Monday, December 17, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I pray each day that God will look up the world, that God will truly see creation for what it is, that God will recognize the suffering in life, that God will finally realize that He is the cause of all that pain – and that The Lord will do the right thing and kill Himself.  I pray each day that God will commit suicide.  If God had any self-respect, it is high time for the Almighty to stick the barrel of the gun in the mouth – and pull the trigger.   They say that God hears all pleas, so listen up: this prayer is for God to blow His fucking brains out.

Each morning I spend a half hour in the nearby Catholic Church, weeping and wailing for liberation from the sufferings that God hath wrought. Slouching on a pew in the back of the cathedral, I pray each day that God will terminate His own existence. But I have some good news: I think that God is finally beginning to see the light - and that the Heavenly Father is working up the nerve to do the deed.

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