslims in the neighborhood, then you are going to want to carry a gun with you whenever you leave home.

The humanitarians are always going to tell you that Muslims are peaceful, no matter how many atrocities they commit in the name of Mohammad. You are going to need a death squad to protect yourself against the “religion of peace.”

Sunday, November 8, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Sometimes my thinking takes a darker turn. I keep hearing government officials describe Lone Wolf attacks as the growing threat to the system in the next few years – but, to me, that sounds like a damn good thing. I have come to believe that Lone Wolf retaliation may well be the only way out of this mess. Because the solitary resister always alarms and agitates the ruling class, perhaps the only means of defeating bureaucratic injustice is through non-bureaucratic attacks. 

Let me define just what the do-gooders find so threatening: the Lone Wolf is exactly what you might expect, a solitary figure bent on destroying the existing order, but the twist comes out of the fact that that both the precise manner and also the particular target of all that destruction are going to be completely idiosyncratic. Nothing terrifies the hierarchal establishment as much as leaderless resistance.  

Lone Wolf attacks begin as an act of retribution. The Lone Wolf might well destroy the liberal elite exactly because he never intended any such thing. The Lone Wolf just wanted to get even. Period. An act of solitary revenge against a definite commercial enterprise often has a way of weakening the entire industry. Personal vengeance against a specific member of the ruling class often results in eradicating high society altogether. Leaderless resistance is private matter – that somehow gets out-of-hand.

Lone Wolf attacks are a matter of self-worth. An individual becomes a Lone Wolf out of disgust with the world A man goes it alone when he just can’t put-up with things any longer. The most essential aspect of the Lone Wolf incident is not what actually might be done against the governing elite, but how becoming a Lone Wolf benefits the assailant himself. Becoming a complete Loner is really a matter of self-respect.   

An embittered man does not join a collective army and accept orders on the remote chance of overturning a totalitarian system. Quite the reverse, only an individual citizen taking independent action might have the possibility of overturning a repressive institution.

Lone Wolf attacks penetrate to the source. The Lone Wolf is far more than just a violent avenger – although he is certainly that – but his actions cut deeper: leaderless resistance ultimately pierces the worldview that created the society in the first place. Although the Lone Wolf might first strike against the actual foundation of the headquarters of the secret police, his assault ends-up damaging the ideological underpinnings of state security. Although the Lone Wolf might initially target a country’s communication infrastructure, his devastation ultimately challenges the cultural norms for all social interaction. Although the Lone Wolf might initially scheme against a particular banking institution, his assault results in endangering the entire economic system.

Lone Wolf attacks are always unpredictable. Lone Wolf attacks cannot ever be prevented by government surveillance. The Lone Wolf doesn’t even know what the fuck he is going to do next, so there is no way that law-enforcement monitoring is going to provide any useful information. Such solitary attacks will never endanger the established order because of the relative damage that such an individual attacker could perpetrate – no, the Lone Wolf will prove victorious as a result of the fact that the carnage is completely impulsive. It is not the actual bloodshed that can defeat the established order, but the erratic nature of the mayhem.  

The nation state cannot prepare for innumerable solitary assailants. No matter how many scenarios the authorities might simulate, the establishment cannot have devised countermeasures for every conceivable assault. The more the government officials try to prevent Lone Wolf attacks, the easier the bureaucrats make it for something novel to be successful.

Lone Wolf attacks are psychological warfare. Ultimately, leaderless resistance is not just a demoralizing attack upon the ruling class, but an assault against the average citizen’s assumption of social stability. Leaderless resistance creates a sense of dread and dismay in the populace.

A single destructive event is not going to overthrow the system, but the cumulative number of attacks upon the social order will eventually destroy the existing system. Again, leaderless resistance ultimately succeeds not because of the specific mayhem of the act itself, but because the public will come to fear that there is no end to the terror.

Lone Wolf attacks are a harbinger of what is to come. A single attacker is not going to overthrow anything, but the Lone Wolf is a forerunner of continued onslaughts in the near future. The solitary avenger is not a prophet, but a precursor. There is always something menacing about a messenger. The Lone Wolf is a sort of outrider of an approaching cultural cataclysm. If you ever feel a prompting to put things right, then the very harmony of the universe awaits your act of vengeance.

If society doesn’t find you a threat, then you haven’t done anything with your life. You don’t necessarily have to take up violence, but a genuine individualist will find a way to intimidate your liberal overlords. Resistance is something that ought to mark your existence.

The bureaucrats will never understand what motivates the Lone Wolf. It is not the animalistic destruction, but the “lone” element that will ultimately destroy the existing order. An ancient philosopher once advised his student to “know thyself” – only the Lone Wolf truly has that knowledge.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

There are few things on this planet more unpleasant than a party. There is nothing more disagreeable in life than having to enjoy yourself in public. There is nothing more horrible than having group fun. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting joyful in front of other people.

Consider a party as a sort of cultural re-education camp. Brainwashing is always more efficient when it is disguised as leisure time. Indoctrination is more easily accomplished through recreational activities, than in any other area of societal interaction. Mind control is something that happens when the subject has a smile on his face.

There is a reason why people call what you do at a party “socializing”. The last thing that a genuine individualist will ever allow is for the life-of-the-party to come over and try to mingle.

A party is an environment where everyone demonstrates that they are cheerfully and correctly acculturated. The purpose of a party is not to have a good time, but to perform appropriate sentiments. You don’t just say something to a person of the opposite sex, you yell some platitude across the room; you don’t just chuckle at a witty joke, but you laugh as loudly as possible to everything. A social gathering is just an occasion for conspicuous displays of enjoyment.

