Tuesday, May 13, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

There is no remedy for AIDS, so why bother getting tested? It’s not like the results are going to benefit you in any way. Nothing can be done to cure you, so don’t ever allow yourself to be tested for HIV.

Whether the lab returns come back positive or negative, you have no idea if the facility really ran the analysis – or decided to make a fast buck with some pretended results. In this age of institutionalized health care, you never know whether a positive reaction is a genuine determination, a false positive, or merely an attempt to scare you into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary treatment. In this era of corporate incompetence, you can’t trust any diagnosis.   

You face more of a risk getting AIDS from being cut in a doctor’s office than you would from the cunt some random woman. Doctors aren’t supposed to reuse needles, yet it is rather obvious that they do. Just like you need to assume that the clinic will be getting a kickback from the drug company for every prescription, and just like the way that you suspect that the physician samples the narcotics, you don’t ever want to reveal your true suspicions and symptoms to the practitioner. You’ve got to recognize that you are taking quite a chance if you ever trust the medical profession with your actual condition. If the resulting life-long doctoring is to someone else’s financial benefit, you’ve got to realize that the industry might well deliberately infect you.

AIDS testing involves more than just a laboratory analysis; the health bureaucracy insists that curious patient receive lifestyle counseling. Therapists are some of the most annoying parasites ever invented. AIDS counseling is a racket to give nosy do-gooders an opportunity to amuse themselves by probing your sex life. They want to hear all the juicy details not to give you pointers to clean-up your act, but to record enough specifics so that they can go to the restroom and masturbate over the descriptions. Counseling is designed to get you to incriminate yourself.

No matter which way the test results come back, your name is going down in some government database. It doesn’t matter whether your particulars go down into the file on risky sexual behavior or if your social-security number is recorded on the list of disease-carriers. The health department is going to come knocking at your door – either with compulsory advice for improvement or with internment orders. Test results are something that will always be used against you.

Even if you really are infected, you still don’t ever want to know. The partner who gave you a sexually-transmitted disease didn’t care, so why should you be concerned about passing the affliction to someone else? The one-might stand who left you with the sexually transmitted contagion didn't give a damn about you, so why should you give the least consideration about anyone else? Even if you were unlikely and unlucky enough to contract some affliction, why make it worse by allowing it to interfere with your future fornications?

So what if you might die of some incurable infection? Not like that would be any great loss.


  1. Why should we care about any disease anyways? I want to see you tackle on cancer treatments!


    1. Two groups of people a prudent individual does not fuck with: Freemasons and the cancer industry. You mess with the Masons and they will kill you. You expose the cancer racketeers and you will end-up dead – a painful, painstaking death.

    2. Aren't the cancer treatment people the same as the hiv treatment people?

      Anyways... Just wanted not to let this post be without comments.

      Btw, on my last few days on the face of this earth, Ill be one corageous mofo. Till then I have no intentions to mess with nobody.

    3. Make that then three groups for the prudent individual not to fuck with: fuckers too, with their likelihood of hiding STD's like AIDS and HPV, are trouble not worth it.

    4. Bazo, don't forget contraception failure and women who lie about contraceptive use and/or their willingness to terminate a pregnancy.