Tuesday, March 23, 2021


by John Grauerholz

It is the future that persecutes us. The communitarians would have us break rocks all day long to bring forth a better world in the decades yet to come. Activists for the long-threatened paradise will not leave us alone – these advance-men will harass and hassle us whenever we attempt to enjoy ourselves right now.

It is our successors that oppress us. Like diapered tyrants, our offspring actually expect us to live for them. Do-gooders want us to believe that citizens alive right now must work to perfect a future that will not benefit us in any way – a sort of enslavement of today for the betterment of tomorrow.

It is the next generation that denies us happiness. Having to live for the children only does one thing: ruin existence for the individuals dwelling in the here-and-now. This idea that we need to improve society only has one end result: we cannot fully take any morsel of pleasure in what we manage to scrounge-up somewhere in the present moment.

It is the future that we must resent and envy at all costs. Why should our descendants be given a better life than we were forced to endure? Why should children not be tormented just like every other generation? Why should our progeny not experience the same misfortunes that the busy-bodies have imposed upon us?

After all that we have suffered, it is only right that the world yet to come should be worse, far worse. Why should youngsters be allowed to cavort around in healthy bodies while the afflictions and ailments of old age begin to overtake us? Children deserve a sorrier and shoddier life.

Like the Sword of Damocles, the future hangs above us – threatening severe bodily injury upon us all.


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