Monday, November 26, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Change is always a scam that the liberal establishment runs against you. Change is not some evolutionary transformation, but a calculated con that the do-gooders run against their victims. Change is not a process beyond human control, but a deliberate action that is done against you.

The minute you hear an altruist talking about “good will,” you know that the public-spirited hands are after your wallet. The instant a liberal says something about “social justice,” you know that the humanitarian is going to be expecting your total obedience. A do-gooder will see that change is done to you until you no longer resist. 

Change is the means by which mass culture gains your conformity and compliance. Change is not some ethereal force that frees a citizen from traditional oppression, but a deliberate strategy of controlling the individual. Change is the way that the humanitarian keeps you obedient.

1. Life only becomes worse. If you learn one thing in life, that lesson is that conditions will never get better. There is no such thing as progress; your existence will always be worse than your parents’ standard of living. Your health is only going to continue to decline. Like the Second Law of Thermodynamics, everything winds down. If someone claims that life will suddenly move in a more positive direction, you can be damn certain that it “sounds too good to be true.” The notion that something might improve goes against the very order of the universe. Whenever a humanitarian says that things will be better, you know that they are lying about what is on the way.

No matter what you do, the quality of life is going to deteriorate; there is not a single thing you can do to make the world better. If you do nothing at all, obviously civilization will continue to get worse - but should you ever try to improve society, things will ultimately get twice as bad twice as fast. If you do absolutely naught, culture will continue to decline, but at least the decay won't be quite as rapid. When it comes to life, it is best to sit this one out.

Like one of those silent movies where a motorcar has gone off the edge of the cliff, the passengers patiently wait inside the classic vehicle as the auto slips and slides ever further into the abyss. If all the victims just stay quiet they might well be able to survive the descent with broken limbs and battered sheet metal, but then one busy-body gets the bright idea that he can fix things, and as soon as he tries to improve the situation, the car races to the bottom and everyone dies rather horribly. Trying to improve things only makes what is inevitable just that much more horrific.

2. Change will always benefit someone else. If change were some evolutionary force that the humanitarians describe, if change really were some impersonal process, then you would occasionally benefit by such social transformation. If these alterations really were a random force, then random chance would dictate that you would occasionally gain some improvement. Since you never receive any benefit from cultural metamorphosis, it is clearly something manipulated against you. Change only goes in one direction – always from you and into the pocket of someone else. Social "improvement" will never profit you. Change is always a reward to other people. In order for a stranger to receive some advantage, then you will have to suffer a corresponding disadvantage. Change is a meticulous onslaught against you in particular.

Change is always the excuse used when someone wants something from you. Change is a scheme by which one social group attempts to extract something from you. Change is not some ethereal force; instead, change can be charted by following the money. Your wealth always flows toward other people, never the other way around. There is a reason why a bum always asks you for "change."

If you bestow Affirmative Action upon one special ethnicity, you will need to disadvantage another group. If you give especially favored class of people a monthly welfare check, you will need to increase taxes upon a particularly disliked population. For one person to receive a benefit, another citizen will have some right taken away.

No matter what the altruist might claim, you will always be on the losing side of change. No matter what so do-gooder might insist, any social change will always leave you with less wealth and less freedom. When one fellow gets a boost, another chap is left with a boot-print on his back. Change will always leave you on all-fours.

3. Change is a deliberate act of disrespect toward you. Change is not just some liberal’s
attempt to deprive you of goods – but is also an expression of the humanitarian’s total contempt for your lifestyle.  Social change is not just a do-gooder’s sneaky attack on your way of life, but also an attitude of complete scorn for your value system.  Change is an assault on your moral foundation, and don’t you forget it.  Social change dishonors all that you believe – trying to improve society makes a mockery of all that you have suffered.  If you had to endure some misfortune in life, then – damn it – so should the rest of humanity.

4.  When you try to improve something, the situation always gets worse.  Whenever some commercial product is “improved,” you can be damn certain that the item is now of inferior quality.  Just like the New Coke of some years ago - when you deliberately set out to make something better, you can be certain that you will completely ruin the product.  Whenever you try to fix something, you end up breaking it.  Pol Pot didn’t wake up in the morning and rub his hands together in glee over all the citizens he would kill that day – no indeed, the Cambodian ruler thought that he was rebuilding society for the good.  Chairman Mao did not laugh about all the Chinese who starved to death as the result of his reforms – not at all, the Communist leader thought that he was transforming traditional culture. All massacres are the result of altruists who thought that they were remaking society for the better.  All atrocities everywhere are committed by idealists who think that they can “make a difference.” 

Get over yourself, you stupid liberal: you are not smarter than past generations, you aren’t more caring than your ancestors, you aren’t free from prejudices of earlier traditions – you are just another schmuck.  There is nothing whatsoever that you can do to make society better, so don’t even bother trying.

