Sunday, October 21, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Bullies are the true backbone of human culture.    All of you reading this sentence have endured bullying during your school years, and each of you have, in turn, gone on to beat-up someone weaker – and this new victim then went on to continue the chain.  As long as there are human beings, there will be bullies.  But do-gooders are desperate to fabricate some governmental legislation that might make bullies play nice – but you can’t change human nature.  This cycle of abuse will never be broken, so don’t even bother trying. 

Bullying provides a decisive lesson for young kids; ruffians give children their most crucial guidance in life: people are assholes.  The presence of such tormentors in the very heart of the educational system teaches these pampered adolescents something imperative: your closest friends will always hit you the hardest.  Every persecuted schoolboy comes to realize some unpleasant teachings about life: if you can’t defend yourself against a bigger foe, at least you can find a smaller victim of your own.  Being the giving and receiving end of bullying is hands-on training in some painful truths about the species: making other people suffer is a basic human instinct. Being tormented forces the sugar-plum fairies out of a child’s mind – and shows the world for what it is.
Getting mistreated is a rite of passage for every juvenile – becoming a bully yourself is part of growing up. What is unfortunate is not that some spoiled brats get slapped around, but that so few adults manage to retain this critical recognition about the certainty of cruelty when they themselves become limp-wristed adults.
Where the fuck did liberals ever get the idea that schooldays were supposed to be happy?  Childhood is not supposed to be enjoyable – youth is merely something to be endured.  Public education is supposed to be terrifying; what happens on the playground can always turn terrible.  A happy child simply hasn’t come to terms with the true horror of existence.  The early years are a time for skinning knees and shedding tears and breaking limbs.
If a few crybabies cannot deal with such harassment - and if these wailing sissies decide to kill their pipsqueak selves: I say good riddance.  These defective links shouldn’t be passing their worthless genes on to future generations anyway.  To the rascals who persuade such weaklings to suicide, I repeat what Teddy Roosevelt would have said: “bully!”


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