Thursday, March 31, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Even you, even you, my dear reader, will have to admit that existence is crammed with misfortune – and even you will have to acknowledge that this misery only increases as we get older. Things only get worse as time goes on. An obvious, observable design. 

I have a suspicion that this plan continues after death, and that only constant torment awaits us in the realm beyond. This same pattern of torment persists throughout life – and afterlife. If there is a hereafter, then it is going to be horrific. When it is all said and done, eternal anguish is what humanity truly deserves.  

Consider it as theistic pessimism. Only a malevolent entity could devise something as horrendous as existence – and I think that there is a horrible shock awaiting everyone after death. Surely this much agony cannot be the result of mere random chance. No ache is an accident. This much unhappiness has got be the result of a deliberate plot against you – there just isn’t any other explanation.

Your last breath is not going to end the pain, but only make things worse. I am not convinced that death is the cessation of suffering – as much as its continuance in a different form. I am certain that some evil being designed the world, and he has saved the greatest tortures for all eternity. You may not believe in an afterlife – but the Lord has got a little surprise awaiting you. Think of it as the ultimate practical joke.

There is never any end to suffering – in this world or the next. No comforter, no savior, no redeemer. You’ll see.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If I happen to see someone going hungry, I do not feel compassion – I feel contempt. If I spot a beggar without a cent in the world, I do not feel sorry – I feel superior.

The rich might not be any better than the poor, but I never really come in contact with the moneyed class. Wealthy citizens are not sprawled on the streetcorner demanding a dollar, so I do not concern myself with the well-to-do. The bluebloods aren’t leaving their bodily excretions all over the sidewalk, so I do not trouble myself about upper crust – but the stink and stench of the poor is something that threatens my quality of life.

I fucking hate the poor.

Feeding the homeless is exactly the same as feeding wild beasts. At first, you might feel virtuous about giving bread to a few stray mammals. But, soon, your good intentions have resulted in the arrival of hundreds of additional creatures – all shitting and squawking for a handout. When you finally run out of food, the animals will always start to attack you. Just as you don’t feed wildlife in the wildness, you don’t feed hominids in the metropolis.

There is no government program that could ever eliminate privation. There is no scheme to redistribute wealth that would ever succeed. There is no welfare plan would ever work. No politician is going to craft a piece of legislation that would do the trick

But me – I got this solution to poverty. Absolutely certain to be effective. Guaranteed to eliminate the problem 100% of the time. Want to know what it is?  

Let the poor starve. Let the fuckers die.

If you can’t eliminate the ailment, you can eradicate the source of the disease. The answer is to let nature take its course.

There is a reason why the destitute are called “unfortunate.” A penniless chap is the source of his own problems. The beggar always brought this adversity upon himself. If a bum made some bad decisions in his life, then he needs to feel the consequences of his mistake. If a broke and bankrupt fellow merely happened to hit a patch of bad luck, then he still needs to steer into that misfortune. If hardship is your true fate, then you need to embrace the harshness. If a starving man is lying on the sidewalk, maybe it is his true destiny to die of malnutrition.

If I were to suffer some financial reversal and if I were to become totally impoverished, I might not like it – but at least I would know that I deserved it.

Friday, March 4, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

As paradoxical as it might sound, hatred is absolutely necessary in order to restore a sort of cosmic harmony.

The Book of Ecclesiastes says that there is “a time to love, and a time to hate” and that certainly sounds balanced and unbiased enough. Yet love and kindness have been shoved down your throat since childhood so where was that emotional evenhandedness promised by the Bible? Where is that parity that we were always pledged? If you ever have had sensitivity training forced upon you, then you are going to want to hear the other side. I just want to return to that primordial equilibrium all that I ask is for you to acknowledge and accept that other essential and indispensable human feeling: hate.

All those positive sentiments don’t mean anything unless you are free to express an equal amount of negativity. While it is true that pure hatred can be detrimental, love that is not tempered with loathing will be just as destructive. More souls have been rotted away by affection than by animosity.

Other people on this planet will bather about love and compassion - there is no way of stopping this sort of bluster. There will always be liberals trying to inflict their empathy upon you try as you might, humanitarians can’t entirely be eradicated. Your role is of a higher order. Your task, then, is simply to respond with utter loathing to anything proposed by do-gooders in order to restore this cosmic symmetry. Your mission is to balance all that societal benevolence with private disdain.  

The very stability of the heavens depends on your ability to hate in an increasingly altruistic culture. You must always respond with spite no matter the social cost. You must loathe humanity no matter the communal consequences. Your only duty is to make bleeding
hearts do more bleeding.

Hatred is a noble calling. Hostility is the only counterbalance to conformity. And in these politically correct times, there is nothing that takes more courage than to hate.

Sure, a man who is negative all the time might well have some mental illness. But, by the very same token, a person who is incessantly positive is just as disturbed. The only balanced solution is to hate just as much as you love. Because society will remain interminably optimistic, you don’t need to do all that much encouraging in this world – that has already been completed for you, and all you need to do is to buy a greeting card. But you truly need to make up for deficiencies in the hateful side of things – so it is time to clench your fists and get to work.