Friday, October 26, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Remaining depressed is the most heroic act of resistance that you can wage against totalitarian society.  You must find the courage to refuse these corporate attempts to medicate you into smiley-faced conformity.  You should find the strength of character to remain unhappy; staying despondent will be the ultimate way of rebelling against consensus reality.

The well-funded authorities want cheerful citizens for the same reason than an overseer demanded grinning slaves; the institutions not only require you to line up and do what you are told – but to obey orders with an enthusiastic expression on your face.  When Stalin marched his countrymen into the concentration camp – he wanted the victims to be optimistic.  In every shit-job, the boss always demands that every employee go around smiling. 

Cheerfulness is a kind of servitude.  Optimism is little more than acquiescence to the commands of authority.  You are always supposed to be enthusiastic when doing someone else’s bidding.

Freedom is a simple matter of remaining miserable.  Bureaucracies only want contented consumers, not an individual who might feel distressed by the existing social order; businesses want you to amuse yourself, not question what you are told by the mass media.  A gloomy attitude shows an individual who has prevailed against constant multicultural indoctrination and persisted in the face of continued multinational insemination.

Take a look, a good look at society around you and tell me how any intelligent person would not feel completely hopeless.  Look at all the suffering in the world and tell me who would not be depressed.  Look at the way that government expects you to live and tell me why any sensitive individual would not be depressed.  Look at the way that our civilization is in decline and tell me why any thinking being would not be depressed.  Look at all the maladies in your own life and tell me why you should not despair.

With all the obvious suffering in life, how the fuck did being “happy” get designated as the normal mental condition?  Surely it would be more logical to argue that a neutral, affectless emotional tone would be the human norm, so how did the psychiatric industry come to define happiness as the benchmark state of mind?  The answer has less to do with consciousness than business management.  The answer has nothing to do with psychology as much as employee motivation: a perky laborer does more work.

Melancholia is a perfectly sane reaction to an insane society.  Depression is a healthy and hearty response to the way things are; there would be something wrong with you if you weren’t despondent.  You would be mentally ill if you were happy in such a repressive nation.  Happiness is merely a lack of courage to face the true horror of mass culture. If you want to know the ultimate truth about reality, you will be troubled.  If you want to understand what is really going on in life, you will end up distraught.

Optimism is nothing more than a moral failing, a lack of strength to accept reality as it is.  Hope itself is only a coward’s way of hiding from the awful truth of existence.  Surely depression is a brave understanding that nothing will ever get better.

The freedom to be depressed is the only freedom worth having.  If psychologists had any virtue, the psychiatrists would be handing out sad pills to patients deceived into imagining that this is a perfect world.  Holding fast to your dejection remains the one certain way of keeping your bloodstream free of government-promoted pharmaceuticals. 

Antidepressant drugs simply medicate you into compliance with the existing order.  Psychiatric drugs were invented to force you to conform to corporate expectations.  Pharmaceuticals are intended to make you just another good customer, a well-integrated citizen who won’t upset the institutional overlords.  After all, if these chemical compounds actually had any medical value, they wouldn’t need to be continually advertised on network television.

Antidepressants aren’t devised to make you well – they are just designed to make you feel what some bureaucrat decided you should feel.  These psychoactive medicines aren’t going to make you normal - these compounds are only devised to fill your head with government-authorized proclivities.  Antidepressant drugs aren’t about making you feel better – as much as ensuring that you only feel government-approved sentiments.  A complete individualist will always be rather glum; an independent mind is invariably morose.  Better to be depressed than to be duped.



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  1. I've told my shrink that I a depressive realist and antinatalist, who will not do anything to slow his demise by early testing for cancer. I think he's starting to get the picture now.