Wednesday, November 21, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Hate speech is the only kind of speech worth having.  If you aren’t offending anyone, then you aren’t saying anything of importance.  If you aren’t making other people feel upset, then you aren’t relating anything of substance.  If you aren’t making the listeners angry, then you aren’t communicating anything of consequence.
If you words aren’t insulting, then you’re not talking about anything of significance.  Your speech should carry the weight of a blackjack.  If your listener doesn’t yet despise you, then you haven’t disseminated anything.  Damn it, you are not running a popularity contest; you are trying to make somebody else come to a realization.  If every sentence does not tell your hearer to go fuck himself, then you haven’t said anything. 
Hate speech is the truest speech you will ever have shoved into your ear canal.  There are no white lies; there is no pretending when your words are malevolent.  They may well be ugly words, but they are honest words.  Brutally honest.

It is only called “hate speech” because you aren’t repeating the platitudes that do-gooder’s want to hear; it is only considered hateful because you aren’t relating sweet-nothings into the liberal’s ear.  Hate speech tells it like it is.  Get it through your head: people don’t like each other, and trying to prevent citizens from saying the obvious is not going to change human nature.
What comes out of your mouth should have such fervor that the hearer would be unable to tell the words from the spittle.  If you can’t say anything hateful, don’t say anything.

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