Sunday, December 31, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited 

I want you to be miserable.   I want you to suffer.   I want your life to be ruined.

You deserve it.  You deserve to be in pain.

Every year that I have been alive, society has wronged me.  Every day upon this earth, other people have caused me harm.

It is only right and proper that others experience some of that hurt.  Making other people unhappy is not merely the duty of every individual – but spreading the hatred is a kind of reckoning.

Obviously, it is not possible to cause everyone on the planet actual physical damage – so the destruction must, then, be a sort of moral distress.  The greatest agony you can inflict upon another human being is to demolish his belief system.

You need a demonstration of sorts.  What you previously believed to be absolutely certain will be proved to be a measly preference.  You need to watch.  What you earlier thought to be true will be shown to be merely tentative.  You need to experience.  What you once felt to be love will be revealed to be a meager liking.

Consider it an infestation of the soul.  You’re welcome.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The gamma male is usually depicted as some smarmy bastard who uses people to his own ends.  And I am thinking: this is supposed to be a bad thing, right?  The more conventional members of society tend to depict the gamma male as somebody who just won’t play the game.  And I’m reflecting: damn, this all sounds pretty good to meThe gammas are just bitter old assholes waiting in the shadows for a chance to strike back against society.  The smarmy man will do anything, say anything, think anything that will give him an advantage over the rest of humanity.  All that a gamma male might ask in life is to get an edge over his neighbors.

The existence of the smarmy male threatens the basic communal hierarchy. The herd insures compliance by forcing human being to accept particular social roles – the gamma male menaces all that.


The alpha male is just the best of the betas.  The alpha male may be the captain of the little league team, but he is still playing sports-ball wearing a skid-marked uniform.  The beta males are merely the rest of the players in the game.  The sigma male might be doing the coaching still part of the athletic performance – but too past-it all to be part of the squad.  And the gamma male … well, the smarmy character is the kid taking advantage of everyone being at the stadium and, then, using the group-activity as an opportunity to look for incriminating evidence in the locker room.

The alpha male might go home with a woman from the bar on a Saturday night – but the other six days of the week, he is showering with a crowd of naked men at the local gym.

The alpha male owes his place in the pecking order to his conformity.  The only thing alpha about him is his alpha level of obedience.  The alpha male may well be the best soldier in the platoon – but no matter how brave, he is still just cannon-fodder.  The beta simply does what he is told: the beta male just wants to be part of something greater than himself; the beta male just wants to fit in.   The sigma man always deluding himself that he is a bit more cunning than he actually is – but certainly not clever enough to realize that he is still part of the system.

There is much to praise about the gamma male.  The gamma is not gullible – say what you like about his manipulation of other human beings, a smarmy man will not be taken-in.   The alpha male might be the anchor-man on the television, but the gamma male isn’t about to trust the mass media no matter who reads the news.   Thinking for himself is what makes the outcast creepy in the first place. Putting himself first is why others call him smarmy.   The gamma male will pretend anything if it benefits him in some way – the smarmy man, then, is a born survivor.

Make no mistake about it, society despises a smarmy man.  And for good reason, a creepy bastard is the only citizen that dares to oppose social norms.   Only the gamma male is the real opposition to the hyper-conformity of the alpha male.

The gamma male is a consummate private detective.  The gamma male does not want to be a “secret king,” but a secret agent.  The gamma does not want to be John Kennedy – as much as J. Edgar Hoover.  The smarmy personality is stealth persona.  The sham is not fakery, but a sort of behavioral disguise.   Just as it is often necessary to become an undercover agent in order to understand the dimensions of corruption, so it is necessary to become a bit smarmy is order to see the extent of the collective oppression.

The gamma male sees the big picture.  The gamma has perspective – that standoffishness is precisely what makes him so damn smarmy.   The gamma is apt to criticized for “over-thinking” and “over-analyzing” things
demonstrating a superior perception to that of everyone in the herd.

The gamma male is born skeptic.  The gamma is the most fucking observant bastard that ever existed. The gamma sees all – and forgets nothing.  Forgiveness is not something that would ever occur to him.

In these difficult times, there is something disreputable about the individualist – and this disrepute gets expressed as smarminess.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

We’ve all seen Hollywood producers trying to defend themselves against claims of raping starlets.  We’ve all heard of politicians trying to explain away multiple accusations of molesting interns.  We’ve all watched news anchors trying to excuse their perverted exploitation of freshly-hired reporters.  There sheer number of such claims might well actually demonstrate something absolutely inevitable about human behavior.

Why so much abuse?  Because it the norm.

