Tuesday, December 31, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited
A nice guy will inform any number of girlfriends that he loves them when he obviously experiences nothing of the sort – but if a man says that he hates your guts, you can be damn sure he means it.  Only the negative emotions are completely genuine. A humanitarian will always leave people feeling good about themselves whether it’s merited or not, but a man of honor lets other human beings feel exactly what they deserve to feel.  Better to be honest with your well-reasoned loathing than to be dishonest with your well-rehearsed lies. 

Friday, December 20, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about the act of recycling that takes a nice guy and turns him into a mincing faggot.

It is not just that recycling programs always cost more money than the regulations save. Recycling is never self-supporting; like all municipal garbage disposal, salvaging requires quite hefty tax subsidies – in order that adequate amounts of cash can be discretely crammed into the pockets of union thugs. And because waste reuse is so well-intentioned, because recycling is so well-meaning, citizens have no incentive to pry into all the ways that money is embezzled. But recycling is a pansy activity for more reasons than liberal pilfering.

It is not just that government-mandated recycling wrecks a citizen’s freedom. Humanitarians never want anything to be voluntary; in order to feel themselves morally superior to the common folk, the liberals always display a need to tell the masses what to do. Recycling is a domestic ceremony that reinforces the notion of a benevolent state. But recycling turns you into wuss for more reasons than being told what you must do with all your wrinkled, flaccid, emptied tubes of Vaseline.

It is not just that recycling is so sort of communal ritual. Logically, it matters not one whit whether you toss your liquor bottles in a landfill or recycling bin. The activity of one paltry person is of no consequence to anything: the world is not going to come to an end because you happen to toss your beer cans out the car window. What communitarians always want is your conformity. The bureaucrats send compliance officers after those who fail to enthusiastically participate. But recycling turns you into a limp-wristed weakling for more reasons than just your cowardice to violate the neighborhood watch committee’s restrictions on trash disposal.

What is wrong about recycling is that it inconveniences you in order to benefit hypothetical taxpayers in the future. Reusing product packaging makes your life a nuisance just so that some future generation might get an advantage over you. Recycling gives some person in the future a better life at your sacrifice. Forcing you to sort through your garbage is just one of the many irritations and annoyances that the bureaucrats dream-up so that future generations can disport themselves at your expense.

What are you, going to live forever? Why the fuck would you care if all the earth’s resources are used up after you’re dead?

This notion of a better future for someone else diminishes you as an individual. A wimp is not a coward, but a dupe who cares more about others than he does about his own lifestyle. A pansy puts other people first. There is a reason why the homosexual caucus is always pushing recycling: a cocksucker gives some other guy a good time ahead of himself.

Life was already trashed when you first entered it, so it is only fair that the world will be full of trash when you leave. On your way out, you might as well leave a bit of stinking rubbish to tickle the nose hairs of the do-gooders. You have no future anyway.

Monday, December 9, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Falling in love with an unworthy woman is an error that happens to the best of us. Romance with an undeserving female is a mistake that we all make.

Sure, it is easy enough for passion to get the better of you. Maybe you just can’t scrape together enough cash to pay for an hour with a high-class call girl, so you fall in love with an acquaintance just so you can empty your prostate gland into an empty orifice. But a girlfriend is a piss-poor replacement for a talented streetwalker. A lover is always going to cost you more money, cost you more minutes, cost you more mental anguish than the services of an accomplished harlot.

Only a fool might imagine that sex is the most important thing in life. Fornication is just one of those bothersome things in this life; you’ve got to resign yourself to having an orgasm whenever you feel the urge. Getting the semen sucked out of the body ranks up there with squirting the snot out of your nose. Ejaculating sperm rates about the same as evacuating your bowels. An erect penis is like a full bladder – you need to relive yourself in order to get on with more weighty matters. Fornication has got to be done in order that you can move on to more important things. Look, before the First World War, a cultured European would visit the brothel during his afternoon lunch so that he might clear his mind for more consequential matters that evening; intercourse was just another inconvenient errand.

An experienced prostitute makes sex less of a nuisance. A broken-in hooker makes fucking less of biological burden. Consider the advantages of getting your copulation completed with the assistance of a professional sex worker.

No risk of pregnancy with an experienced professional. A streetwalker is not going to poke holes in a condom in order to trick you into fatherhood. You don’t need to worry about 18 years of indentured servitude after incautious ejaculation.

No more expensive than a decent dinner for two on a first date (and you don’t even have to take the call girl to a movie). Once you pay the hooker off, your don’t have to spend any more money on the woman – no gifts, no help with her bills, no surprises. In the long run, a prostitute always works out to be the most economical copulation.

No emotional entanglements with a prostitute. You don’t face the peril of falling in love with the body that you use for fornication. After the way that you have been treated in life, you aren’t going to want any romantic entanglements with anyone. The whore already detests you, and you will always despise the bitch afterwards.  

No reason why you should keep your sexual fantasies backed-up in your subconscious. You can complete whatever perverted act might bottled-up in your perverted mind – and get them out of your system. Fantasies are something you should realize as quickly as possible – and forget even faster.

And most important of all, no need to keep the hooker around once you are finished. You don’t have to listen to her talk and talk and talk when you could be doing something a lot interesting like reading this book.

Jesus Christ, man, you’ve seen yourself in the mirror when you get out of the shower. Would you truly, would you really, would you honestly want to sleep next to a woman who would actually have sex with the likes of you? Think of what she must have already done with her body to now be willing to copulate with you. If she is willing to take your dick into her mouth, think of what must have been in that orifice last night.

At least with a streetwalker, your cash compensates for your rather obvious shortcomings. Would you actually want to fall in love with a woman desperate enough to find you attractive? Can you trust the judgment of a female who would find you desirable?

The services of a trained prostitute are the most practical solution to your embarrassing tumescence.


Monday, December 2, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Where did you get the idea that your parents brought you into this life because they wanted you?  Whoever said that your parents brought you into this world because they wanted something to love? 

No, your parents created you as a sort of practical joke, a prank at your expense.  With abortion readily available, the only reason your mother gave birth to you was because she wanted you to suffer.  You were only birthed because they wanted something to loathe.