When it comes to a party, you don’t want any part of it. There is nothing at a party that is going to do you any good.

Sure, there is music – but everyone is talking all at once, so you can’t really hear anything (even if that were what you wanted). The stereo speakers are blasting at high volume simply because there is supposed to be music at such occasions. There is a song in the background because everyone expects to have music going for things to get social.

Sure, there is liquor – but you will only find a haphazard accumulation of bottles, so you won’t be able to get a proper cocktail (even if you craved as much). Only the nastiest booze turns up at a “mixer”. Never assume that there will be anything worth drinking at a social gathering.

Sure, there are snacks – but you don’t go to a party expecting to find anything worth eating (even if you so desired). The chow has been sitting around so long that the bread is stale and the cheese has crusted over. By the time you work up enough courage to risk the possibility of food poisoning, you might not even notice all the cigarette butts that have already been extinguished in the clam dip. Hors d’oeuvres are something you do at your own risk.

Sure, there are possible new friends – but there are far too many guests crammed into far too small a room for you to have a decent conversation with anyone (should you be so inclined). Even if the goer were chatting with Jesus Christ, the guest would still be looking over the Son of God’s shoulder for someone else more interesting.

Sure, there are females willing to hookup – but no beautiful woman will ever want to go home with you (even if that were what you fancied). Believe me, any cute girl is looking for someone a hell of a lot more attractive than you are, pal. With plenty of better choices in the opposite sex at a “successful” party, no lady is going to be the least bit interested in you.

What I hate most about parties is that they are always crowded with people like you.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

There is a fountain in the old city of Bern, Switzerland, which is topped by a curious bit of sculpture: a statue of a man devouring a child while holding a bagful of additional kids for later snacking. Even when it was first carved back in the 16th Century, the Swiss may well have eaten children by the sackful – like Sliders from White Castle. The local German-speakers call the fountain the Kindlifresserbrunnen, but I wouldn’t try pronouncing that name without fist fortifying my vocal cords with a glass of Swiss absinthe.  

Even in the most favorable moments in history, human beings are ambivalent about raising children. Every person realizes it necessary to sow offspring in order for culture to continue, but that propagation comes at quite a cost. There are moments in a fellow’s life when the price is too high.

Sometimes, though, you might endure enough disappointment and disgust in life that you decide eat your seed corn. The Child Eater Fountain exhibits the way that an adult male truly feels about kids – a grown man knows that he better consume his offspring before they can consume him. Eat the little bastards before they can eat him out of house and home.  

Think of the sculpture as a glimpse into the subconscious of an average father. Consider such Renaissance effigies to be a sort of metaphor for the resentment all dads feel for their children. There is no parent alive who never had moments when he wished he could take it all back. Regard the Child Eater Fountain as a watery representation of a breeder’s real antipathy toward kids.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Juan Soldado is an uncanonized folk saint of northern Mexico – the supernatural recipient of illicit prayers and inexpensive floral arrangements and lighted candles; but Juan was once a genuine living, breathing, and fucking human being. During his days in human form, Juan Soldado was a soldier executed for raping and killing a young girl in Tijuana – a rather strange biography for what is now a divine being.  

Although the locals now provide him with all the offerings befitting a spiritual entity, Juan Castillo Morales was an actual historical person; back in 1938, Castillo had the misfortune to be conscripted into the Mexican army and stationed in the sin city of Tijuana, Mexico. When the decapitated body of the 8 year-old Olga Camacho was found in the border town; Castillo was accused of the butchery. However, his true guilt is still a matter of dispute.

There were several possible perpetrators of the crime. First, Castillo’s commanding officer had a certain predilection for young girls, and Castillo might well have been a convenient scapegoat. Second, a pedophile ring was involved in a labor dispute at the local casino, and a transient soldier would have been an excellent fallguy. Third, Juan Castillo might well have done the deed. However, what seems most interesting is not who might have molested and murdered the girl, but that a sex crime gave rise to a celestial being.  

After a hasty burial, mournful sounds and materializations began to appear at Juan Castillo’s grave. Local Mexicans began using the deceased offender as a sacred intercessor. As a guardian spirit, Juan Soldado has now become a supernatural defender of anyone manipulating the system. Asking for Soldado’s assistance gives you an edge when subverting social rules. This tutelary spirit gives you a work-around when facing the prospect of conventional morality; this heavenly being has become the protector of everyone involved in the underground economy. Juan Soldado is an otherworldly patron of all of us who transgress against the established order, a guardian spirit for lawbreakers indulging their nefarious proclivities. A true badass of the borderlands.

You do not approach Juan Soldado on behalf of your neighbors – as much as improving life for yourself. You don’t come to Juan Soldado make the world better – as much as getting away with some questionable activity here on earth. Juan Soldado is not about world peace – as much as ensuring that the bureaucracy is so inefficient that you aren’t caught. You don’t pray to Juan Soldado to feed the hungry and cure the sick – as much as to work some trick against the authorities. Juan Soldado isn’t about doing good deeds – as much as playing the system. A supernatural being isn’t there to put meaning in your life – as much as money in your wallet.

Juan Soldado doesn’t require you to mend your ways. Juan Soldado doesn’t compel you to change your life. The folk saint wants only for you to become more successful at being yourself. If you are an outlaw, then Juan Soldado makes you a triumphant outlaw. If you are an illegal immigrant, then Juan Soldado helps you to sneak past the Border Patrol. If you operate on the black market, then devotion to Juan Soldado makes you a more profitable criminal. Make no mistake about it, Juan Soldado does miracles – but such wonders do not ever make the world more fair and just: no, certainly not – the miraculous just puts a little extra in your pocket at the end of the day.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I don’t want to understand you. I am simply not interested. 