The most certain way of creating tyranny is to try to improve society.  The most certain means of making people miserable is to attempt to better their lives. The most certain means of creating a police state is to try to “make a difference” in the world.  All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for ordinary men to imagine that they are doing good. 

5.  The desire for change does not take place when social institutions have failed; rather, the humanitarian will always demand changes when such institutions are running perfectly well.  After all, the American social movements of the 1960’s occurred at precisely the moment when the United States was at the height of its power.  Hence, change is not an effort to remedy some perceived injustice – as much as an idealistic elite’s attempt to seize some of the wealth for themselves.  An innovation is not designed to fix some particular defect; instead, an “improvement” is merely a mechanism designed to extract something from you.

Stupid liberal, you don’t need to moan and wail about civil rights.  You need to mind your own business - and get your own life in order.  Stop thinking that you are a savior to people you’ve never met.  Don’t you recognize that giving civil rights to one social class meant higher taxes and higher crime to the remainder of society?

6. Change is always justified by the authority of supposed “experts.”  Whenever some supposed “egalitarian” policy is questioned, the liberals will invariably claim that the supported by the academic community.  Just as an altruist uses a passive-aggressive personality to accumulate riches, the passive avariciousness of the do-gooder is given a veneer of respectability by the university elite.  Higher education is a fabricator of excuses for this humanitarian theft.  Because the idealist is a cowardly wimp, he cannot admit to himself that he wants everything you own – so the liberal uses some academic study to justify his greed.

7.  Change is used to brainwash you.  Change is a tool to ensure your conformity.  You are told to go along; you are required to give-in; you are forced to submit to some foreign conditioning.  Change is the excuse that the alien invader uses to make you think like them.  Change is never a matter of some do-gooder changing his mind – no, it doesn’t ever move in that direction – instead, it always requires that you alter your opinions to fit those of this trespassing invader.  Change is used to break you down.

8. Change makes you part of the herd.  Adaptation takes the individual and forces him into the collective.  Change is what grabs an individual and makes him part of the crowd.  No wonder that the liberal is always talking about “being part of something greater” than himself – revolution make you part of the commune.

9.  Change is a process that makes you subservient.  Social transformation puts you at the receiving end of some interfering do-gooder; change makes you masochistic.  Reform places you in a submissive role to the invading ethnicity.  Change dilates your asshole for an alien probing.  Innovation requires that you give power to some interloper.  Change is always totalitarian; your refusal to go along will be punished by law. The liberals will always insist that change is being done to you for your own good.

10. Change upsets the balance of the cosmos.  Change upsets the harmony of the universe.  Change upsets the metaphysical equilibrium.  There is only one pattern to the human existence: history repeats itself – but it does not get better.   Change is a metaphysical insult.  An enlightened man does not tamper with the social order.  Revolution is an affront against the order of nature.

Stupid liberal, where do you get the arrogance to imagine that you have the solution to social problems that have existed throughout history?  Poverty and misery are integral parts of the pattern of life – and even though you have a high opinion of your intelligence, you just aren’t smart enough to eradicate misfortune.  You simply aren’t as bright as you think you are.

Look, you fucking wimp, maybe your parents always told you that you were oh-so-special as a child; perhaps your daddy always tucked you in bed by telling you that you were going to accomplish oh-so-great things; possibly you mommy told you that you were oh-so-talented.  Well, it is time to grow up – and in the real world, you can’t do shit.  You just aren’t “gifted” enough to make the world better:  you can only make everything worse - just like the way you screwed up your own life.  The more special you feel, the more you delude yourself – and delusions like yours will only bring misery to everyone.
The minute you go complicit and welcome change in one area of life, you have lost your mental edge.  You have already lost the battle if you go along with change in any aspect of your existence.  You must be consistent in your vigilance.  To be compassionate toward others is to weaken yourself.

The only consideration that you need to make about change is what you get out of it.  Now, if that sounds “horrible and selfish” for you to calculate exactly what benefits you might gain – why isn’t it equally “horrible and selfish” for a government-approved minority to seize those same benefits?  There is always a double standard involved in change – and you can be certain that you will always be on the losing side of that double-standard.

Whatever values the liberal might cherish must be consistently opposed: ideals such as equality and democracy must be coherently disparaged.  Kindness must always be denigrated.  Civil rights must be regarded as a direct threat to your lifestyle.  Indeed, you are only going to put a stop to change by championing cruelty and discrimination.  To defeat change, you must cast off all ideas of charity and empathy.  To remain constant, you must focus only upon yourself.  The moment you start to think about others, you make yourself vulnerable to change. 

Your only defense against change is sheer hatred.  The only protection against having change done to you is not conservative politics – but a loathing, a complete loathing, an utter loathing of everything to do with liberalism.  You cannot defeat liberalism through conventional politics – that is merely fighting the battle on their terms.  Hate gives you the ability to take the offensive. 