Now think hard about all the pain your have experienced growing up.  I said really think about it.  Remember how your parents used to snicker whenever you fell down?  Do I have to remind you of that condescending smirk on the faces of your relatives whenever they spoke to you?  Surely you must recall how your own family always sabotaged anything that you really wanted to do in life.  Your parents obviously wanted this harm to come to you.

Mark my words, your parents created you because they wanted something around to hate.  Your mother looked at the world and wanted to deliver a nasty surprise to this earth; your mother grunted you out because she wanted to inflict this planet with a little something even more detestable than her existence.  Your mama was constantly made fun-of, so she wanted to leave behind a creature even more ridiculous than her.

When you consider that your parents wanted you to experience this agony … well, it all begins to make sense.  Everyone started sniggering at you the moment when the doctor gave you that first slap.

Your life is the butt of a joke, my friend.  And you know what?  They’re still laughing at you.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Surely Black Friday has got to be the most enjoyable day of the year.  That first shopping opportunity right after downing the Thanksgiving meal is not only endlessly entertaining, but Black Friday also furnishes some truly engrossing insights into the human soul.  The nature of the species is never on more honest display than when it is pushing a shopping cart.

The best of humanity is never seen in feeding the hungry, but in yanking that last pair designer sneakers off the shelf before another shopper might reach them.  The truest expression of human resilience is not in healing the sick, but in kicking a crippled customer out of the way so that you can reach the latest-model cell phone. You can always find the mankind’s greatest efforts not in being first on the scene to help survivors of a natural disaster, but in getting to a buy-one-get-one-free offer before anyone else.

Human beings will trample each other just to save a couple dollars on some plastic trinket.  Pregnant woman will slap someone else’s kids out of the way just to get the latest shrink-wrapped product.  You can watch grown men starting fist-fights over merchandise that has merely been discounted a couple percentage points.

No shopper will ever let another person get ahead of them – that aggressive purchasing is mankind’s true character.  No consumer will ever share the stuff in his shopping basket with any other Black Friday buyer. A customer will grab an item for no other reason than to keep someone else from getting it.  And the bottom line is that a human being really doesn’t need any of this mass-marketed crap anyway.

If you want to see Homo sapiens in its natural habit, just visit any Wal-Mart right after Thanksgiving.  The law of the jungle while clutching a glossy advertising flyer. Lex talionis with a maxed-out credit card in the wallet. 

If you do not yet hate all mankind, a few hours in a warehouse store around the Holidays would be enough to turn Mother Theresa into a snarling, snapping misanthrope. Black Friday: people behaving like brutes and nasty-ass merchandise … what’s not to love?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Curses are more than magical spells designed to bring some harm to your enemy. Hexes are that, it is true – but, in the grand scheme of things, curses also become something far more powerful. Curses are a secret, sinister way of resetting a world that has gone off kilter. If you think of the cosmos as a sort of celestial grandfather clock, then curses are keys to the firmament.

Cursing your enemy is an attempt to put things right. Curses are an attempt to repair all the ways that you were personally wronged. By making things right for yourself, you restore the harmony of the cosmos. When you curse a personal foe, you rectify the heavenly order. By getting revenge for yourself on the microcosm, you recover the balance of the existence on the macrocosm. Curses are tools of divine redress.

1. Curses do not allow you to forget how you were originally harmed by your enemies. Throwing a curse forces you to come to a realization of the extent of everything that your adversaries are trying to do to you. Crafting a curse necessitates that you to recognize the magnitude of your torment. Curses demand that you come to terms with reality. Working a curse brings you to an awareness of all the ways you have been wronged by those around you. Rather than seeing yourself plagued by bad luck, you recognize a deliberate attack being waged against you.

Curses use a sort of psychic energy to harm a chosen foe. You must dwell upon all the wrongs you have suffered in the past in order to generate that mental energy.

2. Curses affix blame. Curses define agent who caused the problem in the first place.

Curses identify the source of the maladies you have endured. Your curse must precisely identify the recipient. Curses will only work if you have a specific target. 

You must identity the victim of the curse by exact name. You must select one particular focus upon which to work your harm.

3. Curses promise a distinct and distinctive misfortune to your enemy. Curses require specific punishment for your suffering. The more precise the misfortune that you wish upon the recipient, the greater the chance of success. Do not frame a curse with a vague hope like "drop dead"; instead, use as much detail as possible: "drop dead when you trip on the stairs going into your basement and impale yourself through the eye on a rusted reinforcing rod." You want an obscure piece of information about your antagonist that will "worry the victim" like a tongue wiggling a lose tooth – your target’s constant fretting will eventually cause the thing to come out and about.  You want your foe to involuntarily envision the scenario: the rust on the iron rod protruding from the eye socket. 

You must meticulously detail what is to befall your foe.

Curses are all about precision. You must single-out the target and exquisitely detail what is to happen to the bastard. The more you know about your enemy, the better you are able to fabricate a curse.

4. Your curses must promise greater misfortune to your victim than the recipient originally caused you. The hex is like a fulcrum that levers a small slight against you into a massive counterattack upon your foe. The only way that a curse might work is to overwhelm your enemy. Your curses must display a diabolical ingenuity and be inordinately destructive. The more brutal the jinx, the better the probability of success. If you are going to the trouble of cursing someone, you might as well go all out.

You must craft a curse of astonishing cruelty.

Despite what do-gooder Christians would like to imagine, a successful curse never boomerangs upon the maker. It is only when an individual throws a weak, half-hearted curse at a foe does that enemy then fling back a more powerful curse of his own. If you don’t want any boomerang, your curse must promise the utter destruction of your antagonist.

Cures are naturally more effective if your intended victim learns that you are working an act of revenge against him. However, if your hex does not promise grandiose brutality, you risk having your jinx over-powered by your enemy's imprecation of even greater barbarity. For your own self-protection, you must be merciless in your curses. Pity can utterly destroy you. 

5. The actual format of a curse requires verbal repetition. No matter from which folk tradition the spell might originate, curses always include repetitive phrases. It is not the precise wording that is as important as the restatement. Think of the repetition as the windings in a transformer, repeated words amply the voltage of the curse. The verbal reiteration helps to focus your will upon the target.

