Tuesday, May 6, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The mass media constantly tells you that there is one emotion worse than all others: hate. Mass religion tells you that there is one feeling that is always the most evil: hate. Mass politics tell you that there is one type of “crime” that is more awful than anything else: hate.  

Let’s keep things in perspective: hate is just an emotion. Loathing is just a matter of the firing of certain neurons in the brain. Hate is not an action – sure, hatred may motivate certain activities, both heinous and heroic. Hate could possibly incite the murder an innocent citizen at one extreme – or inspire a husband to defend his wife against attackers in the opposite situation. But love itself has caused people to slaughter strangers and save spouses just about as often in recorded history. But, when you look at these emotions in terms of psychology, both hate and love are merely bioelectric discharges in the brain.

Why, then, is one particular emotion so vilified by all cultures? The answer has to be that the emotion of hate poses a threat to those very same societies. Why, then, is one feeling demonized by all major religions? Because that feeling is a danger to those particular religions. Why, then, do democratic countries enact laws against hate speech? Because hate endangers the actual foundations of government. There is a reason why the ruling bureaucracy wants to eradicate hatred, and that obvious explanation arises from the fact that hate threatens the very existence of the humanitarian establishment. Loathing puts the communitarians in peril.

In spite of constant denunciation from religious traditions, and despite continual condemnation by secular liberals, why does hatred continue to be expressed? Because hate must benefit the hater. Because hate must advantage the hater. The act of loathing other people gives you an edge.

And altruists are intimidated by that empowerment of the individual hater. When a man has scorn in his heart he cannot be brainwashed by the idealists. When an individual is motivated by hate, he cannot be controlled by humanitarian mind control.

The object of hatred is largely accidental – what is vital is the process of expressing hatred. It doesn’t matter exactly who you come to detest, it is precisely this experience of hating others that forms and forges your identity as a distinct individual. It doesn’t matter precisely who come to despise, it is the process of repulsion that frees you from social convention. The way I figure it: anything
the idealists tell me is wrong is pretty much something that I damn well should be doing.

Hate liberates the human spirit. Disgust emancipates the personality. Hate is what makes you a free-thinking individualist. Hatred is all that keeps you from becoming just another do-gooder. It is only hate that keeps you from becoming part of the herd.

A free man expresses his hatreds loudly and proudly.


  1. I wanted to let you know that another person agrees with your explanation of misanthropy. I used parts of your post MISANTHROPY- IT'S JUST COMMON SENSE in an art project in school; we did have to credit the person who said the quote, which I did.
    I used the whole first paragraph except for the first sentence, and the third sentence of the third paragraph; we had limited space.
    I just recently fully realized how huge a part of my nature and being misanthropy is; I've come to realize that it is (and has been) actually an essential element of my soul. It is a main attribute of my identity. I found this post after that realization, looking for understanding and agreement on the internet. It is so relieving to see comprehension of reality, human nature, and misanthropy.

    1. I am most appreciative of your kind words. I hated every moment of school, and the only thing that got me through those years was to find a way to stick it to the authorities every chance I could.

    2. Oh my! Sorry I didn't answer or anything sooner; I hadn't actually thought that I'd get a reply. Keep spreading the word though, about misanthropy and hatred; it's horrible when people hear "misanthropy" and think misanthropes are just psychopaths who hate humanity for no good reason. And if the dumb ones refuse to admit that every human has evil and darkness within them, at least maybe you'll help the smart ones who were misanthropes on the inside all along. Keep up the good work.

    3. You become a misanthrope not by hating mankind, but by having damn good reasons for your hatred of humanity.

    4. Exactly. Well, that's an evolved misanthrope: one who hates and knows why (they're all the same basic reasons in the end: humanity's naturally intolerably stupid and has evil in its core and you can see it). I mean to say that an un-evolved misanthrope would be one who hates humanity at three years old but doesn't know why yet, or hasn't dug deep enough (yet) to validly confirm other people's behavior as results of stupidity and malice.

  2. love this post. really good. agree completely: when I hate is when I am an individual; the other times I'm just a robot doing what everyone else is doing.

  3. Brilliantly spoken, fellow hateful fellow. Late as it is, however, I have a contention:
    the powers that be do not intend to eradicate hatred; they instead try to keep the lid on it, unleashing it only when and where they want it. "Don't fight! Everything is alright ... if it weren't for those guys over there! They should be opposed!" is how the humanitarian and the patriot is swept. But since your hate is your inclination to impact yourself and your world, control over hatred is control over the individual. That is why you and only you should control your hatred.

  4. Oh man I love this guy, he says everything I'm feeling...

    Glad I came across your blog, was searching "misotheist" ...