Monday, November 11, 2019


by John Grauerholz

I love the lonely landscapes, the empty places, the solitary spaces.  I am beguiled by the barren scenery that is not quite desert, yet a geography that is still too unforgiving to be farmland.  A soil that is not devoid of vegetation, but an earth where all the plants have already turned brown.  I am bewitched by the kind of countryside that the modern traveler just wants to get across as quickly as possible.  Although the sunshine might seem inviting, the crinkly wind keeps your senses on edge.  I delight in the secret beauty of junk-land that a realtor just wants to unload upon an unsuspecting buyer.  A property devoid of productive value, yet a bit too remote to be used as a rubbish dump.  I have a passion for uninhabitable environments, the unwanted acres where no one dares live.  A marginal geography where even cattle ranching did not prove viable; the kind of geology that once looked promising for oil extraction, but a spot where all the wells came up dry.  

Magic will never be found in a land of possibility, but majesty will always be located in a landscape of impossibilities.


  1. Mr. Mean, have ever read Tom Ligotti?

  2. Is your own abode on such a place, Mr. Mean? Plenty of wasteland in my own state of Shit Hole Alabama.

  3. "Magic will never be found in a land of possibility, but majesty will always be located in a landscape of impossibilities."

    As you probably know mister Mean-spirited, according to our neoplatonist and kabbalistic "friends" the creation is flow of emanations/vibration from the Divine Source/God. More pure and lite vibration the closer is it to God. Materialistic world is made from the most dense and heavy vibration. Visible cosmos is furthest from the Source.

    Which means that the raw elemets like rocks, still water, sand, dust etc. etc. are gone furthest from the Source. So they must carried the most intention, mojo or divine energy because they flew so far.

    So one must be a close contact with these strongminded powers in uninhabitable environments which are mostly raw element.