When designing a curse, you must repeat the way that your foe is to be punished.

6. Curses take time to work their evil. Curses psychologically demoralize the target victim, but that psychic debilitation will take weeks. Hexes devastate surely, but slowly. Curses are like an acid that slowly corrodes the lifestyle of the adversary.

You must be patient when working a curse upon an enemy.

You must, for instance, continually imagine the murder and mutilation of your adversaries. When you can see the dismembered bodies of your foes behind closed eyelids, you will see those very same disfigured limbs when those lids snaps open. Throwing a curse is simply a matter of envisioning that future massacre of your antagonists.

For the curses to prove successful, you must never forget how you were wronged. The power of your next curse requires that you always keep in mind the success of your last hex. Curses improve with practice. Your every wish must be the complete devastation of your enemies.

There are no small, inconsequential slights. Getting cut-off in traffic is not a random act. The limo driver who gives you the finger is not just trying to insult you, but also to disrupt the totality of cosmic order. If you do not curse the bastard who maligns you, then you prevent the celestial equilibrium from being restored. To maintain this sacred balance, hexing your foes must become part of daily life. Cursing your enemies is absolutely necessary to reinstate the harmony of existence. If someone dishonors you, then your curse needs to be automatic and instinctive.

Not to curse your enemies with impending torture is to permit all creation to remain out of balance. Revenge does the heavens a favor.

Friday, November 8, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Nobody ever cared about me in life, so I’m not going to be concerned about you. No one ever helped me in this world, so I’m never going to help you. I’m going to show you as much compassion as all of society gave me – and that is zero. Other people gave me nothing whatsoever, so I’m not offering anything to you. That’s equitable.

I am as repelled by you as much as you are repulsed by me. You detest me, I despise you. You hate me, so I’m going to hate you back. It’s only fair.

I have seen enough of humanity to know how things really are, so I am going to be proactive in my loathing. I’m going to use some defensive hate against the rest of society – I’m going to do a little preemptive hating. Consider it precautionary hatred. I know that you’re going to abhor me, so I’m going to abominate you first. It’s only just.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I’m not going to lie to you: I’ve been known to slap a woman around. I am not proud of it – sometimes I just can’t resist putting woman in her place. Often the only way that woman can be brought to a recognition is to smack some sense into her.

Thumping a woman every now and then is going to release some rather primordial emotions in her. What she then feels toward the man who takes a swipe at her is going to be more intense, more animal, and more dangerous. Slapping a woman can destroy a relationship, but it can also unleash a gritty passion. And, with the right woman, it is worth taking that risk.

1. Hitting a woman will offer an insight into her personality that could not be captured by any other means. Transgressive acts produce transgressive insights. Giving a lady a dose of corporal correction yields a glimpse of the feminine mind that could be obtained no other way. Often doing something reprehensible will give an awareness that would be impossible to acquire without risking such social stigma. It is usually necessary to become a bit of a reprobate in order to understand the ultimate nature of reality.

2. Corporal punishment builds character. Just as hitting a child helps to strengthen personality; a righteous whack helps knock the liberalism out of a smug broad. A good right hook will tend to smack four years of liberal arts right out of her head. A slap across the mouth, from time to time, helps to deepen her personality – by bringing her back in contract with traditional feminine roles. Daily life was never intended to be without pain.

3. The expression on her face when she is given that first whack is absolutely priceless. Like a Zen mediation student getting a whack on the back from the master’s staff, that first slap makes a lie of all the liberal platitudes that government schools have pounded into her head. Coming to a physical awareness of the cruelty of life does have a way of brushing the clich├ęs from the eyes. 

4. The kind of women who thinks she is too special to be hit is not the kind of female you really want to be around. For thousands of years of human history, men have beaten their mates; non-violence is the aberration in the Western tradition.  If women were hit by their mates for time immemorial, then modern damsels shouldn’t be treated any differently. Just because a girl now has a cell phone and a stylish haircut doesn’t mean that she is any better than her ancestors. Sexual violence has always been part of human heritage and will never disappear – so deal with it.

5. Women will assent to physical correction. I’m not going to say women enjoy being hit: they don’t. No one likes being hurt. Any gent who claims otherwise doesn’t know the first thing about females. She might resent the blow, but the woman will still accept a wallop from the right man. Although it is not exactly politically correct, there are actually times when a woman will assent to being smacked. What is more, the female knows exactly when she deserves a whack. The true lady realizes when a slap is warranted.

6. Men who do not use physical violence will be rigorously tested and regularly despised. Woe to the man who does not react when his gal is out of line. A woman will never respect a man who fails to knock her around when she breaks the rules. I’d rather that lover would come to hate me than to think I am not up to a little violence now and then. Women expect a man to put a bit of determination in his reprimand. Real men not only hit women, but a gentleman always knows just how much force is appropriate. Only a wimp bothers to argue with a woman; a true man uses his superior body mass to get his point across physically.

7. When you hit a woman, you immediately remove yourself from consideration as a suitable father for her children. When you raise a hand against her, she knows that you would not ever be a good dad, so she yields to your overriding objective of keeping the relationship childfree. A guy who beats women demonstrates that he is simply unsuitable to have around kids, so you won’t have to worry about any surprises with the home pregnancy test kit. A touch of physical violence makes the romance more primal. (Leave the diaper-changing to the pantywaists.)

8. Bruises are emblems of our encounter. Look, it is not like I hit a woman every day; it is not that I cause her any real bodily damage. I just sometimes feel the need to leave a marker of my passage across her fleshy territory, like a surveyor’s mark upon the expanse. Not a sign of ownership as much as visual notice that my hands have passed across her.

9. Female erotic fantasy often includes being hit. In public, women will talk and talk and not shut-up about a society in which gents and broads are equal. But in private, ladies never fantasize about such wimpy egalitarian men. Women are not aroused by pansy-assed males, but by a guy with a firm hand. The men that end-up between a woman’s legs are seldom non-violent. Female sexual fantasies will often involve a male figure who can dominate her; whether that dominance is sexually expressed will depend on the extent of her socialization into the feminist agenda.