I really don’t care about your anguish. I don’t give a shit about your agony. Suffering is one of those unseemly acts that should be done in private. Sorrow is something that you need to keep to yourself.

Empathy involves a perception of someone else’s emotions – but there are always, always, always ulterior motives in trying to perceive another person’s most personal experiences. Trying to uncover the misfortunes and misery of others is an immoral thing. Busybodies and serial killers are always insufferably empathic.

Empathy is an invasion of emotional privacy. Only a true voyeur wants to know what someone else is feeling. Somebody else’s torment is actually none of your business. Another person’s hurt ought to be kept private.

Empathy is a means of controlling you. There is a reason why successful politicians can always manage to “feel your pain” – these bureaucrats use that knowledge of your weakness in order to control you. If you allow someone else to know your deepest fear, then that outsider has an advantage over you.

Empathy contaminates your own worldview. You need to perfect and purify your own unique take on the world. Somebody else’s perspective is just a form of mental pollution. Empathy is just a form of emotional toxic waste.

If you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, the only thing you’re going to get is a foot infection. The only way to see with someone else’s eyes is to purchase body parts on the black market. The only person who wants to get into someone else’s skin is a psychopath.

Only a torturer is concerned about what you are feeling. Only an interrogator has any regard for your pain. A normal human being does not bother about what some other person might be experiencing. Only a sociopath wants to know all about your suffering.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I hate noise.

I just read about an “ailment” that I just realized I have: misophonia – a hatred of sound. Perhaps the most repellant thing about humanity is the noise they make.  Perhaps the most repugnant thing about mankind is their hideous chatter.  Perhaps the most revolting thing about human beings is the commotion they inflict upon your ears.

Spend enough time around people and you will end up with a hatred of noise too.  You can’t very well hear the squeak and squawk of another person without ending up with a migraine.

Hear some kid screaming outside, and you will want to scream yourself.  Ever notice how baby talk always lowers the intelligence of everyone in the vicinity?  What is truly distressing is that the general public assumes a yelling child to be normal.  It is not actually the misophonia that is the real disorder – what is truly disturbed is that society seems willing to tolerate this incessant background noise.  

Give an ear to somebody laughing nearby, and you can’t help but feel sick to your stomach.  The less sincere the guffaw, the louder and longer it goes on.  Ever notice how a laugh is a weird cross between a bark of a dog and a squeal of a pig?

Listen to the latest tune, and you will come to loathe all music.  You can’t subject yourself to another song without wanting to strangle the singer.  Ever notice how the louder the volume, the less intelligent the person?

Overhear someone eating and you won’t have any appetite again.  Ever notice how the most repulsive sounds a human being makes are when objects exit and enter their bodies?  Slurping soup and expelling diarrhea make exactly the same noise.  Have you heard the commotion a senior citizen makes when masticating corn on the cob?  At least a starving man has the good manners to keep silent.

If only human beings would just shut the fuck up.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You think that strangers are going after you – but what you don’t know is that other people have already gotten to you. By the time you realize that they are working against you, it is too late – they’ve already set their plans upon you. 

Make no mistake about it, they do have it in for you, but there is nothing that can be done about it. You can’t stop society from taking advantage of you; the best that you can do is become aware of what is being done to you.

Rather than being a mental disorder, paranoia is a healthy and helpful way of viewing reality. There is something not quite right with the world, and only a deep suspicion of everyone will ultimately yield enough evidence of the real malevolence directed against you. Only a paranoid individual can truly understand the real nature of society. Just as in the old Soviet Union, anything that challenges the prevailing view of life is going to be classified as a mental disease. The only way to know what is going on in life is to work at acquiring a mental disorder. Anything that psychotherapists might want to eradicate is something you need to cultivate.  

Ask a fellow citizen a question, and you can be fairly certain that they will lie to you. Other people are going to do what others always do: try to deceive the life out of you. Once you understand that everything you hear is a complete untruth, you might be able to figure out why the authorities might want you to believe a particular fabrication on a particular day.

The more that you become aware of your surroundings, the more you will find indications that you are under surveillance. Like everything else in this existence, you will never find any definitive evidence one way or another, but you will begin to notice signs that others are up to something.

At this point in history, you need to assume that you are being watched. Given the nature of government today, you need to accept that you are under observation. Just as there are video cameras in every retail business, and just as the police record every passing license plate, there is a computer database listing every place you have been.

If you follow the news, you have got to realize that the authorities are listening to your calls. You need to recognize that the bureaucrats are reading your e-mail. The secret police are never going to admit that they are logging everything you do online.

You can never be certain about such things in life, but you have to operate from the probability that other people are out to deceive you. There are only two logical approaches to deal with potential deception: either accept everything someone tells you or assume everything is a lie. Life is too short to spend hours investigating whether every statement is accurate or a fabrication. From what I have experienced of humanity, it is a far more realistic stance to automatically assume duplicity from the start. Others may call you crazy, but at least you won’t be taken in.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Refugees are not produced by some misfortune somewhere – rather, they are enabled by professional humanitarians. There is always violence in some shithole country, but natives don’t become refugees until liberals get involved. There is always some hominids starving in some impoverished rathole, but the locals don’t become refugees until altruists try to save them. The poor will always be with us; only a leftist would want to import more of those losers from abroad.

