Wednesday, March 16, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If I happen to see someone going hungry, I do not feel compassion – I feel contempt. If I spot a beggar without a cent in the world, I do not feel sorry – I feel superior.

The rich might not be any better than the poor, but I never really come in contact with the moneyed class. Wealthy citizens are not sprawled on the streetcorner demanding a dollar, so I do not concern myself with the well-to-do. The bluebloods aren’t leaving their bodily excretions all over the sidewalk, so I do not trouble myself about upper crust – but the stink and stench of the poor is something that threatens my quality of life.

I fucking hate the poor.

Feeding the homeless is exactly the same as feeding wild beasts. At first, you might feel virtuous about giving bread to a few stray mammals. But, soon, your good intentions have resulted in the arrival of hundreds of additional creatures – all shitting and squawking for a handout. When you finally run out of food, the animals will always start to attack you. Just as you don’t feed wildlife in the wildness, you don’t feed hominids in the metropolis.

There is no government program that could ever eliminate privation. There is no scheme to redistribute wealth that would ever succeed. There is no welfare plan would ever work. No politician is going to craft a piece of legislation that would do the trick

But me – I got this solution to poverty. Absolutely certain to be effective. Guaranteed to eliminate the problem 100% of the time. Want to know what it is?  

Let the poor starve. Let the fuckers die.

If you can’t eliminate the ailment, you can eradicate the source of the disease. The answer is to let nature take its course.

There is a reason why the destitute are called “unfortunate.” A penniless chap is the source of his own problems. The beggar always brought this adversity upon himself. If a bum made some bad decisions in his life, then he needs to feel the consequences of his mistake. If a broke and bankrupt fellow merely happened to hit a patch of bad luck, then he still needs to steer into that misfortune. If hardship is your true fate, then you need to embrace the harshness. If a starving man is lying on the sidewalk, maybe it is his true destiny to die of malnutrition.

If I were to suffer some financial reversal and if I were to become totally impoverished, I might not like it – but at least I would know that I deserved it.


  1. Señor Mean,
    Cruel,merciless,ruthless and wicked as usual. If I ever see you starving, should I let you starve to death? Raul

  2. You have been cranking out some really good shit.

  3. You don't know the source of the problem, that's due to lack of knowledge. You don't live in an equal society, where everyone has the same opportunities. Poor people is the natural consequence of this system, and YOU NEED THEM to maintain your conforts.

    1. You need them like you need genital warts

    2. Hes not referring to those that work at burger king but filthy beggars that sprawl themselves on the street have a sign about how patjetic they are and some coins around and force you to side step them. Refer to picture. Not that theres many around my neck of the woods. Sydney s lower north shore. Have to go into the scum of Kings Cross for that kind of shit.

    3. Fuck me like a beggar daddy

    4. How the hell does a useless parasite create any of my comforts?

    5. Fuck me like a beggar daddy

  4. Whenever I see someone sprawled out on the street, I think, "There's somebody who pissed off everyone he ever knew."

  5. Every beggar has a story to tell and is glad to tell it. Sometimes it's worthwile to give them $7 for a good beer and listen to their stoey because it dates your need to interact with. humans and it's an honest exchange--your money for their story