10. Slapping a woman is an act of tenderness. Striking a soulmate is far more intimate than making love. Should you raise a bruise, she will look at you with mingled dislike and devotion; she will loathe you, but she will be loyal. She might well detest you, but she will remain dedicated. Beating a woman does not make a girlfriend obey every whim – quite the reverse – but smacking a lady makes her focus upon you (at least after the swelling subsides). Raising a hand forces attachment, not affection. A women who is regularly administered the belt almost never abandons her man.

A gracious woman receives her chastisement without complaint. A seductive dame doesn’t fuss when she is set right. A charming hostess does not remonstrate when she is chastened. She’ll flinch when you take her in your arms, but she will press herself harder against you. She’ll jump when your fingers brush the back of her neck, but she will incline her head in front of you.

11. When I lay a hand on a woman, we create a bond. Romance isn’t what you see in the movies. Although violence against women is not exactly socially accepted at this moment in history, such brutality does make carnal knowledge all that more in-depth. Beating a woman is a sort of pact, a sign of a fleshy covenant. Consider my punch as the signing of a contract.

12. Having your mark on her changes the sexual experience. Just as make-up sex after a knockdown argument is more satisfying, so screwing a woman you have just slapped is more emotionally fulfilling than the casual variety. Sex with a woman you have hit carries deeper meaning. Copulation isn’t all caresses and kisses; if fornication doesn’t leave blemishes, you aren’t doing your adultery right. The most intense orgasms always leave most lingering bruises.

I make no secret of my proclivities; I do not hide my history of violence toward women.  If a lady comes to dislike my touch, then she is always free to leave.  I am not some Puerto Rican kidnapper with an assortment of teenagers chained in the basement; I take no prisoners.  Feminists would have you believe that dames are as strong as any man – except in one area – although broads at said to be as powerful as any male, these bitches just can’t seem to open the front door when subjected to unwanted chastisement.  If a female doesn’t like being nudged, she can always leave.  If a woman stays with me, she knows what is coming to her.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I will not raise your spirits. I am not about to inspire you. I am not here to praise you. I do not propose to motivate you. I have no intention of making you feel better about yourself. My dear reader, I have no interest in leaving you with any good feelings whatsoever.

Just because you read my blog, I am not going to make a friend out of you. I am not about to hold your hand; I won’t pat you on the back, and you’re certainly not going to get a hug out of me.

I am not going to sugar-coat things. I am not going to tell you white lies. I am not going to whisper sweet nothings.

I only promise to show you things as they truly are. And then I am going to smear your face in it. I swear to rub the misery of life across your eyeballs.

You won’t be feeling any warm glow after you have read these postings. But you will know how things really stand. At a point in history when humanitarians will tell you anything just to make you feel better, I swear to reveal the awful truth, no matter how much you might suffer.  

You see, I’ll be the one to divulge what everyone else is keeping from you. The well-adjusted members of society do not have the guts to let you know how it is, but I’m going to give it to you straight: no one is ever going to love you.  I will say that again: you will never be loved. You are never going to be adored by anyone. Your kind is not exactly irresistible. There is not a soul on earth that will ever be devoted to a creature like you. I’m merely admitting what everyone else mutters under the breath.

Don’t trust me, go look at yourself in the mirror. Can you honestly think anyone could love the likes of you? Look at those blemishes on your face – do you really believe anyone could love that?

Do you really imagine that no one was watching what you did when you pulled that morsel of snot from your nose this morning? Do you really assume that no one has seen those shit stains on your underwear? Do you really suppose that no one observed what you did when you masturbated the other night?

Don’t you realize that your body odor is a bit pungent? Hasn’t anyone ever told you that they can smell you coming? Just take a whiff, if you still have any doubts.

You need to understand that you make some really pathetic noises when you sleep.

And you really think that no one knows what you’ve done? You know what you did that day – and everyone else can see it in your face as well. Frankly, you turn the stomach of the opposite sex as much as you nauseate yourself: deep down, you disgust yourself – and for good reason.

There are some human beings who are so repulsive that everyone else can see it in one glance – and that one glimpse reveals just how hideous you really are. There is a reason why people look at you like that. There is a reason why people whisper when you come around. There is a reason why bus passengers scoot over when you sit next to them. There is a reason why a cashier doesn’t want to touch your hand when returning your change. There is a reason why your friend didn’t invite you to their last party.

Sure, from time to time, so do-gooder might sniff-out how desperately you want to be loved – and tell you what you want to hear. But they will repeat how special you are only when they want to get something out of you. And a hopeless chump like you will fall for it. But once a humanitarian has extracted everything that they can from you, the will cast you aside like a piece of soiled toilet paper.  

Surely you must have suspected something. You must have questioned whether people were keeping something from you. Surely you must have wondered why all the people who were supposedly the closest to you would always hint and hit you up for something. Other humans can only stomach your presence when they have something of yours in their pocket.

Only a hopeless dupe believes it when a woman tells him that she loves him. Only a worthless slut believes a man when he tells her that she is special. A human who trusts other people only gets taken advantage-of by those closest to him.

It is one thing to be unloved, but only a pathetic dupe like you would be so needy that you are actually deceived by someone claiming to adore you. ‘Tis better to have never loved at all, than to be deceived by someone pretending to care about you. Better to accept that you will always be alone than to endure the inevitably of deception.

Now go look in that mirror and see if I am not right.


Thursday, October 17, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


When the ruling elite forces different cultures to live together, there is one thing that you will feel immediately: not escalating crime, not increased congestion, not expanding poverty – as much as sudden restrictions in individual liberty. When different races are deposited in the same city, there is one thing that you will sense instantly: the eyes of the secret police upon your back.

1. Ethnic hatred is inevitable. Let’s face reality: people don’t like each other no matter what. Different races are always going to hate each other: different tribal groups have loathed their neighbors throughout history, and different cultures are going to abhor one another to the end of time. Differing ethnicities are always going to despise each other. Whether you like it or not, two neighbors with oppositely colored skin are never going to get along. Tribes that fought each other for thousands of years of human history are not suddenly going to mingle and intermingle just because they have moved to a country with air-conditioning and indoor plumbing. The only way that a multicultural society can temporarily exist is for a totalitarian government to stifle this innate animosity.