These illiterate refugees do not slither from their third-world hellhole all by themselves; they get some limp-wristed humanitarians to come rescue them. Refugees are always found around liberals like fleas on a rat.

What the refugees are now doing in their new host country is what got them persecuted in the first place: fabricating sob stories to con bleeding-hearts and faking applications for public assistance. Just as refugees are social leeches in their newly-duped country – there were originally oppressed for being bloodsuckers in their land of origin. These refugees are a kind of human pathogen that would despoil any country wherever they might happen to reside.  

Human beings are not all the same. Refugees were not originally abused because of social conditions, but because there is something wrong with them as human beings. There is a reason that refugees were persecuted in their home country – and that explanation has nothing to do with warfare: their expulsion came about simply because they were repulsive specimens of human filth from the start. Refugees may change location, but they still remain just as detestable entities. Refugees are parasites that devastated their home country – and are now devouring Western civilization. Refugees are a public health problem – they bring their cultural ruination with them.  

Immigration is a scam that the aliens practice upon the developed nations; only a liberal is stupid enough to be scammed by uneducated migrants. Only a do-gooder would be so servile and submissive that even an illiterate tribesman could fuck them over.  

Xenophobia is the immune response of a healthy civilization. Immigrants on the streets of Western cities are the signs of a growing cultural sickness. A strong society would find the very idea of refugees to be a repulsive infection.

Refugees deserve whatever happened to them. Refugees need to be victimized. If there were any backbone remaining in Western civilization, the nation would defend its borders with lethal force. You deal with refugees on a raft the same way you dispose of stinking rubbish on a garbage barge. It is time that all these “boat people” went down with the ship. Yes, that is what should be done.

But that is exactly what won’t be done. The bureaucrats don’t have the fortitude to protect their own countries. There will be future swarms of refugees after the current inundation. The only thing you can do is to recoil from the infection the way you would retreat from rodents carrying bubonic plague. The minute you see a refugee on the street, you need to get the hell away the creature. You need to take personal precautions so that illegal aliens don’t end up living next to you.

You can be sure that the ruling class wants to destroy your way of life with such refugees. There is no way to fight that. The only thing that you can do is to defend your own personal space. You can be certain that refugees will get preferential employment from the government, so you need to refuse to patronize any establishment that employs refugees. You need to avoid any personal contact with aliens; never socialize with an illegal immigrant. Don’t even speak to them. Shun the foreign filth.

Monday, September 7, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The idea of personal growth is undoubtedly the greatest form of self-deception in our time. The mass media wants you to think you can change your own nature – because that means society can change human nature. The reality is quite different.

You can’t alter your personality no matter how much self-help is done to you. You do not become a better person no matter how much self-improvement is forced upon you. You do not become born-again no matter how much Jesus is stuffed down your throat. You are what you always were – so deal with it, schmuck.

There are plenty of obedient citizens who claim to be reborn, but they are only deluding themselves. The more perfect you imagine that you can become, the more pretending you will need to do. Better to accept who you are than to play at being a “different person.”

A genius in adolescence will be a genius in adulthood – while a dipshit at puberty becomes a dipshit as an old man. Perhaps you didn’t know anything about life at 20 – but the truth is: you sure as shit don’t know anything now either. You might well have been immature as a teenager, but don’t delude yourself into thinking you are any more mature now. You’re just as stupid today as you were back in your youth – only now you don’t want to admit it. The same opinion that you had of the world at 15 should be the same outlook that you have at 50.  

If you were born a failure, you will always be a failure. A high-school loser won’t be able to get any additional pussy as an adult, no matter how many women he might try to pick-up. If you didn’t have any friends as a kid, no one is going to like you as an adult. The 97-pound weakling in elementary school may put on a bit more weight as an adult – but the chap will remain just as much a wuss.

You need to acknowledge how worthless you truly are. Trying to turn your life around will only make you dizzy. It doesn’t matter what might possibly happen in the rest of your existence; you need to remain entirely unmoved. The sign of an honorable man is to remain absolutely unaffected by daily incidents. An enlightened soul is completely untouched by outward events.

Only a liberal adjusts his principles to suit the fashions of the day. If you have progressed beyond an earlier worldview, then you have sold out. If you have grown beyond an earlier belief, then you have given in. If you can appreciate both sides of the debate, then you are double-minded pansy.

When you attained your teenage years, you realized that you had a particular personality – and now you are stuck with it. When you achieved your high-school diploma, you identified with one political position – so you need to stay with it now, cocksucker. You were born into one religion – so keep it, asshole.

Monday, August 31, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Society would have you believe that the most important and imperative thing about life is to be happy. Like most everything that people tell you, the complete opposite is actually true.

If life is too short for you to go around being unhappy, then existence is also too short for you to go about being happy. You can’t have it both ways. Instead of wasting your time feeling this or that transient sensation, maybe you ought to spend your days trying to figure out the purpose of being alive. Happiness is one of those emotions that will keep you from understanding what is truly happening.

All that good cheer will keep you from recognizing the extent of the tyranny around you. Whenever some do-gooder comes up with a particularly nasty attack upon your freedom, the liberal always claims that the legislation gives him a good feeling. The altruist always says that his totalitarian charity makes him feel happy. You can be absolutely certain to avoid every communitarian assault upon your independence if you scrupulously avoid anything that makes you feel content. We exist at a moment in history when you need to be suspicious of any mass amusement.

The happier the man, the more stupid he is. The more a person enjoys his life, the more superficial his personality. Just as the most disgusting woman always laughs the loudest, so the most obtuse fellow will always be the most outgoing. The higher a fellow’s spirits, the lower his IQ. The retard always has a smile on his face no matter what.  

