Monday, August 31, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Society would have you believe that the most important and imperative thing about life is to be happy. Like most everything that people tell you, the complete opposite is actually true.

If life is too short for you to go around being unhappy, then existence is also too short for you to go about being happy. You can’t have it both ways. Instead of wasting your time feeling this or that transient sensation, maybe you ought to spend your days trying to figure out the purpose of being alive. Happiness is one of those emotions that will keep you from understanding what is truly happening.

All that good cheer will keep you from recognizing the extent of the tyranny around you. Whenever some do-gooder comes up with a particularly nasty attack upon your freedom, the liberal always claims that the legislation gives him a good feeling. The altruist always says that his totalitarian charity makes him feel happy. You can be absolutely certain to avoid every communitarian assault upon your independence if you scrupulously avoid anything that makes you feel content. We exist at a moment in history when you need to be suspicious of any mass amusement.

The happier the man, the more stupid he is. The more a person enjoys his life, the more superficial his personality. Just as the most disgusting woman always laughs the loudest, so the most obtuse fellow will always be the most outgoing. The higher a fellow’s spirits, the lower his IQ. The retard always has a smile on his face no matter what.  

At this point in Western civilization, enjoying yourself is a complete waste of time. Misery is something you want to be achieving. A personality gains depth only when the individual gives way to despair. An enlightened man is always the most uneasy.

Monday, August 24, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You aren’t going to get the job no matter what. You don’t stand a chance of finding any decent employment.

Yes, dear reader, it is about time that I set you straight.

Don’t even bother applying for the job; they’re not going to hire you. Don’t brother sending your resume; they’re not even going to look at it. Don’t bother networking; you will just stand around looking awkward and stupid.

Don’t you think everyone can see how desperate you are? This job is your last opportunity, and you don’t have a chance in hell of getting the work. There more you need a job, the less chance you will get the position. You want to eat, don’t you? – well, by God, you better get used to having an empty stomach.

They are going to keep you waiting just to show you exactly who is boss. They are going to be a half hour late just to demonstrate who has the power.

Truth is, you just aren’t competent. You can’t do the work, and they know it. You are out of your league, and they can smell it. They don’t want you – and nor does anyone else.

Everything about you looks fake. The worst thing you can ever do is to try to prepare for the interview; the managers know that any candidate who claims to be interested in corporate minutiae is an obvious phony. Your company research isn’t fooling anyone.

Face it, you just aren’t dressed right; a real career person doesn’t wear something like that. No matter how much you might pretend, you just aren’t professional. The recruiter shakes your hand as if it were a used Kleenex – and points to the door. You are one of those people that managers promise to call and never do.

Do the math, asshole. Several hundred people applied for this position – and you think that you’re going to be the lucky one. The roulette table at Las Vegas has better odds. 
Hell will freeze over sooner than you would ever be hired, and it is about time that you accepted reality.

A girl may shoot you down when you try to pick her up, but that rebuff won’t destroy your sense of self-worth. A bank may refuse an application for a loan, but you can always get the money if you have enough collateral. You don’t realize exactly how worthless you are until you sit through a job interview. Having your very existence taken apart by a personnel manger will show how hopeless you truly are. When an interviewer asks you to tell him about yourself, you will finally come to understand just how useless you truly are. When a job recruiter questions you about your greatest fears, you might ultimately come to realize how empty you truly are. When the manager wants to hear about your biggest failure, now you can honestly tell him it was being born.

You’re just a fucking piece of shit; pity it took you this long to realize it. When you get rejected for the next job, now you know that you deserve it.


Monday, August 17, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

All I know is that I will be dead in a couple decades. Doesn’t matter how perfect the society will be for my hypothetical descendants; I will be just as deceased.

I have suffered the torment of multiculturalism each and every day that I have been alive; I had to suffer through this hell of diversity my entire life. And now I am supposed to preserve the very race that allowed this nightmare to come into existence. Fuck them, fuck them.

Any culture that denies its own tradition truly deserves to die out.

The penalty for liberalism is racial suicide. The end result of tolerance is cultural devastation. Since the European leftists caused the destruction of their very own Western heritage, then the Caucasian race simply deserves to go extinct. If the citizens of America elect a leader like Barack Hussein Obama, then the nation is not worthy of being preserved. You can’t be feeling sorry for illegal immigrants and, at the same time, still expect to have a home for your future grandchildren.

If you would rather be nice to foreigners to the detriment of your own prosperity, then you deserve to suffer. If you would rather be tolerant of strangers at the expense of your own safety then you don’t deserve to survive. If you give some migrant a can of beans and you later go hungry yourself, then you deserve to starve. At a certain point in civilization, you just have to say: this ain’t worth saving. Diversity is death. And if you choose death, then you deserve to die. 

If you want to save the whole world, then nobody is ever going to save you. If you care about other people more than you do about yourself, then you truly deserve to die out. If you are not going to put yourself first, then other groups are simply going to push you aside. The end result of altruism is always personal extinction.

Any race that thinks liberalism is a valid way of life does not deserve to be saved. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The basest human instincts are always the most genuine. The most selfish impulses are invariably the most honest. The most reprehensible urges are the most real. The greatest evil always turns out to be the most authentic expression of the soul. 

I would rather that you hate me than hug me – at least I can be certain that the animosity will be completely genuine. I would rather have you loathe me than love me – at least I would know that the feelings are real. I would rather that you abhor me than adore me – at least I would know that you are being honest once in your life.

Modern society cannot deal with real emotion, so the mass media always wants consumers to be positive. Acting optimistic means you don’t have to deal with reality. Do-gooders would rather have you be encouraging to others than to be genuine about your loathing for other human beings.

You can be certain that negativity is completely authentic. It is always kindness that is counterfeit. It is always sympathy that is staged. It is always compassion that is contrived.

All your positive emotions are as phony as your air kisses. All your passions are as fake as your orgasms.