Wednesday, October 17, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Hate is the most beautiful emotion that the individual soul can experience.  The expression of hate is precisely what makes a distinct person become fully human. 

Hatred and love are exactly the same emotion: only the recipient is different.  When this emotion is focused upon yourself, it is love – but when the other side of this very same feeling is turned toward an outsider, it is hate.  Think of it like this: hate and love are just like two sides of the same piece of sheet metal on my pick-up truck - hate and love are just different sides of the same vehicle body.  On the side facing the hostile environment is the impenetrable layer of hatred; and on the side facing you and yours is hardened protection against hazards – but hate and love are always just opposing sides of the same 20-guage piece of steel.  To be affectionate without first armoring yourself in animosity is to condemn yourself to the kind of insipid sensation of greeting cards.

If I am caught in traffic, I might fix my hatred upon the pansy driver of the hybrid vehicle in front of me: wishing the sissy dead, and envisioning his managed body in various auto accidents, fancying his gun-confiscation bumper sticker splattered by real blood drops.  Rather than depleting my creative energy upon a stranger, my spirits come back refreshed and revitalized.  The more you hate others, the more you cherish yourself. 

Once you have found the courage to hate, you will start to experience everything with greater sharpness and severity.  If you strive to live with more intensity, if you want to be aware of the true strength of life, if you need to gaze upon the world with a wild keenness, you will need to hate with every fiber of your being.  A robust and lusty hatred allows you to receive every sensation with an uncommon fury.  If you do not surround yourself with a burning hate, you will never feel the warmth of love. 

In a world where the mass media wants you to be a charitable weakling, it takes guts to hate.  In a country where the government forces you to be compassionate, it takes bravery to hate.  In a moment in history when the individual is constrained to be generous, it takes a certain heroism to put yourself first.  Hostility toward everyone else allows your personality enough space to flourish.  In a country where you are continually told to “come together,” hatred places things in perspective.  Hatred gives you space to breathe – hated keeps your very essence from being crushed by compulsory empathy.

Love is always a selfish drive.  Society wants you to do exactly what you are told and to shit out ever more children – the eternal threat that the diapered critters will not have anything to eat is a marvelous tool that the ruling class can use to blackmail the citizen into conformity.  But true love, romantic love, erotic love, amorous love has nothing to do with child-rearing and nothing to do being a model employee.  The individual will begin to find true love when he responds with complete hatred to the social roles that do-gooders try to force upon him. 

To love everyone in the world is to love no particular person whatsoever – to love one select person requires that the beloved be elevated and protected from the undifferentiated human herd.  Hate makes you superior to the mob.  Only a loathsome wimp would ever plead to be equal to everyone else in the crowd; hatred makes you strong by isolating and uplifting your own desires above the multitude.
The do-gooders will invariably try to force you into conforming to their tepid slogan that “hate is not a family value.”  But on the contrary, hate is just about the only value of any importance in the human family: hate is exactly what separates your family from the slithering, slimy mass of humanity.

Hatred is what distinguishes the noble spirit from shit-heap of mankind.  Hatred is what differentiates one human being from his neighborly replacement.  Hate is what disentangles one human being from an oppressor.  Willful hate is what detaches your soul from the oppression of compulsory altruism.  Hate is the most exalted and exalting sentiment that a human being can experience.  Hate is what lifts you above the worthless rabble and elevates you to the stars.  It is concentrated enmity that brings us ever closer to the celestial.

Love is the most selfish emotion possible; romance exalts one unique individual at the expense of all the rest of world.  When you hate strangers, your love for one uncommon person becomes all the more intense.  When you love with all the ferocity of your soul, you begin to hate outsiders all the more.   Once you start hating, you can never get enough – of life.  Both love and lust come out of exactly the same viciousness in the human soul; both enmity and eros comprise the most intense emotion that the human soul is capable of experiencing.  If nothing else, just musing about the demise of your opponents will give you one hell of a hard-on.

The more that you begin to hate outsiders, the more that you will begin to perceive the true meaning of life.  Hatred shows you what is most important in life – and that is you and you alone. If there is no hate in your heart, there will be no love in your life.  There is a mystical pattern of hate that maps the very landscape of existence. 


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