At this point in Western civilization, enjoying yourself is a complete waste of time. Misery is something you want to be achieving. A personality gains depth only when the individual gives way to despair. An enlightened man is always the most uneasy.

Monday, August 24, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You aren’t going to get the job no matter what. You don’t stand a chance of finding any decent employment.

Yes, dear reader, it is about time that I set you straight.

Don’t even bother applying for the job; they’re not going to hire you. Don’t brother sending your resume; they’re not even going to look at it. Don’t bother networking; you will just stand around looking awkward and stupid.

Don’t you think everyone can see how desperate you are? This job is your last opportunity, and you don’t have a chance in hell of getting the work. There more you need a job, the less chance you will get the position. You want to eat, don’t you? – well, by God, you better get used to having an empty stomach.

They are going to keep you waiting just to show you exactly who is boss. They are going to be a half hour late just to demonstrate who has the power.

Truth is, you just aren’t competent. You can’t do the work, and they know it. You are out of your league, and they can smell it. They don’t want you – and nor does anyone else.

Everything about you looks fake. The worst thing you can ever do is to try to prepare for the interview; the managers know that any candidate who claims to be interested in corporate minutiae is an obvious phony. Your company research isn’t fooling anyone.

Face it, you just aren’t dressed right; a real career person doesn’t wear something like that. No matter how much you might pretend, you just aren’t professional. The recruiter shakes your hand as if it were a used Kleenex – and points to the door. You are one of those people that managers promise to call and never do.

Do the math, asshole. Several hundred people applied for this position – and you think that you’re going to be the lucky one. The roulette table at Las Vegas has better odds. 
Hell will freeze over sooner than you would ever be hired, and it is about time that you accepted reality.

A girl may shoot you down when you try to pick her up, but that rebuff won’t destroy your sense of self-worth. A bank may refuse an application for a loan, but you can always get the money if you have enough collateral. You don’t realize exactly how worthless you are until you sit through a job interview. Having your very existence taken apart by a personnel manger will show how hopeless you truly are. When an interviewer asks you to tell him about yourself, you will finally come to understand just how useless you truly are. When a job recruiter questions you about your greatest fears, you might ultimately come to realize how empty you truly are. When the manager wants to hear about your biggest failure, now you can honestly tell him it was being born.

You’re just a fucking piece of shit; pity it took you this long to realize it. When you get rejected for the next job, now you know that you deserve it.


Monday, August 17, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

All I know is that I will be dead in a couple decades. Doesn’t matter how perfect the society will be for my hypothetical descendants; I will be just as deceased.

I have suffered the torment of multiculturalism each and every day that I have been alive; I had to suffer through this hell of diversity my entire life. And now I am supposed to preserve the very race that allowed this nightmare to come into existence. Fuck them, fuck them.

Any culture that denies its own tradition truly deserves to die out.

The penalty for liberalism is racial suicide. The end result of tolerance is cultural devastation. Since the European leftists caused the destruction of their very own Western heritage, then the Caucasian race simply deserves to go extinct. If the citizens of America elect a leader like Barack Hussein Obama, then the nation is not worthy of being preserved. You can’t be feeling sorry for illegal immigrants and, at the same time, still expect to have a home for your future grandchildren.

If you would rather be nice to foreigners to the detriment of your own prosperity, then you deserve to suffer. If you would rather be tolerant of strangers at the expense of your own safety then you don’t deserve to survive. If you give some migrant a can of beans and you later go hungry yourself, then you deserve to starve. At a certain point in civilization, you just have to say: this ain’t worth saving. Diversity is death. And if you choose death, then you deserve to die. 

If you want to save the whole world, then nobody is ever going to save you. If you care about other people more than you do about yourself, then you truly deserve to die out. If you are not going to put yourself first, then other groups are simply going to push you aside. The end result of altruism is always personal extinction.

Any race that thinks liberalism is a valid way of life does not deserve to be saved. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The basest human instincts are always the most genuine. The most selfish impulses are invariably the most honest. The most reprehensible urges are the most real. The greatest evil always turns out to be the most authentic expression of the soul. 

I would rather that you hate me than hug me – at least I can be certain that the animosity will be completely genuine. I would rather have you loathe me than love me – at least I would know that the feelings are real. I would rather that you abhor me than adore me – at least I would know that you are being honest once in your life.

Modern society cannot deal with real emotion, so the mass media always wants consumers to be positive. Acting optimistic means you don’t have to deal with reality. Do-gooders would rather have you be encouraging to others than to be genuine about your loathing for other human beings.

You can be certain that negativity is completely authentic. It is always kindness that is counterfeit. It is always sympathy that is staged. It is always compassion that is contrived.

All your positive emotions are as phony as your air kisses. All your passions are as fake as your orgasms.

Friday, July 31, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited 

What difference does it make if your kid goes hungry? It is not like the brat is going to amount to anything anyway.

Stop being so damn emotional about children. Try to look at things from a larger perspective. Suppose you were an anthropologist from another galaxy that was tasked with studying human beings impassively. Suppose you were an extraterrestrial that was investigating human beings dispassionately.

If you could see one particular child’s entire life objectively, you would witness that the selfsame brat is never going to accomplish anything. If you could watch his entire life from birth to death, you couldn’t help but observe that he would never achieve anything. Never amount to anything no matter how much he is fed. If you could scrutinize the entire span of a child’s life, you would see that he will be just another failure like everyone else.