2. Ethnic groups give preferences to blood relations. Every healthy clan is always going to give the benefit to members of their own tribe at the expense of outsiders. In any strong kingroup, the demands of blood take precedence over the laws of the host country. And since that alien populace is invading your homeland, that occupying population is far more vibrant and vigorous than your own native stalk. After all, there is something downright masochistic about assisting foreigners at your own expense. A public that weakens and impoverishes itself to come to the aid of exotic foreigners is on its last legs. Any immigrant group will flout local customs if they gain some advantage over the enfeebled majority.

Immigrants cross borders to take advantage of the people on the other side. Once the locals come to a fragile realization of this double-standard, the natives tend to develop a few resentments toward the aliens. The ruling elite will then use every resource of the totalitarian state to keep this antipathy and antagonism from flowering into bloodshed and butchery.

3. Ethnic mingling is unnatural. Forcing different people from all over the world to come to one spot and live together is abnormal, and this aberrant population mix will invariably result in social strain. The only way that government can prevent that tension from developing into violence is for the authorities to temporarily repress and oppress and suppress that healthy hostility toward outsiders. The minority will always resent the majority, and the natives will always be suspicious of the newcomers. Human beings are never going to get along with one another no matter how much diversity is forced upon them—and this normal and natural dislike is going to be expressed in terms of fists and bullets.

4. Ethnic tranquility is always short-lived. Authorities might well be able to fake a temporary calmness between the competing tribal groups by using a massive police state to hold these immigrant rivalries in check. But an ethnic truce is always transitory. That artificial bottling up of social passions will require ever-increasing amounts of totalitarian regulations and restrictions. Only a massive secret police network can hold a multicultural nation state together. Expanding diversity will inevitably result in enhancing governmental tyranny.

5. Ethnic mixing always increases the power of the police state. Terrorism is the immediate consequence when two distinct cultures are forced to dwell in the same geographic space. The ruling class will always try to put a stop to such cultural conflict with its secret intelligence system. For instance, right after the United States attempted to incorporate a massive flood of migrants from Eastern Europe in the early part of the 20th Century, the intelligence establishment launched the Palmer Raids against its own citizens. Just as refugees transform the cities with new ethnic restaurants and exotic palaces of worship, such a foreign influx also increases the number of secret police keeping watch.

As the demographics continue to change in the United States, individual liberty will proportionally decline. As minority population levels increase, there will be a corresponding rise in bureaucratic oppression. Whenever the authorities open the borders, the officials will invariably press down upon the traditional Americans with a heavy hand. The greater the multiculturalism, the greater the state surveillance. The greater the diversity, the greater the restrictions on free speech. The greater the “inclusiveness,” the greater the demands for political correctness. The more minorities on the city streets, the more the restraints on private gun ownership. The more the bureaucrats talk about tolerance, the more certain that the government will end up totalitarian. Diversity always ends up as tyranny.  

No matter how many terrorist acts are committed by the naturalized arrivals, the establishment will invariably direct its repression toward the victimized natives. No matter how fanatical the migrants, it will always be the host population that is required to be more tolerant. No matter how many crimes the aliens commit, the indigenous population will consistently suffer the blame. The governing liberals will use immigration as an argument for heightening their scrutiny over the indigenous citizens. Curiously enough, the ruling class will use the exact, same feel-good excuse for inflating immigration (“protecting families and saving children”) as the explanation for increasing police spying (“saving families and protecting children”).
The greater the multiculturalism, the greater the extent of government surveillance of the victimized majority. The greater the social differences, the greater the state spying. The greater the level of foreign immigration, the fewer civil liberties that will ultimately remain. Only a massive and mighty secret police network can prevent ethnic rivalry from turning into ethnic warfare. Migration always ends up consuming every bit of a country’s freedom.

6. Ethnic hostility is the mark of a vigorous culture. Ethnic 
rivalries are the antibodies of culture. Hatred is a social immune system of society. Xenophobia functions the same in the social organism as white blood cells in the body. Repressing racial hostilities only makes the nation sick. Multiculturalism is a sort of infection of the nation state. Diversity is not strength, but a social cancer. Around the time you see minorities on every street corner, you know the country is terminal.

7. Ethnic amalgamation can best be prevented by provoking ethnic animosity. The only way to repel multiculturalism is not to petition your legislative overloads (we all know what a waste of time it would be to ask the government bureaucrats to actually follow the Constitution), but the way to reject diversity is to treat immigrants with a continual hatred. The only way to renounce the liberal agenda is to respond with constant malevolence. Remaining mean-spirited is the only way to resist the altruists. Kindness is always acquiescence. The spiteful citizen always refuses humanitarian conformity.


Monday, September 30, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

No figure in modern America is more heroic than the deadbeat dad. The child-support resistor courageously struggles against the economic slavery of forced fatherhood. The deadbeat dad's brave refusal to pay makes him a freedom-fighter against the servitude of tyrannical responsibility. No matter how much the do-gooder might insist that a father has an obligation to the community, the deadbeat is one of the last surviving individualists who still value personal autonomy over social duty.  The deadbeat dad battles against financial servitude.

1. Deadbeat dads are the bravest souls in modern America. Look, the deadbeat dad understands all-too-well that no other individual is as despised as a man who refuses to support his children. The deadbeat dad obviously realizes that he will be heartily detested by decent society. Yet the deadbeat has the moral fiber to stick to his guns – and to withstand this extortion. These courageous individuals are well aware of what society does when a man dares to resist the do-gooders’ protection racket. Because the deadbeat dad questions the legitimacy of these shakedown artists, he threatens the cushy jobs of the whole child-protection establishment. There are billions of dollars in pension funds that are jeopardized by his bounced check.

Refusing to waste money on a worthless child takes considerable bravely in this day and age of near-compulsory parenting. Think of the deadbeat dad as a liberator crusading against the humanitarian's notion of financial duty. 