Not a good thing.  Not a nice thing.  But a normal thing.  Abuse is absolutely unavoidable.  I am not endorsing the maltreatment – just saying that there is no way to escape it.  I am not supporting the mistreatment – just saying that the misfortune needs to be endured.

During all previous eras in human history, women had to withstand appalling exploitation.  Liberals would like to claim that this generation is somehow different.  What makes these modern-day snowflakes so fucking special?  Everyone reading these words has suffered as the result of other people – these contemporary victims need to go through exactly the same amount of pain.

Abuse is merely the way that the male establishes his domination over the female.  Abuse is the way that the alpha male exhibits his dominance over his inferiors.  Abuse is normal – hell, there would be something wrong with a mammal if he didn’t treat smaller critters in just this manner.

Throughout history, men have always harmed women, and females have always accepted the hurt.  Human beings have always injured each other – and that is as true in this century as in any other.  Just because we use cell phones and laptop computers does not mean we have stopped trying to wound each other.

Abuse is what we do to each other.

I am not defending the evil that man doers – just acknowledging it.  There is no way to eradicate abuse, so you shouldn’t even bother trying.  Part of acceptance involves letting things run their course.

Evolution has designed things like this: women are disposable creatures and men are disgusting characters.   If being ill-treated is your lot in life – then you better get used to a lot of ill-use.

A female will always permit herself to be abused – but she will always demand a user-fee for her acquiescence.  No matter how extreme the exploitation, no matter how excessive the manipulation, the woman is always going to want something for her compliance.   It is not the perversions required of her – but a paltry recompense that will trigger her recriminations.

If this is what movie moguls do to actresses, no wonder there are so many starlets trying to get their tits in the door.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Government bureaucrats have always sought a fool-proof way of compelling the native citizens to become more receptive to alien immigrants, and it looks like research scientists have found a way of coercing taxpayers into become more accepting of foreigners: dosing the Western population with synthetic biochemicals.  The hormone oxytocin affects the human mind in a particular manner that has long interested government bureaucrats: it makes the human being more “generous” and more “trusting.”

Forcing a person to feel more empathic has long been favored as a means of increasing totalitarian control of the population.  An altruistic voter is easier to manipulate.  A do-gooder always does what he is told.

You control a person’s mind not by changing what he thinks, but by changing what he feels.   A government makes a populace do what it wants by making the population feel what the media wants.

An article in the August 29, 2017 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences demonstrates the dosing subjects with oxytocin “facilitates social norm conformity.”  The research scientists encourage liberal governments to develop protocols for the deliberate introduction of oxytocin into the host environment; indeed, the academics are positively giddy about how “OXT-enforced social norm adherence could be instrumental in motivating a more generalized acceptance toward ethnic diversity.”  As little as 24 IU of intranasal oxytocin was shown to induce “altruism toward outgroup members even in the most selfish and xenophobic individuals.”

Testosterone directly suppresses oxytocin, so successful mass administration would require lessening the male sex hormone in a given population.   Increasing exposure to estrogen-laden compounds would be a necessary prerequisite to mass introduction of oxytocin into environment.

Oxytocin increases and enhances social bonding.  The more fervent the mass movement, the greater the levels of oxytocin in the participants.  When a person feels part of something greater than himself, the subject is operating under the influence of the hormone oxytocin.

I suspect that the government is already dosing Western citizens with oxytocin.   The ruling elite is 20 years ahead of any information that trickles into academic journals.  Whether the hormone is being released into the atmosphere or added to the food supply, oxytocin-influenced social movements are going to alter the urban landscape.

Oxytocin doesn’t just turn people into dupes – but considerate dupes.  Oxytocin doesn’t just transform a populace into suckers – but concerned suckers.  Oxytocin doesn’t just make a population gullible – but compassionately gullible.

There is no greater threat to individualism than the hormone oxytocin.  To remain a free-thinking individual would require that you reduce the levels of oxytocin in your own hypothalamus.  The battle for personal independence will be fought on the biochemical level.

Remaining xenophobic is going to become crucial to retaining individualism.  Expanding your own private selfishness is going to be essential to enhancing personal freedom.  The more you are alienated from society, the more of your unique personality that you have managed to preserve.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Trusting other people is a true sign of mental illness.  Confidence in other human beings is a character flaw.  Dependence on society is a psychological disability.   Reliance on the social order is the mark of a diseased personality.

Being uneasy and uncomfortable around other people is the right response of a healthy mind.  Suspicion of strangers is the proper reaction of a fit and functioning psyche.   Confiding in others is simply too much of a risk at this time in human history.