Hatred is a sort of antibody against some do-gooder putting the change upon you.  Always keep in mind that, in their typically non-confrontational way, liberals always want you dead; social change is designed to destroy you.  Only a total hatred of the do-gooder prevents you from being changed beyond all recognition.

There is no emotion more feared by the humanitarian that hatred.  Sheer malice directed toward a do-gooder is like garlic around a vampire.  Only an utter loathing is a potent enough defense against being brainwashed by the mass media.  The desire for revenge keeps you immune to talk about the benefits of change.

The liberal manipulators are not going to let you opt-out of change.  There is no jungle hideout, no mountain cave where the government bureaucrats will allow you to seek refuge from change.  These do-gooders are determined that you experience each social transformation – as these meddlers have decided that such changes will only “help you” in the long run – and you are not permitted to refuse a humanitarian’s assistance.  You are not allowed to shirk your compulsory community service.  The only way that you can resist interfering liberals is to hate them with all your heart.  Defeating change comes down to a battle of wills.  Remaining a whole individual requires a constant struggle against idealistic brainwashing with all your inner powers of hate.  The only way of prevailing against humanitarian thought control is through maintaining a total revulsion against change.

You must make the liberal do the hurting.  Ultimately, you are only going to reverse change by making the do-gooders suffer more pain than the humanitarians have inflicted upon you.  Hate gives you the determination to make the empathic overlords feel the pain for real this time around.

You don’t need to wait for any academic study about all the supposed benefits of change – you already know any transformation will be a fraud.  You don’t need to give change “time” and wait for the pretended advantages – history has demonstrated that there won’t be any improvement in life for you.  You don’t need to hope for anything – you can deal with life as it is.  Remember, change will not benefit you in the long run – not once, not ever. So you might as well start the opposition as soon as you become aware of any alterations in the social order.  The sooner that you can push change away from you, the less risk of contamination.

It is irrelevant what is being changed – mucking things up is always a mistake.  It’s not important what the supposed change is supposed to remedy – change is always harmful.  I don’t care how oppressive the culture, social transformation are always detrimental.  You must automatically despise all change on principle.  You must react instinctively against this alien manipulation.  Social change is always a catastrophe.  All modification must always be refused no matter what.  Change must be resisted on sight. 

Don’t let the liberal vampires put the change upon you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Hate speech is the only kind of speech worth having.  If you aren’t offending anyone, then you aren’t saying anything of importance.  If you aren’t making other people feel upset, then you aren’t relating anything of substance.  If you aren’t making the listeners angry, then you aren’t communicating anything of consequence.
If you words aren’t insulting, then you’re not talking about anything of significance.  Your speech should carry the weight of a blackjack.  If your listener doesn’t yet despise you, then you haven’t disseminated anything.  Damn it, you are not running a popularity contest; you are trying to make somebody else come to a realization.  If every sentence does not tell your hearer to go fuck himself, then you haven’t said anything. 
Hate speech is the truest speech you will ever have shoved into your ear canal.  There are no white lies; there is no pretending when your words are malevolent.  They may well be ugly words, but they are honest words.  Brutally honest.

It is only called “hate speech” because you aren’t repeating the platitudes that do-gooder’s want to hear; it is only considered hateful because you aren’t relating sweet-nothings into the liberal’s ear.  Hate speech tells it like it is.  Get it through your head: people don’t like each other, and trying to prevent citizens from saying the obvious is not going to change human nature.
What comes out of your mouth should have such fervor that the hearer would be unable to tell the words from the spittle.  If you can’t say anything hateful, don’t say anything.

Monday, November 5, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You truly begin to love when you finally stalk your soul-mate. Romance only starts when you spend a rainy night looking into the downstairs window of the chosen one. You only realize that you are twin souls when you finally conceal miniature camera in the bedroom of the cherished one. A complete romantic always has a hidden microphone at the ready. It only becomes rapture when you trail your sweetheart’s vehicle through the city streets. If you actually had any genuine passion, you would already have hacked into the beloved’s messages.
The ruling class wants you only to have sentiments that do not disrupt working hours. The bureaucrats do not want you to feel anything that might interfere with TV viewing. The do-gooders certainly don’t want you experiencing anything that might hinder your mandatory community service. But genuine emotions will always threaten the social order.
If your feelings aren't intense enough to stalk the dearest one, then you don’t feel anything of any importance. If your love is not obsessive enough to what to know everything about the most precious one, then your affection is of no consequence whatsoever.


Saturday, November 3, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Human personalities are exactly like human farts – you delight in your own, but someone else’s production will only make you nauseous.  The human stench tells you all you need to know about your fellow beings: what you might enjoy doing is not something that you would ever want your neighbor to imitate.  The more that you allow other people to get close to you, the more likely that you will end-up disgusted to the very core of your soul.  Ain't nothing more repulsive than another human being.