Tuesday, November 14, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

We’ve all seen Hollywood producers trying to defend themselves against claims of raping starlets.  We’ve all heard of politicians trying to explain away multiple accusations of molesting interns.  We’ve all watched news anchors trying to excuse their perverted exploitation of freshly-hired reporters.  There sheer number of such claims might well actually demonstrate something absolutely inevitable about human behavior.

Why so much abuse?  Because it the norm.

Not a good thing.  Not a nice thing.  But a normal thing.  Abuse is absolutely unavoidable.  I am not endorsing the maltreatment – just saying that there is no way to escape it.  I am not supporting the mistreatment – just saying that the misfortune needs to be endured.

During all previous eras in human history, women had to withstand appalling exploitation.  Liberals would like to claim that this generation is somehow different.  What makes these modern-day snowflakes so fucking special?  Everyone reading these words has suffered as the result of other people – these contemporary victims need to go through exactly the same amount of pain.

Abuse is merely the way that the male establishes his domination over the female.  Abuse is the way that the alpha male exhibits his dominance over his inferiors.  Abuse is normal – hell, there would be something wrong with a mammal if he didn’t treat smaller critters in just this manner.

Throughout history, men have always harmed women, and females have always accepted the hurt.  Human beings have always injured each other – and that is as true in this century as in any other.  Just because we use cell phones and laptop computers does not mean we have stopped trying to wound each other.

Abuse is what we do to each other.

I am not defending the evil that man doers – just acknowledging it.  There is no way to eradicate abuse, so you shouldn’t even bother trying.  Part of acceptance involves letting things run their course.

Evolution has designed things like this: women are disposable creatures and men are disgusting characters.   If being ill-treated is your lot in life – then you better get used to a lot of ill-use.

A female will always permit herself to be abused – but she will always demand a user-fee for her acquiescence.  No matter how extreme the exploitation, no matter how excessive the manipulation, the woman is always going to want something for her compliance.   It is not the perversions required of her – but a paltry recompense that will trigger her recriminations.

If this is what movie moguls do to actresses, no wonder there are so many starlets trying to get their tits in the door.


  1. I thought you were dead.

  2. You forget to mention that back in the old days, if someone harassed pretty lady then family of that maiden (her husband, brothers, father etc) would have to defend her honour. Which would mean fist fight, dual or something like that. That's might be maybe and just maybe the reason why men used to try find out carefully whethever douchebaggette was lying or was she a real victim.

    I am not endorsing the harashment and I am not even asking woman to accept it. But it's hard to take seriously thease metoo -campains and others public events against sexual maltreatment when the very same woman are supporting mass imigration from macho-culturs where women doesn't have any rights and imigrants are bringing their cave man culture with them. If ladies were marching en masse against open boarders and demanding same rules for native and muslims, I might give them respect. But no. Women are on board with left for bringing us sharia, taharrus gamae, forced mariaged, don't-move-out-at-the-dark and all other shit. Our strong and indepented special snowflake women are whitewashing third world barbaria and the same time demanding white men to act like a punch of fucking castrated boy scout.

    Girls please... all I ask you to show some coherence.

    It's same thing with this climate change. Too much CO2 in the air, bad, I get it. But how the fuck are we supossed to do shit whithout nuclear power? Same turds who are crying about CO2 emission are also banning nuclear power. And we all see that thease solar and wind are giant joke. But no, nuce is so baad. The fuck?! What a fucking cottoncandy world people think they are living?

    So, can't say I care

  3. Women have opportunities that men can only dream of and still complain about them. I am a heterosexual man and I can only dream of multi million dollar career opportunities that a night with Harry opened to them. Had Harry offered these opportunities to me, I would happily suck his dick.