Constant wariness is a natural function of complete sanity.  The closest thing to actual enlightenment is remaining on edge when you are around other human beings.  The nearest thing to spiritual illumination is keeping yourself eternally vigilant around your neighbors.

Misgivings are an indication that your senses are working correctly.  Suspicion is a product of an accurate understanding of human nature.  A man does not trust a fellow human being because he knows exactly what lurks within the human soul.

Do-gooders have defined “paranoia” as unhealthy merely because they are numerically more conformists on this planet than loners.  If there were some alternative society where individualists predominated, then trust itself would be described as a personality disorder.  Paranoia is considered harmful merely because most people in creation are gullible vermin.

But in our world of menace and mistreatment, distrust is a very desirable mental trait. Paranoia should never be overcome, but enhanced. Suspicion is always justified. Wariness is always warranted. Caginess is something to be cultivated. An attitude of skepticism is what you should be seeking.

A man who is not apprehensive of others will never know what is going on around him.

The easiest way for busy-bodies to get away with their behavior is to persuade you that there is something wrong with looking over your shoulder.   The best way for the secret police to keep you under surveillance is to convince you that only someone mentally ill would think that he is being followed.  When a wife desires to continue her affair, she will always say that you must be sick to suspect her.

Nothing will give you more confidence in dealing with social interaction than the absolute certainty that other people will deceive you.  Paradoxically enough, the knowledge that other people are out to get you is a source of comfort.   The inevitable betrayal of someone close to you will feel like vindication.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The mass media would like you to think that an outgoing personality is normal; celebrity psychotherapists would like you to believe that there is something seriously wrong with you if you aren’t naturally gregarious.  However, promoting extroversion is more a strategy for concentrating population into urban conglomerations, rather than anything to do with innate human psychology.   In contrast, an anti-social disposition is always more authentic; an asocial bastard is always more genuine.

The liberal elitists want everyone to be extroverted – simply because a friendly person is easier to control.   A sociable citizen is more easily socialized.  Pleasant personalities are for peasants.   Reserved personas are just a bit too rebellious.

If you want to defend your independence, then you need to become a bit more reticent.   It is high time that you tried to make your temperament a bit more introverted.  There are a number of steps that will make you more unsociable.  Here are a few tips to make you much more timid.

Never greet anyone.  There is scarcely a stranger in the world that is worth the effort of saying “hello.”   Never smile to strangers, but maintain a grimace of polite disdain.  If you can successfully ignore other people, then you have gained a victory over them.  Other human beings are like potholes in the road of life – nuisances that you must swerve around if you want to reach your destination.

No matter what somebody might ask of you, the first word out of your mouth should always be “NO.”  Trust me, no one is ever going to offer you anything of value; if someone ever asks a question of you, they are only trying to get something from you.   It doesn’t matter what someone might want; you had better make that flat-out refusal obvious from the start.

If you ever have to say something to another person, make certain that the statement is negative no matter what.  In a culture where the authorities want you to be always positive, you can repel annoying interlopers by asserting something intensely disagreeable.   If your comment is discouraging enough, the busy-bodies might just leave you alone.

If you can’t think of anything unkind to say, then shut the fuck up.  There is a reason why do-gooders exchange pleasantries – to affirm their ties to the community. If you want to cut your shackles to the community, the first thing that you must do is cuss-out the communitarians.

Never reveal anything personal about yourself.  The more that strangers know about you, the more leverage they have against you.  If you are in one of those odd situations in which you must say something about your past, make-up some vague generality that could apply to anyone.   If you let something slip about your past, it will only be used against you.   Keep your private life private.

I wish that existence didn’t have to be this way.  But we live in a society where the government obliges you to have a social-security number and obligates you to pay an income tax – just so that some neighbor can live off your resources. The only way to remain an individualist is to fight back – on the everyday level.   If you are born into a country where you are forced to contribute toward the welfare of other citizens, then the only way to maintain your dignity is to make those same citizens feel wretched.  The reason why so many Westerners think that other taxpayers ought to contribute toward their healthcare is because other people have been too nice to them far too long.

It is about time to fight-back by being unfriendly.  It is not global wars that eliminate cultures, but only through resisting the small social interactions in daily life can this tyrannical altruism ultimately be eradicated.  One well-timed insult can weaken the community more than some random explosion in a shopping mall.  Making other residents feel uncomfortable in the public sphere will do more to weaken bureaucratic oppression than any armed campaign.

If I have made someone feel bad, then I feel that I have accomplished something for the day.  If I have hurt someone’s feelings, then I have done something of consequence.  If I have destroyed someone’s faith, then I have truly achieved something.  If I have made another person miserable, then I have done my civic duty, thank you.