Monday, December 17, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I pray each day that God will look up the world, that God will truly see creation for what it is, that God will recognize the suffering in life, that God will finally realize that He is the cause of all that pain – and that The Lord will do the right thing and kill Himself.  I pray each day that God will commit suicide.  If God had any self-respect, it is high time for the Almighty to stick the barrel of the gun in the mouth – and pull the trigger.   They say that God hears all pleas, so listen up: this prayer is for God to blow His fucking brains out.

Each morning I spend a half hour in the nearby Catholic Church, weeping and wailing for liberation from the sufferings that God hath wrought. Slouching on a pew in the back of the cathedral, I pray each day that God will terminate His own existence. But I have some good news: I think that God is finally beginning to see the light - and that the Heavenly Father is working up the nerve to do the deed.

Monday, December 3, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


Hatred forces you to see things as they, not the way humanitarians tell you that the world should be. When you hate another person, you do not learn anything new about the target, but you come to recognize yourself for what you are. And what you learn from the act of hating is of frightening utility. Malevolence is the most radiant necessity that you will ever experience.

Hatred is the foundation of all existence; hostility is the very basis of life itself. Hate has always been coiled within the human condition; hatred has always been a twisted within the human soul. But at precisely the moment when Western culture comes to a close, anything to do hate has been attacked by liberal society. Animosity needs to be restored to the center of the human experience. Only in a civilization that has been brought to collapse and cataclysm by do-gooder bureaucrats would it be necessary to defend a human virtue like hatred.

By hating openly, by openly hating, you break a major taboo of the do-gooders. Idealists not only want to prevent you from speaking anything that could even be remotely considered as hateful, but these humanitarians so want to control your mind that they actually make it impossible for you to feel ill will. Liberals not only want to shut you up with “hate-speech” laws, but the mass media also wants to make it damn near impossible for you to feel mean-spirited in the first place. There is nothing that the altruists want more than for everyone to just “get along,” but a reactionary wants something more important than that: the counter-revolutionary wants you to be “true to yourself.” The liberal bureaucrats have plans for you—and it is about time that you make use of your hatred to fuck things up.

Hatred is normal. Hatred is normal, natural, and necessary; it is the absence of animosity that is the sign of mental illness. Malice certainly comes from the darker side of the human soul, but an experience of such intense dislike is also a necessary part of the emotional balance. Ill will is an inescapable part of the human condition. Any attempt to repress hatred cripples the personality. To be fully human is to become an unapologetic hater of your fellow man.

A man that only experiences the emotion of love is a grotesquely deformed entity: a liberal. Only by hating without restraint can you once again be fully human. By loathing all mankind, you become an enlightened being. Hatred is always so dazzling and delightful precisely because it focuses both emotion and reason upon a person to be despised: the more you are forced to know someone, the more that you simply loathe their presence. 

Better to be a mean-spirited bastard than a crippled weakling.

Hatred filters out the unworthy. Hate is what screens all that is marvelous in life and delivers the spectacular into your possession. Hostility makes you a connoisseur of all that is deserving and desirable in existence—and allows you to reject all that is weak and wretched. Animosity gives you the ability to discard the contemptible and focus your attention only upon the commendable.

Better to pick and choose those who are worthy of affection than to have that choice made for you by the government.

Hatred is brutally honest. Hatred shows you how people really feel about each other. There is no pretending in malevolence—there is no deception in loathing your neighbor. Spite is always sincere. You might well tell plenty of females that you love them when you obviously feel nothing of the sort—but hatred is always fiercely honest. Hatred restores human relationships to their essential truth.

Better to know the truth—even if it makes you want to slaughter your neighbor.

Hatred preserves boundaries. Hatred is a defense against the crowd. Hatred keeps your personality from being submerged in the herd. Hostility preserves your identity from being part of the horde. Hatred is that spark that makes your soul unique; through the burning fire of hate, you keep your spirit from being suffocated by the rabble. Animosity keeps you from being crushed by the mandatory embrace of the humanitarians.

Better to remain alone than to become part of the mass. 

Hatred makes you noble. Hatred builds you up at the expense of other people. Despising other men puts your ahead of everyone else. Basic mammalian behavior requires that one person always assume superiority—hatred insures that you remain at the top. Hostility cuts you from the rest of society. When you express a dislike of your neighbor, you communicate your own superiority. You only build self-esteem by when you express a loathing of your fellow man. There is no more exalting emotion than hatred. Loathing humanity will always make you a noble being. Hatred raises your head above the rabble. Hatred is what makes you rise above your neighbor. Let’s face it, if you want to avoid the mediocrity of equality, then you will need to make yourself superior by cutting others done to size. You only become part of the elect by hating the people around you. The world isn’t a nice place: if you want to be sovereign, you need to use the power of hate to make others into your subjects. 

Better that it is you at the top of the steeple than one of our neighbors.

Hatred gives your life direction. Hatred gives meaning and motivation to existence. Hatred inspires the personality to accomplish great things. Despising others gives you a goal in life; while the do-gooder wants you to help your neighbors, you will have a far more intense existence if you devote your efforts toward hating your fellow man. Showing all mankind just how much you loathe them leaves your surroundings marked by your personality. Hatred gives you a purpose in life: despising your neighbors. Better a negative purpose in life, than none at all. Hatred of the human race gives you a sense of pride and a certain swagger to your walk. 

The need to get revenge provides a great way of getting your priorities straight. The necessity for vengeance will get you through all the suffering in life. The desire to bring your hatred to fruition can clear the mind like nothing else. The goal of life is to enjoy yourself by making your neighbors miserable.

Better to be in the darkness and know that you are in the darkness than to be blinded by someone else’s light.