What difference does it make if your kid doesn’t get an education? Not like the kid is going to learn anything in government school. Not like your offspring would have the brains to understand anything anyway.  By society’s own standards, a given child is not likely to make any relevant contribution whatsoever.  By any objective measure, one kid is hardly likely to advance civilization in any manner.

What difference does it make if your child should go without? Not like anything is going to
come out of your fat-ass kid but shit anyway. Life is a disgusting nightmare: the sooner children realize this horror, the better. Once your brat knows the terror of existence, he won’t want to do anything with his days anyway.

In the great span of human history, your offspring is of no importance whatsoever. And should be treated as such. Instead of trying to nurture another generation, you should have first tried to enhance yourself.

Friday, July 24, 2015


by Mr. Mean -Spirited

Life is like a city bus, with sticky floors and smelly riders. Think of a transit bus running on time – with all the seats taken and passengers standing in the aisles. All of a sudden, the driver sees a woman in a wheelchair, hastening toward the bus – the cripple is late for the stop, so the operator patiently waits several minutes for her to arrive. By the time the coach finally reaches the station, the bus is now behind schedule, causing 30 commuters to miss their connections. Because of an action of compassion for one person, a couple dozen others are late for their appointments; one fellow will even lose his job because he gets to work so late. A single act of kindness always ends-up harming others. The world runs best when people mind their own business.

One good deed will ruin your whole day.

Friday, July 17, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

An obedient citizen does what he is told. An obedient citizen is a subservient to the authorities. An obedient citizen is compliant to mass indoctrination.

Sometimes it is best not to follow orders.  

Do not give government the satisfaction. Do not ever consent to the system by casting a vote. Don’t perpetuate this corrupt arrangement by making any contribution to society whatsoever. Do not fund this oppressive social order by paying any taxes; you should always be scrupulous enough to live just below the income threshold.

Don’t start making things easy for the do-gooders. Never do anything that might benefit other people. Don’t ever let this become a better world for any future generation; you should only be in this life for yourself.

Don’t ever recycle; fill this world with as much rubbish as you can generate. Do not conserve resources; go ahead and waste reserves for the simple goal of keeping other people from getting their share. Squander the environment – it’s there for your use. Be as petty as turning the thermostat to the max and leaving the water running – or you can be as grandiose as spreading something incurable in the crevices of the social body.

Do not participate in the community. Be hostile, not hospitable. Be intimidating, not intimate. Be arrogant, not affable. Don’t give a shit about anyone else – not just because you are a selfish bastard, but because strong social ties make totalitarianism all that much easier. The more the neighborhood is bonded together, the greater the tyranny.

In contrast, the more the citizens dislike and distrust each other, the greater the resulting liberty. The less friendly the people, the greater the freedom. The more the individuals hate each other, the greater the independence. Just be as mean-spirited as you like, just be as odious as you can manage – simply because there is nothing more important than autonomy. Even officious bureaucrats and official busy-bodies will go out of their way to avoid a disagreeable individual – you want to be that dreadful individualist.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Spree shootings are a mark of freedom. Paradoxical evidence, to be sure – but random killings are still a dead-certain marker of a nation’s liberty.

Think of it like this. The more traffic accidents each month, the more extensive is the nation’s transportation infrastructure. The more miners that perish in cave-ins, the greater the geographic extent of the subterranean coal mines. And (wait for it) the more mass killings reported in the news, the greater the individual citizen’s access to firearms – and that means the greater the personal sovereignty. The more bullets raining down on the population of a city, the greater the firepower in the possession of the citizens.

More than any pansy parade, more than faggot flags, more than any official fireworks display, celebratory gunfire is proof of liberation.

Victims, whether of automobiles or anthracite or ammunition, are just collateral damage. Your freedom is always more important than possibility (remote possibility, mind you) that some stranger might come to a rather unfortunate end. Who cares about the assholes that might conceivably be caught in some unknown assailant’s crossfire? – someone else’s bad luck is no concern of yours. Somebody is always going to die eventually – just so long as it isn’t you.

The greatest threat to civilization is not the occasional shooter, but the politician who wants to do something about it. The probability of a straw bullet actually piercing your skin is almost infinitesimal – but the government’s attempt to restrict your constitutional right to carry weaponry is a far more immediate worry. It is not the lawbreaker that will hurt you; it is always the lawmaker that does you harm.

In today’s America just as much as back in 1776, the scent of gunpowder and blood on the streets is the smell of freedom. Stuff that up your nostrils.

Monday, June 29, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You can be certain of one thing about security badges – they have nothing to do with security. Identification badges are the way a corporation demonstrates ownership of its employees.

Any company that wants its workers to be numbered like animals in a stockyard is doing some pretty appalling shit in the backrooms. You don’t want to be associated with any institution that wants you to display a barcode like a tag in the ear of a piece of livestock.

If the bosses really trusted you, then they would make an effort to learn your name. If you need to wear a chip-embedded card to gain access to your workplace, it is certain that the higher-ups already have their suspicions about you. An access badge is a symbol that you are distrusted, and you need to return the mistrust. If your activities in the office are tracked by a microchip, you can be sure that the authorities aren’t surveilling your movements for your benefit – no, your owners like to know exactly where their possessions are each moment of the day. 

If you observe the corporation carefully, you will notice that badges are most prominently displayed by the lower-paid employees. The further you ascend up the hierarchy, the less the identification cards will be worn – and the head honchos will not be displaying any insignia whatsoever. The only thing a lanyard around your next demonstrates is your lowliness. An identification badge doesn’t prove your identity, just your inferiority.