2. Child support payments would be wasted anyway. Surely if a slut is too dumb to get an abortion when some one-night-wonder knocks her up, then the breeder will obviously be too stupid to manage money—the mother would just blow any child-support on lottery tickets and meth anyway. Let's face it, if a dumb broad doesn't have the common sense to get rid of the pregnancy in the first place, then she isn't going to have the brains to raise a child properly. Things are going to turn out badly with the little bastard no matter how much money the bitch gets, so why even bother sending the whore a check? The deadbeat dad understand what really happens to money paid for child support.

3. Adults must take precedence over children. It is not likely that the kid is going to amount to anything anyway, so why waste any more money on the repulsive critter? Even if two parents were to raise the brat, it is rather doubtful that the parasite is going to make any contribution to civilization anyway, so why not cut your losses right now? The worthless bastard is not going to grow up and make any scientific advancement to American culture anyway. Better that an infant goes hungry than a father has to do without a six-pack.

4. Just because sperm was deposited in some slut’s cunt, a man shouldn’t be held liable for 18 years of financial payments. Once a gentleman has abandoned his semen, he should have no more concern about the consequences than he does when casting aside a used Kleenex. Being coerced into paying child support for the outcome of his spew makes about as much sense as a bloke having to purchase antibiotics because of a bacterial culture in his nasal drippings. A fertilized ovum has about as much cosmic importance as a gnat coated in snot. A new life has about as much value as anything else that comes out of the end of your dick. 

5. Children are worthless parasites. A deadbeat dad shows that everything the mass media says about offspring is sentimental bullshit. In an age of sanctimonious platitudes about the importance of children, the deadbeat demonstrates the real valuation of a kid. It is only fair that if the bastard was conceived as an afterthought, then the creature should be treated as an afterthought throughout life. True, it is not the brat’s fault he was an unwelcome accident, but unwanted kids are not worth anything anyway. A baby has just as much monetary worth as the amount of a deadbeat dad’s check: zero.

It takes a certain manliness to consecrate your life to your own amusement—and it certainly requires quite some testosterone to live your life without a thought about where your spermatozoa might swim. I've met plenty of wimpy fathers in my time, but a deadbeat dad is never going to be called a sissy. Think of the deadbeat dad as a beer-drinking ninja battling against totalitarian responsibility. Let us raise a shot-glass in admiration of the heroism of the deadbeat dad.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Human life itself is a zero-sum game: whenever anybody else succeeds, you will be certain to fail. When there is an accomplishment, someone else must fall short. Although the concept of “zero sum” comes from the academic discipline of game theory, the notion is actually the best model of what really goes on in the real world: whenever someone wins, somebody else has to lose. On this earth, the success of one person is always offset by the defeat of another individual. Good luck for one participant will invariably mean pain for another. Whenever your neighbor gains, you will somehow always end up with less.

From basic political analysis, it is obvious that when one pressure group receives some benefit, the competing population ends up suffering. There is never any neutral act in society; if you don’t get anything, you have been victimized. If it does not benefit you, it weakens you. If it is not to your advantage, then it injures you.

The liberals would have you believe that they can design a government where everyone is as winner; the do-gooders would like to convince you that they have a plan where everyone can go home with a trophy. But things are never like that in this existence. Instead, in the real world, to have a victory, you must first have enough defeated. In genuine life, every winner turns you into a loser. Every success requires that there are plenty of failures. Each champion turns the rest of the population into also-rans. Every well-paid boss requires that he has enough poor workers to take his orders. For every player that wins at bingo, you must first have a room full of suckers with empty wallets. For every child that grows up to become president, you must first have enough taxpayers to rule over. For every son of God, you first need a bunch of people to on their knees to sing hymns.

Whenever someone else strikes rich, it is that much more likely you will remain poor. Whenever some immigrant gets a better life, your own standard of living will be proportionally worse. Whenever a stranger improves his life, your own existence will be all the more impoverished. Whenever you are competing for a job that you need so desperately, just remember that there is someone else who will always be more qualified than you. Whenever a friend comes into some money, you will have all the more difficulty making rent that same month. Whenever someone else finds a coin on the street, you will feel a hole in your pocket. Whenever somebody else gets another dollar, you will have four quarters less. Whenever someone, somewhere laughs, you will quickly come to realize that your own zipper is open. Whenever someone else is happy, you will end up feeling sad. There is nothing more annoying than someone else’s laughter—because their delight is always at your expense.

Surely there is nothing more damaging to the human spirit than the happiness of someone else. If you aren’t feeling any energetic enthusiasm these days, that is because someone has drained the psychic energy out of you. The only reason people ever come around you is to take something from you—and sometimes what they take is your exhilaration. Just as another human being can “sap your energy,” so another person can tap your enchantment just by looking at you. Your closest friend is always your greatest risk.

Every time that you see a couple together, there is one less soul-mate for you; every occasion that you see yet another pair of lovers with their arms around each other, your own life will be all the more empty. Every instance that a potential sexual partner gets married, that will mean one less encounter for you; every time that someone puts on a wedding band becomes one less opportunity for you. Every joyous relationship translates into just another romantic occasion that you have missed. Every night that some acquaintance does a bit of fucking, that only makes it all the more likely you will go to bed alone. That happier other people are with their lives, the more certain that the rest of your existence will be miserable.

If you ever want to get anything, you need to do one thing first—and that is to keep others from getting any. If you have a desire to win the lottery, you first need to sabotage the chances of other players. Happiness is not generated by making others happy any more than money is created by giving currency to beggars. The only way that you might find joy is to steal and seize that jubilation from someone else. In this world, there is not enough bliss to go around. Every triumph comes at the expense of someone else.

There are only so many slices of pizza: the more of the pie that is consumed by your neighbors, the less that will remain for you. In a metaphysical sense, there is only so much ecstasy on this planet—the greater the happiness of other people, the less that will remain for you. Only by hoarding your emotions can you preserve whatever passion might still remain. Only by making others feel distressed can you keep your own delight. If “misery loves company,” it is simply because the company of others has made you miserable. You must fight back—and make the other person uncomfortable first. If want anything out of life, you had better start by ruining your neighbor's chances.

Somebody in this life is always going to get hurt. Nothing you can do to change that. The basic pattern of life means that someone will always be harmed no matter what. The best that you can do is to make sure that the other guy always takes the hit—and not you.

