Tuesday, January 20, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

A woman with herpes is one stealthy bitch. She doesn’t care about the possibility of passing the disease to someone else, as much as making sure that no one discovers that she is infected.

A female who knows she is afflicted starts to hide other areas of her life. Herpes changes a lady – not so much with periodic outbreaks in the pubes, but from the recurrent need to conceal things from you. And this constant concealment keeps her in a continual state of arousal. Going hush-hush makes her all hot and bothered. They call it “going undercover” for a damn good reason.

Herpes itself does not increase a woman’s sexual appetite, but the act of keeping the outbreak secret does enhance her sexual receptiveness. A woman’s erotic excitement increases in direct proportion to her efforts at keeping her contagion hidden. She likes it tucked away. She wants it holed up.

A woman with a sexually transmitted disease has more things wrong with her than just a virus. She is certain to have other areas of her past that she doesn’t want you to know about. She just doesn’t want to be found out. And she will use her sexuality to distract you from discovering the truth; she will do anything to keep you from making a proper diagnosis. She doesn’t want to be cured, as much as keep the evidence stashed away. Hide and secrete.

A perceptive fellow never trusts any woman who would be willing to have sex with him. A prudent man treats every lady as an afflicted creature – and acts accordingly. A shrewd gentleman expects the crotch of every girlfriend to be concealing a sexually-transmitted disease. A wise chap isn’t fooled by her deception, but still fools around with her offered body anyway. A sensible man ultimately takes the most precautions; a sage man is always the one who makes the most assumptions in life.

All women are diseased – some just carry more infection than others.


  1. One have to always be careful. Good post.

  2. Of course, man should know of the dangers that lurk in woman. One must not succumb to the lure of the tush.
    I've noticed men will bend over backwards to be what women expect, like sad women worshippers. Most modern women are low quality entities that demand constant entertainment.
    It takes time but a man will become sage when he learns the truth, and then he can go his own way.
    The truth is that women are smelly, high maintenance and highly hazardous, and they definitely have herpes. Luckily my ex told me that she has the oral variety, so I dumped her toxic carcass and made her cry.
    She also lied about her age to lure me in, when I awoke after a night of her snoring, my eyes just knew she was a lying sack of toxicity.