Any company that makes you wear an ID badge is not a place where you want to be working. If the business is not small enough for you to know everyone personally, then you aren’t going to want to be spending your time there. An honorable man looks you in the eye – not at your name tag. 

We don’t know exactly what constitutes the Mark of the Beast in the Book of Revelation, but you can be damn certain that it’s going to display your surname. An individualist doesn’t need an official card to certify his identity. A free man knows who he is.

Monday, June 22, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You should never feel guilty about anything. Never. Not once.

If you have more goodies than your unfortunate neighbor, you should be content. You certainly ought not to be feeling abashed about something that materially benefits you. Don’t ever start feeling guilty about something that turns out right for you.

You obviously made mistakes in your life, but you need to accept those blunders. You should no more feel guilty about something you have done, than to feel guilty for making a typographical error in a paragraph. Correct your typo when it comes to your attention, but don’t waste any emotions on the slip-up. Faults must not become a source of guilt.

It just ain’t natural to feel guilt. You have to be taught to feel culpable. You are programmed exactly where to feel guilt in a given social situation. Guilt is an artificial emotion. Guilt is a socially engineered feeling. Guilt is culturally constructed sentiment. Guilt occurs when your actions does not match how the authorities tell you to behave. Guilt is what a slave feels when he does not properly obey.

Guilt is a feeling of weakness. More than anything else, guilt marks your position in the social hierarchy. Guilt is only felt by the subservient population. When a man feels guilt, the male is feeling submissive. When you feel culpable, you are being compliant. Guilt is what the establishment want you to feel.

Guilt is a product of low self-esteem. You are concerned about others when you do not have a fully developed sense of self. When your ego has not fully matured, you are susceptible to being guilt-tripped. Guilt is, ultimately, an attempt to win social approval.

An independent mind just doesn’t give a damn. The less an individual cares about other people, the freer his spirit. As long as you act in your own interest, you are never in the wrong. You should not be the least bit concerned about your neighbors; the only important thing is that you alone remain content. You are not to blame for anyone else’s suffering no matter what. Their pain is their problem. Guilt never even enters into it.

If you ever catch yourself feeling guilty, it is not whatever you might have done that should concern you – what should be of worry is that the system has done a number on you.

Monday, June 15, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Ok, ok, life is unjust. We get that. We all know that there is something wrong with the world.  

But your ancestors experienced the exact same unfairness. Previous generations faced the same injustices, and tried and tried to patch things – but failed miserably. You aren’t smarter than your great-grandparents; trying to make things better will be just as disastrous for you as it was for your ancestors. You aren’t more caring than your predecessors; you’re just another asshole like everyone else in human history. You aren’t finer than your forebears; your efforts to fix things will be just as futile. What makes you better than thousands of forerunners and their inevitable fiascos?

Stop trying to change the social order. You can’t improve the world; you can only make things worse. The most evil person is someone who wants to improve society – not because his inclinations are bad, but because his intentions are distorted. A deluded mind is a danger to everyone. A mass murder has his faults, but at least the reprobate sees things as they are. A do-gooder is far worse – a creature who wants to inflict his mental defects on the entire planet.

Poverty cannot ever be eradicated, so it is much more sensible just to accept that social inequality. Jesus Himself said that the poor will always be with us. If the Son of God couldn’t eliminate wealth disparities, then you sure as hell won’t be able to eliminate destitution. Imagine the self-deception of those communitarians who fancy that they are smarter than Christ. Privation is a private matter that doesn’t involve you.

If all human beings are inherently racist as the media tells us over and over and over again, then it makes more sense to accept that innate prejudice. You cannot change human nature, but you can acknowledge it. Why try to get along with outsiders when it is so much simpler and so much more satisfying just to keep your distance? Just admit your bigotry and you won’t have to bother with lectures from self-righteous broadcasters ever again.

If society is unequal, then that’s just the way life is. It takes more understanding to accept bad conditions, than it does to attempt to change circumstances. Living in harmony with the cultural environment requires that you leave social situations just as they are. An enlightened man steps over beggars starving on the sidewalk; giving a meal to a starving mammal merely delays the natural course of events. A wise man never tries to feed the local wildlife – only a fool offers food to feral beasts (be those creatures animal or human). If you try to make friends with wild animals, you will only get bitten.

Whenever an individualist sees another human being in pain, the wise man always minds his own business. A good citizen never gets involved.

Monday, June 8, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Even properly sedated, other humans are irritating enough – but their cheerfulness is absolutely infuriating. Surely there is nothing more annoying than other people enjoying themselves. There is nothing more aggravating than the happiness of someone else. There is nothing more exasperating than the laughter of others.

The trouble with merriment is that they just want to spread it all over you. When those beings smile wide enough to expose their gums, it is not their joy that is contagious, but their gingivitis. You don’t want to be around if their exuberance should start to bubble up. When their glee spills over, you better hope that it is not catching. You aren’t going to be wanting their “good on you”.

When someone approaches you with a smile, you better step back if you don’t want to come down with something. There is a reason that they call happiness infectious – because it makes you sick.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

At the moment of death, you must resist the temptation to move toward the light. As your life exits the body, don't go toward the bright—the shine is only coming from the watchtower. Beyond the pearly gates are razor wire and guard dogs. The only thing that someone like you can expect in the next world is a slaughterhouse. After you take your last breath, you will truly come to know just “how dreadful is this place.”

No matter how much you might have suffered here on earth, eternal life will be worse. Every last person in this world has constantly betrayed you, so you can only expect the deception to continue on the other side of the grave. Why would you believe anything coming from the Evil God when you know that the supreme being is only going to put you down at the end? The Lord is going to double-cross just as much as a butcher with a cattle prod. Any deity is going to deceive you as much as a serial killer with a meat saw. A Holy Guardian Angel is only there to cut you down to size.

