Thursday, October 11, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited



Do NOT let do-gooders tell you what to do.
Do NOT “come together” with the rest of society.

Do NOT cover your nose when you sneeze - the whole world can get infected for all you care.

Do NOT ever forgive – make sure you always hold a grudge.
Do NOT be tolerant.
Do NOT be “part of something greater than yourself” – because there is NOTHING greater than yourself
Do NOT let anyone “keep the change.”
Do NOT get vaccinated.
Do NOT stop hating.
Do NOT breed children into the world.
Do NOT stop giving others the evil eye.
Do NOT be optimistic.
Do NOT “give peace a chance.”
Do NOT let yourself be Affirmative-Actioned.
Do NOT make friends.
Do NOT “get with the program.”
Do NOT hold the door for anyone.
NEVER “do what is right.”
Do NOT follow the “10 Commandments” – those regulations are NOT for you.
Do NOT get in line.
Do NOT be a good neighbor.
Do NOT make others “feel good” about themselves.
Do NOT recycle.
Do NOT be compassionate.
Do NOT “help out.”
Do NOT welcome immigrants – you do NOT want anything to do with such scum.
Do NOT “practice non-violence.”
Do NOT let someone cry on your shoulder.
Do NOT “settle down.”

Do NOT let yourself be changed.
Do NOT share.
Do NOT “be nice” to others.
Do NOT “serve the Lord” – NOT that heavenly asshole.
Do NOT stop emotionally-abusing others.
Do NOT “put children first.”
Do NOT have empathy for anyone – you’re all that matters.
Do NOT “be a good sport.”
Do NOT vote.
Do NOT “celebrate diversity.”
Do NOT show remorse.
Do NOT bow your head.
Do NOT stop littering.
Do NOT “get over it” – NOT ever.
Do NOT give up your guns.
Do NOT stop "hurting the feelings" of others.
Do NOT be community-organized.
Do NOT just “love Jesus.”

Do NOT compromise on anything – compromise is for weaklings.
Do NOT ever trust the government.
Do NOT “be kind.”
Do NOT show respect for anything.
Always keep yourself APART.

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