Friday, November 28, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited
Think of heaven as a sort of gold mine high up in the mountains, a cloud-covered motherlode that promises unimaginable riches. But if you actually knew how to reach these heavenly treasures, you certainly aren’t ever going to tell anyone else how to find the hidden wealth. And, just like your mining claim, you would actively and aggressively mislead anyone trying to approach the fortunes of this lost paradise.

Church leaders are just like a placer miner – whatever they say is specially crafted to mislead the listener. Churches are designed not to get you into heaven, but to so misguide you that you would never be able to attain the celestial riches. Every believer that the pastors manage to delude means all the more heaven for the church officials themselves. Whatever a priest tells you is not only a damn lie, but a falsehood deliberately crafted to lead you astray.  

Ministers are not trying to save you, but to reduce the competition. Grizzled priests are not there to bring rivals to heaven, but to keep the place to themselves.

The Bible states quite decisively that only a fixed number of souls are going to be allowed into heaven. The Book of Revelation affirms that only 144,000 are going to push through the Pearly Gates. The afterlife has a strict occupancy limit, and an ordinary supplicant like you will never be allowed to become one of the lucky ones – your bishop will make damn certain of that.

A good reverend quickly comes to realize that every person who gets into heaven before him means that the churchman is that much more unlikely to be able to squeeze his way into paradise. A cleric must treat each new believer as a kind of claimjumper that is stealing his birthright. The larger the denomination, the more persuasive the misdirection.  

Following religious commandments is simply devised to cause you to lose your bearings – you will never be able to find anything until you begin to trespass. A conformist is always the first to get disoriented in the desert. The only moral compass you’re going to need is your own desire.

Trust no one else’s directions and you will never get lost. If all the holy men are pointing one way, turn around and take the opposite route.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Some might wish that an ex-lover goes on to enjoy a happy life. Some might hope that an ex-girlfriend might find joy in a new relationship. Some might desire the best for a former sexual partner. I am not one of those people. I always wish the worst.

We live in unpleasant times. Modern democracy asserts that divorce is a good thing. Mass media insists that break-ups are damn near unavoidable. Feminists say that a woman has no need for a man’s love. So be it. I need you to come to an understanding that you can’t change cultural fashions. I’ve got to shake some sense into you. You need to accept that any relationship is doomed from the start.

If you are unlucky enough to fall in love, then you need an edge. If you ever are unfortunate to feel affection, then you damn well better have an exit strategy.

The greater your sentiments for the female in question, the more you are going to need to settle scores when the romance comes to an end. Affection is all about avenging things.

The minute you first cast your gaze upon her, you need to expect that she will leave you. Since any possible love affair will never have any future no matter what, then it is only fair that you prepare for the inevitable. Got to anticipate a woman’s duplicity. Got to be preemptive about a lover’s betrayal. Since a wife is certain turn unfaithful on you, then you want to be in a position to hurt her as much as she will harm you.

Since it is dead certain that she will abandon you, then it is only fair that you insert enough subliminal commands into her psyche to fuck her up when she finally does leave. Might as well turn those whispered sweet nothings into hypnotic commands. Might as well transform all that pillow talk into subconscious directives. You don’t just need to insert part of your body into all her orifices, but you must embed a new pattern of belief in her unconscious. You need to implant the idea that she will be wretched without you. Consider it a kind of prenuptial psychology.

I’ve never understood how some weak characters might desire only the best for an ex-wife: after all, the best would have the female still living with you – so if she has fallen away from you, then you might as well help her descend to the bottom of the pit. You can’t change the social pressure that will cause her to desert you, but you can leave enough unconscious directives to cause the woman to forever regret her actions.

If you have made another person as miserable as you are, then you have truly accomplished something.

Friday, November 14, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

They fucked you over. Make no mistake about it, they fucked you over good.

You have no future. They promised that a good job would be your birthright – but now have to recognize that you’re never going to get it. You always thought that you would have a beautiful wife and a couple kids – but now you must realize that it’s not even a possibility. You always assumed that you would have a happy life – but now, you’ve got to accept that this ain’t never going to happen. 

Things are never going to get better. You can’t change things. You can’t fix things. You’re going to suffer no matter what.

They did this to you.

That made you feel like this. They gave you this anguish. The only thing you’ve got ahead of you is even more misery than you have now. If you had any self-respect, you would make them experience as much pain as they have given you.  

An eye for an eye. That is God’s law.

Do you have the guts to make them pay for what they did to you? Do you have the balls to get retribution? Well, do you, punk?

Saturday, November 8, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Only save yourself.

Only you are worth saving.

In any emergency, trying to save other people will not only put your own personal safety at risk, but it will leave the entire population in peril. Trying to save strangers will only result in more death and destruction than the actual disaster itself. In an actual emergency, there will always be a few unlucky victims who will
perish – but trying to save the lives of these few unfortunates will put the entire populace in danger.

You don’t ever want to attempt to rescue a drowning man – you will only get dragged under the water. You don’t care for someone with an infectious disease – otherwise, you risk contracting the virus. You don’t share your food with a starving man – you’re just postponing his inevitable starvation and you yourself might well become malnourished.

It is always best to cut your losses: let those other people that are fated to die come to realize their destiny. Don’t interfere with the ill-omened. Trying to change someone else’s lot in life will only result in misfortune for everyone.

Let us see the hand of providence in one example. No fire drill has ever saved
a life – not once, not one occasion. Instead, a fire drill is a dangerous bit of safety theater that costs the lives of overly-trained citizens. Like everything else practiced and promoted by liberals, the fire drill is a counterproductive performance that only encourages people to ignore an actual emergency.

Fire drills are a nuisance – nobody takes them seriously; in every drill, people take as long as possible to gather their possessions, to finish their snacks, to gab with their acquaintances, and finally to get out of the building. People ignore fire alarms because they think the noise is just another compulsory exercise run by self-righteous authority figures. After suffering through a series of well-intentioned practice sessions, no one is ever going to take an alarm seriously in a genuine conflagration. Workers are going to think a legitimate alarm is just another drill.

Fire drills are not designed to save lives, as much as to give do-gooders a feeling that they are making a difference. Fire drills were not devised to keep retards from getting cremated, but to allow busy-bodies the illusion that they are helping people. The more the bureaucrats try to save people, the more that their efforts will only cost lives in the long run – but at least the functionaries will be feeling pretty good about themselves when surveying the charred corpses.  

The minute you try to save one person’s life, you end-up killing a dozen other people by accident. There will always be some unlucky bastard who dies in a house fire – that unfortunate person cannot and should not be helped. The moment you try to save someone who is fated to die, you end up letting a dozen other civilians perish by happenstance. Trying to save one life always results in the destruction of a dozen other souls in the process. Trying to rescue one dumb bastard will only bring about the manslaughter of twelve bystanders. You can’t save everyone, so it is best not to bother trying to save anyone – otherwise, there will always be unintended consequences.

Next time you see a person trapped in a blazing building, the only sensible reaction is to open a bag of marshmallows. Never let the screams of burning victims keep you from enjoying a good campfire.