A hunter will tell you that meat is more flavorful if the animal is made to run before it is dispatched: something about hormones that are released in muscle tissue. In just this fashion, the Malicious God wants you to suffer before your soul is extracted. Like an axe murderer collecting severed fingers in a cigar box, the Malevolent God wants to keep your soul in a Mason jar in the afterlife.

I don’t know the exact geography of the afterlife, but the white light lies in the opposite direction from paradise. The Heaven I am promised is not illuminated by spotlights. Nothing good ever comes from searchlights being pointed at your eyes.

After you give up your body, everyone goes into the light. If you evaded the crowd on this planet, you don’t want to be part of the swarm in the world beyond. You don’t want to be part of the herd, no matter which side of death you happen to be at the moment. If the masses are attracted toward the glow, an individualist will want to remain in the gloom.

You avoid capture so that your individual personality does not become merged and melded and mingled and mangled into the mystical body of the Church. You don’t want your soul added to the cauldron.

Whether in this word or in the Happy Hunting Ground of the afterlife, if you’ve got a gun-mounted light pointed at your torso, then you should probably start running in the opposite direction. If you’ve got a tactical light aimed at your head, then you really ought to be getting the hell out of there.

The hereafter is just a kind of meat-packing plant in the sky. The next world is a sort of death camp where the Wicked God harvests organs and steals souls. You have a better chance of surviving as a distinct personality if you keep to the shadows. You might just be able to persist as a unique psyche if you always keep to the darkness. If you get caught in the searchlight, you will only be dragged into the stockyard of souls. Even though the Holy Ghost will hunt you down like a bloodhound, the only way you will get through the spirit world is to act like an escaped convict on the run. You can outwit the search parties if you remain in the twilight.

Don't go toward the light and you will be alright. Stay in the obscure and you will endure: remain in the overcast and you will outlast.

Monday, May 18, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I got this idea. What I am thinking goes against everything we have been taught about the modern world. I am proposing something that goes against the very idea of progress. 

In contrast to what the authorities would like you to believe about the modern world, I am saying that human potential is not infinite. In spite of what you’ve been told, mankind has just about reached the maximum extent of its ability. Humanity has just about reached the limits of science. Human innovation has come to an end. Centuries of human advancement are over.  

There are some truths that human beings will never know. There are mathematical problems that will never be solved. There are other planets that human beings will never see. There is suffering that will never be relieved.

Hollywood would like you to believe that human beings of the future will be exploring distant galaxies. I am sorry to tell you that human beings are not going to be leaving this solar system ever. Interstellar travel will never happen. We are never going to be living in harmony with alien beings. Star Trek has been cancelled. No matter how many computer simulations, the human race will never figure out how to finance these intergalactic journeys. The human animal will go extinct on the same planet where it all began. Humanity can reach for the stars as often as it can, but it will only touch that other world when the Sun becomes a red giant billions of years in the future.

The mass media would like you to think that human beings will be making ever more advanced scientific discoveries until the end of time. I got news for you, the human species has already made every important discovery that it can possibly make. There are problems of physics that will never be solved. There will be no more breakthroughs. We have already picked all the low-hanging fruit of quantum mechanics; there is nothing else in sub-atomics that humanity can intellectually grasp.

The charity racket wants you to feel that there will soon be a cure for every disease. I’m going to set you straight: there will always be plenty of illnesses that the human race will never eradicate. Human beings will always suffer the same afflictions as they did in prehistoric times. Just as throughout all of history, more people will die from medical care than might ever be saved by professed healers.

The arty crowd wants you to think that they are being innovative. In reality, visual artists have already painted everything of note. No contemporary author will ever complete any further great novels. All classic music has already been written. It doesn’t matter how many films a director might possibly remake, there won’t be any more ground-breaking movies in the future. There is no longer anything original that can possibly be created. Every story has already been told.  

Think of it like this. We have explored all of this earth that we can explore. Every mountain peak has already been climbed. Every sea has been sailed. Every animal species has been cataloged. It is like that for every aspect of the human condition – everything that can be done has been done. The Age of Discovery ended long ago.
Sure, there are minor details that might still be added to the sum total of human knowledge, but everything significant has already been determined. Ever more trivial points of minutia are all that is left for future generations to discover. Modern scientists are merely adding footnotes to earlier theories. There is a reason why contemporary academic journals only publish drivel.

Don’t get me wrong, there is much about the natural world that humanity does not understand, but those laws will never be understood. There are many rules of physics that haven’t been discovered, but they will never be discovered. And there is much of modern science that is just flat-out wrong, but those theories will always remain wrong. It is not that those scientific principles are particularly majestic, just that the human mind is far more limited than we would like to believe. Mankind is simply not as smart as we have been told. There is much that humanity won’t ever be intelligent enough to understand. There are still multiple mysteries in this existence, but comprehension is far beyond human ability.

There are some problems that are just too difficult. The Unified Field Theory was simply too hard for Einstein to figure out; modern professors will certainly not find the solution any easier. Some things are ultimately beyond human ability. Human aptitude can only go so far – and mankind has just about reached its limit.

Humanity simply ought to cut its losses. Since the human race will not ever manage to figure out the principles of the universe, the most logical thing is not to bother in the first place. All the scientific experimentation in the world simply isn’t worth the effort. If there is no place left to discover, you might as well stay home.

Science is finished. The future is over. Been there, done that.