Sunday, January 26, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Whatever other people have said to you is a lie. Whatever you were taught in government schools is certain to be wrong. Whatever you family brought you up to believe was a deliberate deception. Whenever a woman tells you that she loves you, you can be damn sure that she is just repeating what you want to hear.  

Those who are closest to you are always the most successful liars. The more intimate a person is to you, the more deeply they have worked their lies against you. Those acquaintances that you trust the most are always most the skilled a deceiving you. Those humans who worm their way into your friendship are always the most accomplished at deluding you. You’ve got to assume own family will always be part of the scheme. There is a reason why a husband is always the last to know about a wife’s infidelity: to love another person is to allow them access through your emotional firewall.

A woman uses her body to distract you. You can’t take a woman to bed without feeling in your gut that she is entrapping you. The only reason a girlfriend gives you a blowjob is to beguile you. The only reason a female spreads her legs is to outwit you. The more you fuck a particular lady, the more you realize that something isn’t right about her.

At this point in time when European culture is being strangled and suffocated, an individual cannot be paranoid enough. At a moment in history when Western civilization is wheezing and whimpering around us, a citizen cannot be cynical enough. There is a reason why the mass media continually messages you about a citizen’s duty to trust authority.  

To guard against being hoodwinked, you always need to remain apart from society. That independent mind comes at a tremendous emotional cost to be sure, but social isolation is the price you are going to have to pay for unfettered thinking. Becoming a bitter loner can be an unfortunate thing – but is also a good start.

You may never know the truth, but you can logically eliminate what is obviously false. You may never know what is ultimate reality, but you can use the powers of reasoning to determine what is not real. You will never know the answer to anything, but you can calculate what is not correct. You may never know what is authentic in life, but you can ultimately use the powers of deduction to figure how what is not true.

You may never know what is actually going on in the world – but there is one thing that about which you can be certain, whatever you hear on the nightly news is a complete lie. You may never know how to live a healthy life, but you can be sure that whatever the medical profession tells you to do is actually harmful. A policeman isn’t there to prove your innocence, the cop will always make-up just enough to ensure your conviction. You may never know exactly how to make it into Valhalla, but you can be certain of what will not get you into heaven – whatever organized religion might teach will only get you damned on the afterlife.  

A bureaucrat is only going to tell you what he wants you to know. A schoolteacher is only going educate you enough to ensure your obedience. The news media is only going to report what ensures your conformity. An evangelist is only going to preach what keeps those donations coming. A friend is only going to say enough to keep you part of the gang. A spouse is always going to whisper exactly what will keep you paying the bills.  

The conspiracy theorists are right that there is some unseen manipulation of events – but they are the last that souls that would ever realize exactly what it is. The members of an opposition group are obviously correct that someone is plotting against them – but they will never come to learn who and what that persecutor actually is.

You will never know the truth of anything in life – the best you can do is to force yourself to accept that everything you come to learn will be counterfeit. You will never discover the genuine nature of existence – the best that you can do is to realize that everything you come to believe will be wrong.

Everyone knows that whatever a politician might propose is a lie. Only a fool would trust whatever a salesman might promise. Only a complete sucker would assume that a humanitarian is actually trying to do good. Only the most gullible would imagine that a girlfriend’s orgasm is unfaked. Only an idiot would believe anything that I have written here.

Trust no one and you will be safe from their lies. Believe nothing and you will be saved.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

It is the fate of our generation to dismantle the established order. It is the destiny of our age to knock things down. Whether or not some future citizen might decide to reconstruct Western civilization should be of no consideration to us. Our job is not to build things up; our task is simply that of demolishing liberal society. 

The operator that the swings the wrecking ball against the decrepit structure is not the individual responsible for digging the basement for a new building. We are not here to fix the holes in democracy, but to dynamite the foundation. We are not here to repair our condemned culture, but to pull it down. We are not here to create something better, but to clear the soil. We are here to scorch the earth, not propose solutions. 

A bystander with a better idea just gets in the way. Some busybody who wants to make adjustments is just another nuisance. Mending the system is just meddling in something that shouldn't be of concern. A humanitarian who wants to put the pieces together is just going to interfere with the disassembling. 

A real man does not tinker: he destroys. We do not raise anything: we raze standards. Our business is not to put things right, but to tear things down. Time to get busy with the demolition work.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You might find yourself in many a struggle, but in most battles you will not be victorious. You might complete many an application during your career, but most jobs you will not get. You might have a desire to go to bed with many a cute girl, but most women will not want to fuck you. You might expect your health to suffer many an affliction in the coming decades, but most ailments will not have a cure. You might purchase many a lottery ticket over the years, but most prizes you will not win. You might play many a game to occupy the hours, but in most rounds you will not triumph. You might diligently try to live a happy life, but most days you will see the world for what it is.

It always takes more knowledge of military strategy not to win a skirmish, but to realize when the war is lost. It always takes more courage not to keep fighting, but to admit the fact that you will lose. It takes guts to recognize the odds against you. It takes backbone to accept your limitations. Sometimes you show the greatest bravery when you don’t even bother.

Friday, January 10, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited
The individual is all that matters.

The loner is the center of the world – other human beings only clutter up existence. A lone wolf owes absolutely nothing to society; the community has done nothing but conspire against a true individualist.

Humanitarians are always waiting in the bushes to do things to you. Other human beings are a threat to personal autonomy. Your very neighbors actively work against your own self-reliance.

Not just government bureaucrats scheme to destroy a private citizen’s freedom, nor are there only corporate overloads who plot the destruction of individual liberty, even your closest acquaintances want to destroy your sovereignty with their talk of duties and responsibilities. Your dearest friends are jealous of your independence, and they think you would be better adjusted if you would only just conform. The humanitarians just want you to give up your crazy ideas and just go along with things.

A conformist will always be the first to betray you. A communitarian will always be the fastest to stab you in the back – and tell you that the cut is really for your own good. A humanitarian is always the quickest to denounce you to the authorities. A co-worker is always ready to tell the boss. Never trust a team player; they will make it their life’s business to keep you in line.

The moment you start to trust another human being is when other people begin to work toward your destruction.

All that matters is yourself.