There is only so much good fortune to go around in life. Someone else's joy always takes away from you. There is nothing as psychologically damaging to your own personality as someone else's good fortune. If another person gets lucky, you can be certain that there is misery headed toward you. A stranger’s good luck is going to make you grind your teeth and clench your fists. Other people’s happiness is a threat.

Someone else can only succeed at your expense. Someone else has already taken everything from you.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


Tolerance is just a scam to get your complicity; tolerance is just a scheme to get your collusion. Just as a street gang will force every member to leave their fingerprints on a murder weapon, tolerance is just a deceptive way to get you to share the guilt. Tolerance is just a trick to get you involved in something that you know isn’t right.  

You are only required to be tolerant about something that isn’t true—only when things aren’t correct do the leaders demand acceptance. You know better than to be tolerant; being open-minded is just a ploy to get you to take the blame.  

Tolerance is a betrayal of your true self. A genuine individualist will always remain the most goddamn intolerant person that ever walked the earth. If you want to retain your independence of thought, you want nothing to do with tolerance. A man who knows, a man who really knows, a man who truly knows himself has no use for tolerance.

Tolerance is what the slave is expected to feel about his owner’s whimsies. Acceptance is what the servant is expected to display about his master’s orders. A free man always has his prejudices. Intolerance is the sign that a human being still remains an individualist.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The most subversive act that you can wage against the liberal agenda is simply NOT to be a nice person.  What do-gooders fear most is not street violence—but what frightens these busy-bodies the most is the nagging suspicion that they might not be liked.  The most certain means of destroying the humanitarians is to treat them like the scum that they truly are.  The quickest way to resist an idealist is merely to be unkind.  The only way of dealing with an altruist is to respond with utter and unconditional hate.

What distinguishes a liberal from a conservative is not an opinion about some transitory political issue—what differentiates a communitarian from a realist are basic psychological predispositions.  The liberal personality has an overwhelming need to be liked by others; the idealist's fundamental problem with self-esteem shows a vulnerability that can be exploited.  By responding to a do-gooder with complete and continuous hatred—you are able to defeat the idealistic meddler.

A liberal remains excessively concerned with emotion because he is always driven by a desire to belong—the humanitarian is so concerned with the feelings of others because he just wants to fit in.  Sometimes the only way of surviving the last days of Western civilization is to make everyone miserable—and you can be damn certain that liberals will suffer the worst.

Misanthropy is the most unashamedly subversive act that you can wage against the establishment.  Hating your fellow man is the most counterrevolutionary thing that you can do against society.

Give love a chance?  Fuck that shit; love had its day and it failed.  I'd tell you to give hate a chance, but hate doesn't need anything from the likes of you; hate isn't going to wait around for a pansy like you to offer it a chance—hate is going to be front and center no matter what.  And despite the wish of wimps like yourself, hate will always win out in the end.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Do-gooders create the anguish that they are supposedly trying to cure—if the humanitarians can't find some poor unfortunate to help, then they will then make you suffer until you beg for assistance. The good Samaritans will always make you hurt enough until you get on your knees and ask for their charity. Altruists will invariably stick a knife in your back until you implore them for mercy. Benefactors will seize every last cent from your pockets until you plead for alms. The idealists will make you suffer until you promise to be better.

1. Charity perpetuates misery. In order for charity to exist, the do-gooders must first be certain to create enough misfortune. Poverty is caused by the very government programs that seek its eradication—after all, if impoverishment were ever truly eliminated, those well-paid bureaucrats would be the first to lose their jobs. In this way, social workers would be the last group that would ever want to eradicate hardship—a just society would mean the end of their paychecks. Humanitarians produce suffering in order to make themselves look virtuous. If a bureaucrat actually eliminated some injustice, he would put himself out of a job; but if the manager were to expand the injury, then the administrator would have done enough work to justify a promotion.

2. Charity expands and increases misery. No matter how much money you donate, charities always want more cash. Even if you were to give some non-profit everything you own, they would still tell you that you must do more. Since a charity can never claim success in eradicating some harm, they take an opposite approach and claim that hardship is growing. In order to give themselves a bonus and a better pension, the social worker has got to make the problem look worse. If poverty rates were to somehow decrease, then the charities would logically require less funding—and the percentage that could then be pocked by the administrators would then be woefully reduced. Only if the extent of the misfortune were to be ever-expanding might the humanitarians then be able give themselves the kind of lifestyle they believe that they deserve. Increasing misfortune means increased funding.

3. Charity perpetuates dependence. In order to make sure the caseworkers get a regular paycheck, they first need returning cases. If the charity could heal some sort of disease with a single tablet, they would put themselves out of business with their benevolence. Instead, the non-profit needs loyal regulars, not remedies. Charities don't require cures—as much as consumers. In order to get those repeat customers, a charity generates dependence among the population it supposedly helps.

4. Charity is a deliberate insult. The people running a charity have a psychological need to feel themselves superior to the unfortunates that they are supposedly assisting, so they need to make the citizens receiving handouts acknowledge their subservience. In order to get a free meal, the altruists make the beneficiaries humiliate themselves—and the bureaucrats believe that the act of humbling is for their own good. Only by demoralizing a dependent clientele can the charity be assured of repeat business.

5. Charity destroys the human spirit. Alms-giving damages the personality—not of the recipient, but of the financial donor. The motives of the administrators of a charity are understandable: sheer greed. The motivations of the needy are undeniable: utter self-interest. However, the altruists that provide the monetary contributions are acting out of a sort of guilty masochism.

The bleeding-heart feels righteous by harming himself. Ultimately, all charitable giving is psychologically damaging—destroying your personality by causing you to seek virtue in deeds that injure yourself. The more you give, the more you weaken yourself. Giving money to the "needy" is the financial equivalent of an adolescent girl slashing at a limb with a razor blade; both the do-gooder and the teenage cutter will do anything to their assets in order to stop feeling so empty. An act of charity is just economic self-mutilation. In the final analysis, donating to a charity will just make you feel that much more unfulfilled—and all the more unhappy when you finally see the gouges in your bank balance. Even if your charitable giving does not leave you completely impoverished, even if the highschooler's bloody wounds are not life-threatening—it still is unhealthy. There is something downright unhygienic about a person who needs to suffer in order to feel worthy.

