Monday, July 25, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If you are going to call yourself a humanitarian, eventually other humans are going to take advantage of you. That’s the way life works, little fellow. All your generosity does not make you a compassionate person – it just makes you a sucker.

There is no entity more evil than a do-gooder – immoral precisely because that sort of person is such a dupe. There is no creature more vile than an altruist – disgusting precisely because your kind of sissy will allow yourself to be chumped. The liberal has about as much pathetic nastiness as a premature ejaculator covered with his own semen – all that giving just ends-up soiling yourself.

Caring about someone who doesn’t care about you is a sort of moral sliminess. A generous man is like a slug slathering itself in its filth – making itself sticky with magnanimity in order to conceal a fundamental vileness. Just as a liar will double-down on his lies to avoid admitting his dishonesty, a do-gooder will double-down on his meddling to avoid admitting his true emptiness.

Helping someone who will never help you is a just a way of humiliating yourself. Improving the life of another person will only make you a lesser human being. Openhandedness is just as way of willingly becoming a victim. Munificence is a moral failing.

A single act of benevolence can break you. A single act of kindness is something you will never live down. A single act of compassion is something that will cripple you forever. A single act of empathy will embarrass you to your dying day.

Like that premature ejaculator – the greater your bounty, the more that everyone else will be laughing at you. Sometimes it is better just to keep it in your pants.

Friday, July 15, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

After any terrorist attack, you always suffer more if you don’t strike back. If you ever get sucker-punched, then you are only going to get pummeled if you don’t pound back.

Whenever the Muslims execute a single Christian, Westerners need to eradicate a dozen Jihadists. You fight fire with fire. You fight violence with even greater violence.

Nothing dumber than a moment of silence after a terrorist slaughter; the only eulogy that you want to hear will be the sound of your foes being executed. In the old days, the victims would have sought revenge; in these diverse times, the pansies are carrying around teddy bears. A hundred years ago, real men would have demanded the criminal’s blood; now the liberals only want to show how sensitive they are.  Tolerance is only going to result in further terrorism. Acceptance is only going to produce another assault.  

If you hold a candlelight vigil after the latest massacre, you are only going to look frail. And feebleness is only going to encourage them to finish your off. It would be better to see one additional private citizen with an assault rifle, than an entire community carrying floral arrangements. You need to leave your balloons at home, and start taking your bazookas out into the streets. If you don’t show any backbone on the boulevard, then it is just a matter of time before your intestines get smeared on the sidewalk.

If you have any respect for yourself, it’s time for a backlash.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I used to try. When I was younger, I tried to act like everyone else. 

I would observe carefully, and I would lean forward when the other person leaned forward. I would observe cautiously, and I would smile when the other person smiled. I conscientiously laughed for 2 whole seconds when the other person told a joke – yes, it was a contrived, concocted chuckle, but the point is that I was trying.

If the target spoke with an accent, I would copy the same regional dialect. If I detected a minimal intelligence in the subject, I would make an attempt at small talk. I would memorize what the other person told me, and I would claim the same thing happened to me when the stranger confided in me – obviously, nothing like that actually occurred to me, but I was making an effort here. But all the while, I was fully conscious of myself a putting on a different persona – mimicking a personality-type the same way you might wear a Halloween costume. Eventually I came to understand that other people actually thought they were the character whose outward appearance they were wearing.

There was a point in my life when I forced myself to be friendly. After a couple hours, the other person always managed to see through my best efforts. It is like the other person could sense that something is different with me. They could somehow perceive that I do not belong to their group. Like all dumb animals, they could instinctively feel I am not one of them. They knew I was not on their side.

It didn’t take long for me to recognize that most of humanity has no genuine self-awareness. Other people see themselves as part of a pack. If one of the herd were to ever fully realize his own uniqueness, then he would immediately be cast out of the flock. The ordinary person is simply not fully capable of perceiving himself as a unique entity. A liberal wants to transcend his ego – while a free man just wants to know himself completely, to realize himself completely.

Individualism is really just a form of self-consciousness. Other people lack a divine spark that gives them this self-knowledge.

I think that other people are alien creatures. I fear that altruists might actually be a different species. Communitarians might possibly have some human DNA – but other people are obviously not children of God. While a conformist might be anatomically Homo sapiens, he does not possess a fully developed sense of self-awareness. A humanitarian does not have a soul.