Hatred prevents mind control. Hatred preserves your personality from being brainwashed by the liberal media. Only an intense emotion like spite will keep your psyche from being controlled by idealists. There is an explanation why hatred is so feared by do-gooders. There is a reason why malevolence is continually attacked by the humanitarian establishment—and that is because hate is such a potent emotion that it can push out alien ideologies from the psyche. Hatred frees you from social conditioning—malice allows you to liberate yourself from earlier societal indoctrination. Hatred allows you throw off all the propaganda that has been pounded into you by years of government schooling. Loathing your neighbors will ultimately free you from this mandatory compassion that is continually broadcast by the mass media.  

There is no greater shield against liberal socialization than total hatred. Enmity is more than a defense mechanism; it will flush out all the liberal programming that has been inserted in your personality by decades of government schooling. Hatred will clear your mind of all the government-mandated sensitivity training; the loathing of do-gooders will cleanse your thoughts of all compulsory re-education. You can’t be certain that you are thinking for yourself until you start expressing hatred.

Better to have opinions that frighten the rest of society than to be manipulated by the liberal power structure.

Hatred is always beautiful. Hatred is the most alluring sentiment that can be experienced by a human being; hostility has a terrible loveliness. Animosity is the most ravishing of all sensation. There is something marvelously enticing about all that is sinister. There is no other perception that will so enchant your life like the experience of hatred. There is nothing quite as alluring to the human spirit than total evil.

Better to wish death upon all mankind if only for a peep of forbidden comeliness. 

Hatred is the most intense emotion experienced by the human soul. Hatred is the most forceful feeling that can be expressed by the human spirit. Because hatred is the most intense emotion that can be experienced, hating can make all other areas of life possess greater meaning. Hostility heightens perception. Animosity makes everything else in life have a greater fury and ferocity. Hatred gives the rest of existence a greater vigor and vehemence. Hating kicks it up a notch.
Better to risk the societal retribution for daring to hate than to endure a second-hand empathy of someone else.
Hatred and love are the same emotion. Hatred and love are just different sides of the same feeling—only the final focus is different. Hatred and love are entirely intertwined; to fully convey one aspect requires that you communicate the reverse. Hatred and love originate from the same spot in the human personality. If you want to truly love a unique individual, then you need to express the totality of your emotions—and that obviously includes hatred. You need to disseminate all that is within you; if you want to fully love, then you need to divulge some of the darkness that is part of the human soul.

Better to hate with all your heart and loins than not to love at all.

Hatred is freedom from society. Daring to express hatred is what makes you free from social constraint. A spiteful individual is never concerned about fitting into society. Hatred is emancipating—daring to communicate a loathing for your neighbor makes you sovereign over all others. To be compassionate toward other people is to allow your personality to be enslaved by their emotions. To have empathy for other is to be dependent on their feelings. Having to be concerned about the feelings of others is to be a slave to their sentiments.

Better to remain a hate-filled recluse than to be crippled by compassion.

Hatred is a form of self-defense against your fellow human beings. I guarantee that other beings hate you at this very minute; I promise that someone even hates you at this very moment while you read this very paragraph. I’ve got news for you: your neighbors detest you; even your own family is disgusted by you; and your God despises you most of all. Right now, there are other people who hate your guts; someone has a grudge against you this very instant. Out of sheer self-preservation, you must hate them back. You need to respond to hatred with hatred. Return hostility for hostility. Give malice for malice. The only reason you would turn the other cheek is to maneuver for a crushing blow against your enemies.  

You need to hate your neighbors as much as they hate you. Society is always webbed with mutual loathing. You need to make others suffer the way that they have made you suffer. Hatred is all about returning the pain. Enmity is a matter of self-protection. You build your own character only by despising your enemies even more than they detest you. You do not gain majesty from forgiving your adversaries as much as planning their destruction. 

Better to despise the whole world than to be part of it.

Hatred is a repudiation of an all-loving god. The act of loathing is, if you will indulge me, a metaphysical stance. Hatred is a rejection of the world surrounding you—and, ultimately, enmity is a rebuff of this flawed world. Hatred is a finger in the Creator’s eye—and a demand for something better. Despising your neighbor is the ultimate rebellion against injustice. The hate you feel in your heart is the ultimate proof that the entity who designed the human psyche wasn’t a very nice guy. Hatred is the ultimate renunciation of mainstream Christianity. Hatred is a refusal of subservience to an unworthy deity.

That pilot light of hate deep within your soul keeps you from being taken-in. When you hate your fellow man, you show God that you truly know what’s what.

Better to hate your neighbor than to become a servant of the Lord.

Hatred cannot be eradicated, so live with it. If hatred is inevitable, then you might as well express the emotion that makes you truly human. The liberal tries to change human nature, while the more enlightened reactionary accepts things as they are. If the human spirit has a sinister aspect, you might as well accept the bleakness of the soul. Go ahead and sharpen your emotional claws upon the flesh of your nearest neighbors.

Better to embrace hatred with all your body and spirit than to pretend that you do not feel its power.

In conclusion, once you acknowledge and affirm the hatred spiraled within your personality, the frequency and ferocity of your hatred will steadily increase. In a world where altruism is almost compulsory, it takes a certain bravery to hate. In an existence where the humanitarian rulers constantly tell you how awful you are to hate, it requires courage to hate. When do-gooders always insist that it is a terrible thing to hate, it takes a particular defiance to express ill will. In a world where the mass media would like nothing better than to make compassion mandatory, a hardiness of the soul is needed to remain mean-spirited. Let us admire the fortitude and fervor of those individuals who hate the world with all their body and soul.