6. Generosity is a moral failing. Kindness is a way of postponing the acceptance of your own true nature: human beings are innately self-centered. Benevolence, then, is not merely an attempt to impress others, but a way of deceiving yourself. Generosity prevents you from truly knowing yourself. Anything that keeps you from expressing your darkside is bound to have unfortunate consequnces in the long term.

Without a doubt, there is plenty of suffering in this life, but charity only makes it worse. To be sure, there is plenty of pain in this world, but the last people that are going to do anything about it are the humanitarians. The prime directive of a charity is to perpetuate the charity.

Ultimately, the only people that charity is going to help are the persons doing the helping. Volunteers do it to you for your own good.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The desire for vengeance is the most noble emotion that can be experienced by the human soul. Revenge shows that you have resisted; revenge shows that you have refused to give-in; revenge shows that you have rejected the easy life of doing what you are told. Retribution demonstrates that you are still a free man.

1. Revenge is the purpose of life. There is no more noble life than devoting the rest of your existence to getting even. No matter how long ago you might have been slighted, you must devote the rest of you time on earth to getting revenge. There is no greater goal in life than vengeance. Retaliation is the only thing that makes you human.

2. Never forgive, never forget. Never dismiss, never disregard. Keep a record of each time you were unjustly treated; keep a chronicle of every suffering; keep a register of all the insults you have endured. The sheer number of affronts will quickly prove that your mistreatment is not a matter of bad luck, but that you have been subjected to a deliberate and designed pattern of torment. Once you realize the extent of everything you have had to withstand, you will recognize the necessity of plotting reprisal.

The bigger man does not forgive; instead, the bigger man does the better revenge.  The enlightened soul does not forgive; instead, he is remembered for the enormity of his retaliation.  The wise man ain’t no wuss.

3. Revenge is necessary for mental healing. No matter if you were victimized in childhood, the only way you are going to psychologically recover is to get even. No matter how many years ago you might have been abused, you must plot retribution. Never listen to those who tell you to forget: forgiveness is just the final stage of victimization; to "move on" is to give your oppressors their ultimate victory over you. In contrast, psychological healing is going to involve getting even with your enemies. A campaign of revenge is the only way that you are ever going to recuperate from being wronged. Vengeance is the only true closure.

4. Forgiveness is sick. A person who just wants to forget and go on with life is a wounded personality. There is nothing more evil than to just "get over it." There are certain people who abused over and over again in life, and it is precisely these mentalities that leave themselves open to the same pattern of victimization by forgiving and "moving on" with life.

You are not defeated by losing a fight; you are only overpowered when you have forgiven your enemies. The ultimate stage of subjugation is "turning the other cheek." The desire for revenge is the only sign that you still have some fight left in you.

5. The hypocrites who tell you to forgive are the same type of people who wronged you in the first place. When these do-gooders instruct you to turn the other cheek, they are merely trying to victimize you yet again. The same people who were on the student council throughout your school days are now the same characters who now tell you to forgive—and they still have that same smirk. People who insist on forgiveness have a covert agenda; their very lifestyle depends on you keeping quiet. The ruling class doesn't want anyone to "rock the boat" and upset their prosperity; after all, they got their plenty by taking advantage of people like you in their first place. The establishment has a vested interest in having you "turn the other cheek." The authority figures who now insist that you "put it behind you" are the very same types that wronged you in the first place. Society is always on the side of those who have harmed you; those sanctimonious moralists weren't ever around when you were being victimized.

6. It doesn't matter who you get even with; the important thing is the act of revenge. It doesn’t matter if you get revenge against the actual person who might have wronged you—what is important is just that you seek retaliation. It doesn’t matter if you extract vengeance upon a substitute target—there important thing is that you are seeking to put things right. What is vital is that you toss the boot into the machine; it doesn't matter who might be pushing the buttons at the moment. When you have been harmed, there are no innocent by-standers. Don't waste your time trying to track down the exact perpetrators who might have harmed you; the only important thing is that you discharge your retaliation upon a convenient target. When you extract vengeance, you get even with a class of people; you settle scores with the system that permitted this to happen. The establishment was not there for you when you were hurt in the first place; hence, you only put things right by working vengeance upon the institutions that callously failed you.

7. Revenge should be judged on the basis of ingenuity. The final target of a plan of retribution is not of such importance as the sheer cunning of the scheme. The more ornate the vindictiveness, the more potent the vengeance. Malevolence, not the target of opportunity, is what ultimately puts things right for the aggrieved. You will want to crush your oppressors with awesome retaliation.

8. Making them suffer is only fair. If it is considered admirable and just to "give something back" to the community when you are successful, then it must also be good to give something back to society when you suffer. If it is right to make others happy when you are happy, it must also be righteous to make others hurt when you are hurting. It is only proper that you make others feel pain when you are in pain. Making them suffer is copacetic.

9. Vengeance restores the celestial balance. Revenge ultimately resumes a basic cosmic harmony; when you have been wronged, the cosmos waits for you to restore the divine equilibrium by getting even. When you have been harmed by society, the universe itself goes out-of-kilter; only your act of retaliation can recover the primordial order. Vengeance, then, is ultimately a spiritual act. Retribution always brings something of the pagan back into modern civilization.

You need to realize that "turning the other cheek" does not make you a Christian; mercy only makes you a wimp. Spite is the mark of moral fortitude. In this cowardly age, vindictiveness is the surest sign of a man with backbone. Vengeance is the sign of the personal determination. A man proves his mettle by getting even. An individual with grit and pluck settles accounts. A man without spite is a man with substance.

The seeker of revenge always appear to outsiders as a figure of mystery. Society will never approve of your campaign of retribution, and the mundane taxpayers will always be incomprehending, but the vengeful individual will be surrounded by a curious sort of psychic energy. Vengeance does beguile all. There is no more potent force in the universe than the desire for retribution.

Revenge is the only thing that gives meaning to this reality. Retribution presents you purpose for this existence. Vengeance is the ultimate objective of life.

A real man does what he has to do. Vengeance is yours.